Now with Apple Watch & Apple Health Steps iWalker is the perfect free walking and cardio fitness tracker for helping you monitor your indoor or outdoor walks and other exercise by distance, route, speed, and time. Upgrade for totally cool heart rate tracking and zone training too.

iWalker Tracker + Heart Rate alternatives

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GO - Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Fitness Tracker

New Export & Fitbit Sync Features. Discover other fitness enthusiasts via GO Connect Unlimited messaging & photo sharing with subscriptionGO is a FREE Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker, Workout Tracker & Steps Pedometer. Consult your medical doctor before starting any new workout & fitness regiment

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FitTrip - Fitness Tracking, Heart Rate Based Coaching and Virtual Trips

YOUR PASSPORT TO FITNESS - FitTrip works at your pace, on any machine and at any location. As featured in TechCrunch, iPhone Life magazine, and Top Fitness Apps New version includes audio coaching profiles which can be used with your outdoor or indoor workouts. CyclistThe video looked amazing on my iPad Mini Ill take riding alongside a beach over watching the news any day iPhoneLife

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CalmFace - Heart Rate & Meditation Complication

CalmFace is a simple but powerful complication for your watch face that shows if you are calm or stressed when you glance at your watch. It also has a meditation feature that helps you become more mindful and calm. Download now to start tracking your calm.

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Heart Rate Zone Training

Turn your Apple Watch into a powerful tool for tracking your heart rate zones while working out. When working out with the Apple Watch youll want to work out within a specific zone, ensuring that your heart rate falls within a particular percentage of your heart rate. Heart Rate Zone Training will work without your iPhone on WatchOS 2

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