Up to 12 players Real-Time player vs player (PVP) horse racing From the maker of the iHorse Racing series, Hong Kong indie developer Gamemiracle brings out their 2017 horse racing simulator game iHorse GO: Horse Racing LIVE In iHorse GO: Horse Racing LIVE, you race as the jockey And you ride to victory Featuring realistic 3D horse racing gameplays, race amongst intense competition against online friends and players worldwide real-time to see who is the best jockey in the world Players can also practice their jockey skills and ride on top ranked horses in some of the most memorable horse races in recent history in the Campaign mode iHorse GO: Horse Racing LIVE is free to download and play. However, some in-game currency and items can also be purchased with real money. A stable network connection is recommended during gameplay FEATURES NEW: Recruit and build a stable to race in more tournaments and competitions Train, equip and ride your own horses NEW: Clash against your friends and online competitors in the new horse race season fixture 60 races in a 4 hour cycle NEW: Create a race club of up to 12 players and participate in jockey club competitions for a pool of prizes NEW: Add friends to race and compete to become the worlds top jockey Players can choose to jockey any of the 12 horses in the Campaign mode horse races Multiple missions in Campaign mode horse races for you to challenge Watch and learn from top players world record replays to become the best jockey in the world Global leaderboards to compete with your friends and online competitors Seamlessly sync your game account between devices when connected to Facebook The most realistic 3D track models include track turns, weather effects and elevations from Hong Kong racecourses Find us on Facebook at fb.com/iHorseGOENG for the latest updates and horses recruits

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TOP SEED Tennis Manager

Ever dreamed of becoming the next champion? Make it happen its your time to become a Tennis Legend in TOP SEED Manage the career of a young promising tennis player and help him on his way to the top Participate in the pro tennis circuit and battle in tournament after tournament to rank up. Gain sponsor, get your tennis career going and become a pro in TOP SEED TOP SEED FEATURES: AIM FOR THE BEST RANKING Start your career as a promising 16-year-old tennis player ready to play Season after season, participate in increasingly difficult tennis tournaments Battle against players in the Rookie tournament and work your way up to the prestigious Grand Slams Rank up, become the best and make a name for yourself on the pro circuit MANAGE YOUR CAREER Assemble the best possible technical staff coach, fitness trainer, masseur, psychologist and doctor Train hard on technical skills, and improve physicality and mentality to boost your Tennis Level Gain experience and learn match tactics like Serve and Volley, Baseline Defense, Ace and more EXPERIENCE A NEW APPROACH OF TENNIS GAMEPLAY Manage your players tactics and adapt to the context whether that be opponents or sponsors Play one-minute strategic tennis matches for more experience Manage the career of a promising tennis player and help him become the best Compete in the Rookie Tournament and more to become the next Tennis Legend with TOP SEED Download now its time to make tennis history Tennis Fan, please support TOP SEED and help us make it the best tennis game ever Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopSeedGame/

  • rating 4.80435
  • size 181 MB

Hooves Reloaded: Horse Racing

Watch your prize racehorse fly out of the gate and gallop down the track, leaving the competition eating your dust Challenge your friends for top position on the leaderboards Hooves Reloaded is a real time horse racing game that brings all of the excitement of being at the races to your mobile device Compete head to head against real players from around the world and experience the thrill of horse racing or betting to win big As a breeder, trainer and punter at the same time, your job is to train your horses up to win races and bring home the bacon Choose your races wisely and remember, not every horse is a winner - you will have to scout around for your next future star through careful breeding, training and tending. Neglecting your stables will lead to poor track performance and even an untimely death for your upcoming champions. Betting success within the game does not imply future success at real world gambling.

  • size 51.0 MB

Football Owner

Take your team to the very top Take ownership of a club of your choice and develop the club how you want. Make life easy and select an established club with superior finances, excellent facilities and a squad of talented players or really challenge yourself select a lower league club with limited funds, poor facilities and limited squad depth and ability Can you develop a small local club into one of the worlds biggest clubs? Prove it

  • rating 4.625
  • size 46.1 MB

Horse Racing Adventure - Tournament and Betting

The Ultimate Horse Racing Game Unlock your horses and train them to become Derby Champions Win every race to increase your horse statistics and unlock your other Derby Champions Its a game full of strategy and arcade action. CONTROL Your horse, your control On the game, you can control your horse by pressing left and right, break and whip your horse (TIP: but not to much, your horse will be tired), use it wisely :)FEED Love and take good care of your horses, Feed them every game to increase their stamina and race performance. A truly exciting and challenging horse racing game to have

  • size 176 MB

Derby Quest: Horse Breed-ing and Racing Champion

This game is freaking awesome I will never delete this game - CutiepandaI love this game its the best game I have. Breed your champion race horses to create super baby horses that become even faster Derby Quest is an amazing horse care-taking and racing simulation game. And if you win enough Derby Class races youll qualify for the exclusive Derby Quest Cup its the single most important championship in the game (Good luck )During a race you are in full control of your horse move to the rail or stay on the outside, pull-up to slow your pace or to go around another horse, and make your jockey get out his whip when you think its the right time to make a move Youll get a lot of enjoyment out of playing this ground-breaking horse racing game and youll get a chance to race your horses against the world DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GAME NOW TO START BUILDING YOUR CHAMPION STABLE How Will YOUR HORSES Rank Against The World?

  • rating 4.58493
  • size 277 MB