inLove is the most intimate way to stay in touch with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Its not only free and fun but also completely private and intimate. Connect with your loved one with a single tap Choose a photo of your fianc and inLove will adapt its user interface to your loved one Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPadDownload inLove now and experience the most intimate and private connection to the most important person in your life You will never be apart anymore, you will always be inLove.

inLove - App for Two: Event Countdown, Diary, Private Chat, Date and Flirt for Couples in a Relationship & in Love alternatives

My Secret Diary With Password

Secret diary with password is a personal diary that allows you to lock and protect all your secrets, thoughts, feelings and moments away from curious eyes. Features:- password to protect your secrets- very easy to use- create, modify, and delete diary entries- rate your entry with color that matches your mood- attach and add pictures or photos to the diary entry- search your journal through text, mood and calendar filters- choose from multiple font types- customize you diary background to match your style (pink, red, blue whatever suits your mood ) - password recovery - just in case you forget your password- unlimited entries- emotion icons(for new phones with Android 4.4+ and Android 5.0)- image gallery - relive great momentsThe perfect secret diary for all your secrets locked up with password. Have fun writing

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  • size 24.0 MB - Track/Manage Relationship For Couple helps you manage your relationship to be even more better as well as maintains your intimate relationship. provides unique features and experiences that related to your relationship. Widget:- Widget: made it easier for you to keep track of your upcoming events or days you been together and quick actions such as Write New Journal or Create Quote Image- Contact Widget: you can contact your partner via Phone call, Message, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Instagram from anywhere of your phoneOther Features: Import your partner information easily from Contact Secure with Customize Passcode Locks and Touch ID Multiple Beautiful Themes Cloud Backup/Restore Get Notified every events 3D Touch Shortcut Apple Watch AppMake your relationship even better and intimate with

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We together

As if we did not want to remember important dates, but it often occurs smoothly, and is a common situation when a couple quarrel because of a forgotten someone from their anniversary. Our application together we made specially for couples. All in one place Features we are together:- Track the number of days remaining before the anniversary- Check how long you are together- Get notifications and never forget important dates- Create stories from photosWe are together - always remember anniversaries and other important dates, and I will build your girlfriend or boyfriend a surprise Save your relationship

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My Love - Relationship calculator

My Love shows you how long you and your partner have already been together. Thus it creates new anniversaries like the 333rd day, the 50th month, The new version of My Love can be customized with a picture of you and your partner. Enable push notifications and never miss out on special dates With the In-App-Purchase My Love Pro a widget for the iOS Notification Center is unlocked.

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1000 days countdown love event

It is now public we can finally announce the latest 1000days release 2.0 with a video-widget feature - the best love calculator and countdown app on the market. Super easy With the 1000days app you will simply create a personal event such as a holiday trip, anniversary or the date when you met your boyfriend or girlfriend. These can be in the past or in the future.- The time is shown in different time units: seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, even heartbeats and many more.- New feature: video widget for all your personal events (Notification Center).- Push notifications will remind you on upcoming events- Change the background settings (photo, video, colour settings)- Change the date, event title and background directly in the main screen- First app to introduce screen-video: record your mobile phone screen and share it with your friends and family- Cutest feature: record a short video directly in the app, and use it as a background in your event- 24 available languages- and much more thanks for trying it Are there any extra functions?++ make the app AD FREE by sharing your event on social network ++ record your screen and share it with your friends ++ cut the pictures and videos ++ use the shared selfie as your personal background++ relocate title lines++ order of the eventsKey words: video, live video, days, wedding, graduation, vacation, old, how old, birthday, reminder, reminders, timer, calender, live photos, instagram, twitter, live photo, live, photo, 1000days, to, to do, to-do, do, list, to-do list, to do list, keep, thoughts, ideas, productivity, wherever, todoist, todolist, todo, any, calendarul, days, counts, doen, downs, agendas, thay, receding, events, lite, event, calendar, timer, matter, count, countdown, matters, calendars, timers, birthdays, dias, cont, contar, countdowns, love, love calculator, counter, relationship, event, reminder, dreamdays, been together, how long

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