Discovering the Secrets to your Life has never been easier Combining Eastern and Western methodologies, the Zeus Sensor Tarot deck accurately answers your lifelong questions about your Relationships, Career, Karma, Health, and more. The Zeus Sensor Tarot deck features 113 cards consisting of the 5 Elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Supported Languages:EnglishSimplified Chinese ()Traditional Chinese ()


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The Chinese Five Elements

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The Chinese Five Elements

The Chinese five elements (Wu Xing) is a conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide range of phenomena. For Example, geomancy, Feng shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, music, military strategy and martial arts. Download it and give it a try The Five elements are Wood ( m), Fire ( hu), Earth ( t), Metal ( jn), and Water ( shu).

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