Yodos Mobile Payment and content delivery service allows merchants to engage and transact with customers and customers to enrich their shopping experience with special offers and discounts. Users self-register themselves and can immediately begin using the service to make secure mobile payments at all participating Yodo merchants. See www.yodo.me for current merchant locations.

Yodo Mobile Payment alternatives

CoinKeeper: personal finance management and budget

CoinKeeper is one the most popular personal finance managers with:* 180 000 active users* 10 000 reviews, average 4,5 star* AppStore Editors choice: Best new apps and AppStore for starters* Finalist of WebReady, AppCircus and Silicon Valley Meets app contests What do they say about CoinKeeper?- I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a less tedious way to budget. AppAdvice.com- CoinKeeper is by far the best and easiest to use personal finance app Ive ever used 148apps.com- CoinKeeper is a budgeting app that takes a unique and very visual route to achieving financial control. CoinKeeper Privacy Policy: http://coinkeeper.me/privacyCoinKeeper gets updates with new features every month If you have any questions regarding CoinKeeper, please reach us:[email protected] us at:Twitter: @CoinKeeperAppFacebook: facebook.com/CoinKeeper

  • rating 4.48571
  • size 200 MB