ELECTRIFIED makes music. Record your voice, a musical instrument or an everyday sound. You can create a full song within minutes even without knowing anything about music Automatically slice your sound into 8 pieces and create a groove Record up to 16 custom sounds per song, divided into two user sound banks Combine sounds and effects in an innovative step sequencer Change pitch of each step to create melodies Multiple effects and variations Share your work 48 bundled sounds by Boris Blank Songs and sounds by the finest artists within electronic music: Carl Craig, Henrik Schwarz, The Orb, Trentemller, Booka Shade, Orbital, The The, Thomas Fehlmann, Charles Webster, Hkan Lidbo and more Record the sound of other Audiobus compatible apps Play back the sound into other Audiobus compatible appsFor best sound, use headphones.


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Audiobus 3
Crowded Planet
FM Synthesizer
DM2 - The Drum Machine
DJFX Custom Soundboard
n-Keyboards Pro

Yellofier Electrified alternatives


SunVox is the most powerful music creation tool for iOS. It is a small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker). Just write me directly: [email protected] answer comes immediately Official SunVox homepage + video tutorials: www.warmplace.ru/soft/sunvoxUser manual:goo.gl/ZYptTDevelopment status of the new version:goo.gl/ByfKbSunVox music:soundcloud.com/sunvox

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 21.1 MB

Rhythm Studio

Rhythm Studio is a must have app for musicians It is a premier universal electronic music making app, boasting richly detailed graphics and incredible sound, with impeccable recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other amazing studio hardware.-=-Dance Music has been riding a heavy old-school wave, of which the 303s resurgence is part The 303 sound is also finding its way into a lot of pockets, thanks to Pulse Code - Michaelangelo Matos, SPIN Magazine.-=-What makes Rhythm Studio stand out?Rhythm Studio balances advanced music making features by using an easy to understand interface resembling real instruments. Install the latest firmware available for your device

  • size 37.8 MB

SoundPrism Pro

What is SoundPrism Pro? * a professional composition tool and midi controller * an interactive generator for harmonic sound textures and epic cinema tracks* a completely new way to control existing VSTis, synthesizers and sound modules * an intuitive way to visualize and internalize musical relationships* an innovative way to interact musically with geometric pitch space visualizations * a way to define awesome pitch layouts by using the new PitchClassShifter What can I do with it? Comment on PalmSounds http://bit.ly/hGv53gSoundPrism Pro as a wireless midi controller for iPad is pretty darned useful Paul Bailey via TwitterI own many midi apps, SoundPrism Pro is by far the best a Beautiful app Thank you Cane Creek via Twitter

  • size 25.1 MB

Animoog for iPhone

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Must have iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th gen. or later to run Animoog for iPhone. Flexible Modulation Matrix - Amp, Filter and Mod Envelopes, LFO with infinitely variable wave shapes and sync, and four super flexible and assignable modulation slots. MIDI in - Use your Little Phatty or any other MIDI controller to control Animoog.

  • size 21.4 MB

More Information About alternatives

Audiobus 3

Open up new worlds of creative music making possibilities with Audiobus, the app that lets you use your music apps together, just like virtual cables. Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app to another: add effects on top of your favourite synth, use your favourite step sequencer to drive the whole lot, and record it all in your favourite DAW, sampler or looper. Connected.

  • size 38.5 MB
  • version 3.0.8

Crowded Planet

Enter a musical world unlike any other: ten landscapes spread around a beautifully detailed image of the Earth made entirely out of circles (5,678 in fact ).The Crowded Planet app is based on the music and artwork from the forthcoming album Music from a Crowded Planet by Ok Bertie Each landscape contains sounds and loops from a song on the album: melodies, chords, beats and sound effects all buried within the circles, waiting to be discovered. Choose a landscape and tap on the circles to reveal the sounds. And within each landscape you can learn a bit more about each song and how it was put together.

  • size 190 MB
  • version 1.2.2


No time to delve into the big and serious music apps?PixiTracker is what you need It is a simple and fun tool to quickly create musical sketches, chip tunes and sound experiments. Without requiring a lot of musical knowledge There are two versions of PixiTracker: 16Bit (high quality) and retro-style 1Bit (like on old computers).Key features: intuitive interface; high quality sampler; pattern-based sequencer (tracker); several packs with unique sounds; sound recorder (from microphone or line-in); MIDI keyboard support; WAV export/import; supported sound systems: Audiobus, IAA; iTunes File Sharing; Wi-Fi Export/Import; audio copy/paste.

