Present your marketing collateral in a dynamic tablet app for maximum impact and results Tablets should be great for presenting; so much better than paper-based collateral or cumbersome laptops that take forever to load. But until now, the software hasnt existed to enable you to realise that potential. )- Central online management of collateral, with push updates ensuring iPad users have the latest content- Ability to view all documents and presentations directly on iPads with or without a network connection- Scalable, enterprise-class back-end that can support any size of sales team- Subscription based service for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance- Built in analytics to show you which resources are being used the mostiPresent: Captivate your customer.

iPresent alternatives

Oracle Synopsis

Synopsis is a new mobile experience from the Oracle Mobile Analytics Team that lets you interact with your spreadsheets and business data in a visual and intuitive way. Synopsis will scan your spreadsheets and business data and automatically figure how to summarize the information and present it in the most meaningful way possible.- Support for Excel and CSV files- Smart summaries- Automatic chart generation- Easily filter and zoom your data- Share your insights- Fingerprint lock your projects- Other Oracle Cloud sources coming soon

  • rating 5.0
  • size 28.7 MB

Oracle Social Network

Oracle Social Network is a secure enterprise collaboration and social networking solution for business. Oracle Social Network facilitates real-time collaboration between individuals and teams within and across enterprises with a broad range of social tools that seamlessly integrate business processes, activities, and enterprise applications such as Fusion CRM and Fusion HCM. The Oracle Social Network iPhone and iPad applications require the Oracle Social Network Cloud Service only available for Enterprises within the Oracle Sales Cloud.

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile provides real-time and secure access to your key CRM data from Oracle Sales Cloud. You can access your most critical sales information, such as accounts, contacts, calendar, tasks, opportunities, leads, notes, and interactions right on the iPhone or iPad. Note: The application requires separately licensing Oracle Sales Cloud Smartphone Edition to access CRM data from Oracle Sales Cloud.

  • size 27.1 MB

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud app gives organizations secure access to their Oracle Applications Cloud, including: Human Capital Management and Talent Management (Fusion HCM, Taleo Enterprise and Business Editions).- Provides optimized layouts and navigation, an offline cache and search that seamlessly fetches data on-demand.- With Human Capital Management, you can browse your organization and gain insights by having access to employee information like their public and talent profiles, goals, goal plans, absences and predicted performance/attrition. Easily access worklist notifications and quickly respond to approvals. See the Application License Agreement for details.

  • size 155 MB


The NotifyMDM Mobile Device Management (MDM) application is the device component of NotifyMDM platform. The NotifyMDM app will communicate with the NotifyMDM server. The NotifyMDM app enables you to access your companys recommended applications and utilize the self-servicing dashboard to locate a misplaced device or issue a lock/wipe command to a potentially compromised device.

  • size 3.3 MB