Do you like Zombies? Turn your picture into a ZOMBIE Lots of fun with this hi-tech app that adds the effects of being a Zombie to any frontal face photo. Designed exclusively for: iPhone iPad iPod Touch Available today

Zombie Booth Lite HD alternatives


Now FREE By the creators of FatBooth (Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps), BaldBooth, MixBooth, UglyBooth, BoothStache & BimboBooth. What will you look like when youre old? PiVi & Co 2010-2016Photos credits : ( Yuri Arcurs/ CURAphotography/ Piotr Marcinski)

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Geek Booth

#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in Norway, Sweden and Denmark Top Ten Paid Entertainment App in the UK Turn yourself into geek for a day with GeekBooth Thanks for all the Geek Support A brand new app from the makers of GingerBooth and Sketch Me Glasses, Braces and Acne is the only way to proclaim to the world that we are here to stay, and proud GEEKPRIDEAlthough being described as a geek tends to be an insult, the term has recently become more complimentary, or even a badge of honor, within particular fields. WikipediaGeek Pride Manifesto-It is our right to: not leave the house to be out of style, overweight or have poor eyesight to dislike sportsIt is a our responsibility to: seek world domination befriend anyone who looks like a sci-fi character to attend opening nights or geeky movies in costumeHow it works?Simply snap a picture, or use one of your existing ones, and follow a few easy steps. *not always an option : )Features- Amazing face detection will find and center faces in your photos- Brace detection placement- Control your appearance of acne through the slider- Share through Facebook, TwitPic and E-mail

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Now FREE FatBooth, one of the most popular iPhone & iPad apps (ranked in the Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps) goes FREE on the App Store By the creators of AgingBooth, MixBooth, BaldBooth, UglyBooth, BoothStache & BimboBooth. Tired of diets? PiVi & Co 2010-2016Photos credits : Yuri Arcurs/ CURAphotography/ Piotr Marcinski

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Now FREE By the creators of AgingBooth, FatBooth (Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps), BaldBooth, UglyBooth, BoothStache & BimboBooth. What would you look like in someone elses skin? PiVi & Co 2012-2016Photos credits : Yuri Arcurs/ Tiler84/ Soloshenko Irina/ David Davis/ Andres Rodriguez

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Unique Wallpapers for Harry Potter + Emoji Stickers, Instagram Filters and Fan Art

Custom Wallpapers for Harry Potter Free is here to bring you only the best HD wallpapers for your iOS device The best part? Customize the wallpapers to make them entirely your own using our suite of photo filters, and stickers. All images are copyright to their respective owners, and usage for this falls within the Fair Use guidelines.

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