Now it is Baby Brushing time. Good Morning You need to Wake up Baby and convince her to Brush. Have fun

Baby First Learn : Brushing alternatives

Baby Picnic Fishing

Baby Hazel and her family are going to a national park for a camping trip. This outdoorsy family loves to spend time in nature so that the can have time to bond and learn about the land. Your progress is timed, so hurry up and help Baby Hazel reach her goals within the time limit to earn a high score

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Baby Plant

It is time to teach Baby Hazel how to grow a rose plant. Baby Hazel has a garden in the backyard and she wants to grow different flowers and vegetables there. Finally make a surprise boutique for her Mom.

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Baby Hazel Learn Shapes - Education Game

It is time for baby to learn shapes and identify them. So lets start teaching her different shapes through fun filled activities and then take her to the kitchen and the park to check whether she is able to identify the shapes with real things. Have fun

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Baby Hazel In Preschool

Today is Baby Hazels first day of preschool. This playful baby girl is very excited to start school so that she can meet and then play with new friends. Once shes bathed and eaten, show off your incredible fashion skills and design a cute outfit for Baby Hazel to wear to preschool in this fun baby game for girls

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Baby Hazel Wash Pet

Baby Hazel wants to give Katy a nice bath whereas Katy hates bathing. Katy is not just mischievous but also in an indolent cat. Keep pampering little Katy and tempt her by showing toy to convince her for bath.

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