The Zombie Apocalypse is coming What will you do when hordes of flesh eating undead overwhelm your city?Are you prepared to survive the onslaught? You have some choices to make:Shotgun or Chainsaw?Knife or Pistol?Or perhaps you dig in and lay low until the first onslaught dies down. Bonus materials included Types of Zombies, Zombie History, Weapons, and most important - how to kill em dead

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit alternatives

Characterize - Character Creator & Random Name Generator for Fantasy Names, Pirates, Aliens & More

Characterize is the perfect creator tool for writers, role-players, storytellers, and anyone who needs to come up with original characters on the fly. From super heroes to pirates, aliens to anime, Characterize will create your perfect character in seconds Save and Share Your Favorites- Save your creation for reference with a few quick taps, or share with friends Then, view your saved characters anytime from the selector. Download the Characterize character maker today generate your next hero today

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Survive it! - Wilderness Survival Manual

Military Grade Wilderness Survival Manual. Contains Field tested knowledge on just about everything you need to know in order to survive in the wild: Things ranging from kits to food and water procurement, desert survival to dealing with wild animals All put together in a beautiful and unmatched interface. When it comes to survival, dont settle for 2nd best Table Of Contents:INTRODUCTIONSURVIVAL ACTIONSPATTERN FOR SURVIVALPSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL- a look at stress- natural reactions- preparing yourselfSURVIVAL PLANNING AND SURVIVAL KITS- importance of planning- survival kitsBASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINE- requirements for maintenance of health- medical emergencies- lifesaving steps- bone and joint injury- bites and stings- wounds- environmental injuries- herbal medicinesSHELTERS- shelter site selection- types of sheltersWATER PROCUREMENT- water sources- still construction- water purification- water filtration devicesFIRECRAFT- basic fire principles- site selection and preparation- fire material selection- how to build a fire- how to light a fireFOOD PROCUREMENT- animals for food- traps and snares- killing devices- fishing devices- preparation of fish and game for cooking and storageSURVIVAL USE OF PLANTS- edibility of plants- plants for medicinePOISONOUS PLANTS- how plants poison- all about plants- rules for avoiding poisonous plants- contact dermatitis- ingestion poisoningDANGEROUS ANIMALS- insects and arachnids- leeches- bats- poisonous snakes- dangerous lizards- dangers in rivers- dangers in bays and estuaries- saltwater dangersFIELD-EXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT- clubs- edged weapons- other expedient weapons- lashing and cordage- rucksack construction- clothing and insulation- cooking and eating utensilsDESERT SURVIVAL- terrain- environmental factors- need for water- heat casualties- precautions- desert hazardsTROPICAL SURVIVAL- tropical weather- jungle types- travel through jungle areas- immediate considerations- water procurement- food- poisonous plantsCOLD WEATHER SURVIVAL- cold regions and locations- windchill- basic principles of cold weather survival- hygiene- medical aspects- cold injuries- shelters- fire- water- food- travel- weather signsSEA SURVIVAL- the open sea- seashoresEXPEDIENT WATER CROSSINGS- rivers and streams- rapids- rafts- flotation devices- other water obstacles- vegetation obstaclesFIELD-EXPEDIENT DIRECTION FINDING- using the sun and shadows- using the moon- using the stars- making improvised compasses- other means of determining directionSIGNALING TECHNIQUES- application- means for signaling- codes and signals- aircraft vectoring procedures

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Vampire Locator

This locator is the result of many years of research on vampire detection. Its operation has become a reality thanks to the combination of modern technologies and an essential ingredient, a piece of vampire coffin. This locator is made for you This app is for entertainment purpose onlyFeatures Radar with fast and precise vampires detection Useful information (position, first name, sex, age, etc) Blood-o-meter Vampire world map The Vampire Herald And many other functionalities with cheat codes No In-App Purchase Follow us on Facebook : us on Twitter : inspired by

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Ultimate Survival Tips

This is the Official Ultimate Survival App As the leader of Ultimate Survival Tips LLC, Davids goal is to help folks gain the Practical Skills to Survive a Wilderness or Urban Emergency or Disaster. Our vision is to share the practical preparedness skills that we have learned, used, and applied throughout our lives with you. In the app you can- Watch the latest videos- Follow us on social media- Check out the website- Views our Survival e-MAGDownload the app so you can always,Be Prepared - Because You Never Know

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Guide #1 for Fallout Shelter - Vault Strategy Tips