  • size 16.9 MB

FM Synthesizer

Create your own sounds and melodiesMultiple adjustable parametersBecome the best EDM producerHOW TO USE: You can change form of sound wave, volume and frequency. Two ADSR Envelope modules and LFO allows adding and adjusting special dub step effects. FM Synthesizer features: - Powerful synthesizer for beginners and professional musicians - Multiple adjustable parameters - Automatic settings and patterns - Great variety of music samples - High-quality sound - Supports Apple WatchWith FM Synthesizer you can create and tune many different melodies from classic piano music to popular dubstep Have fun

  • size 279 MB
  • version 4.1.2

DM2 - The Drum Machine

DM2 is a synthesis-based drum machine with a dedicated graphic editor, for the creation and manipulation of sound . no worries, just a fancy word for complex rhythms, yet super easy to make). What are you waiting for?Website : www.audionomy.frYoutube :www.audionomy.fr/youtube.htmFacebook : www.facebook.com/audionomydevTwitter :www.twitter.com/ audionomyapps Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson, world class graphic master Drum kits can be saved, exported and imported (iTunes, iCloud, Dropbox, etc) 16 or 32 Steps Polymetric Sequencer Single, duplet, triplet or quadruplet step Audio Synthesis with graphic editor 1 oscillator + 1 noise generator 2 self-oscillating filters 2 volume envelopes Pitch modulation Distortion per track Stereo panning Copy, paste and swap sounds Pads to record patterns, with Beat Repeat effect Full Mixing Desk 4 Effect Pads : Compressor | Overdrive | Phaser | Chorus | Delay | Reverb Mode song Songs export and import Export audio Full Midi implementation Audiobus + IAA + Ableton Link compatible

  • size 111 MB
  • version 1.6.1


AskAudio: Super fun, intuitive interface, combines visual and audio elements well, immediately usable for beginners, deep features for prosCDM: fluXpad is an insanely immediate music drawing tool for iPadSoundBytesMag: In short, this is a very fun program. In fluXpad its super simple to record your own sounds, to create different pattern and to jam with them. Of course it is possible to quantize your notes, or you can limit your note range to major or minor scales.fluXpad has been developed by Mouse on Mars and Jan T. v. FalkensteinFeatures: 6 melody sequencers where you paint your melodies based on a sample of your choice 1 percussion/drum sequencer where you paint/tap your groove made of 7 samples of your choice record mode: either paint your sequence (on the top) or tap your notes (at the bottom) each sound has its own sampler settings with unique envelope, loop and start settings quantize / unquantize functions for each sequencer or the whole pattern 7 patterns to jam with, for each preset ability to record your own samples with the build in microphone import samples via iTunes or AudioShare huge sample library with high quality sounds/kits made by Mouse on Mars and others lots of demo projects made by Mouse and Mars and others ability to buy new projects/sounds via In-App-Purchase ability to export/backup your projects (including sounds) Audiobus supported IAA sync supported Ableton Link supported ability to sync via midi to other apps, hardwareWeb: http://mominstruments.com/fluxpad/Concept: Andi Toma & Jan St Werner (Mouse On Mars), Jan T. v. Falkenstein, Florian GroteDevelopment: Jan T. v. Falkenstein (TeaTracks)Visual & font design: Gabriele T. v. Falkenstein (TeaTracks)UX design: Jan T. v. Falkenstein, Florian Grote, Gabriele T. v. Falkenstein, Mouse On Mars

  • size 99.5 MB
  • version 1.1.2

DJFX Custom Soundboard

DJFX - Classic DJ effects at your fingertips Overlay classic Reggae/Ragga/Jungle sound effects on your music library using this incredible app. The soundboard comes bundled with 24 quality sounds (15 on iPhone/iPod and 18 on iPhone5) including Air Horns, Lasers, Claps, Gun shots, Sirens, Record Scratches - even a Westwood-style explosion +++ And now you can set your own custom samples from your media library +++Plug direct into a mixer whilst DJing, or play over the tracks on your phone. The app does not currently have iCloud support

  • size 14.3 MB
  • version 1.3.2


Portable Music Production Studio : create beats, compose whole tracks, sample, record, sequence, perform, mix and arrange your own music Packed with high-quality UVI sounds, instruments and effects Use included UVI sounds, your own samples, or high-quality expansion packs Use with other Apps that support Ableton Link. Audiobus, AudioCopy and AudioUnits Export your mixes, stems, MIDI tracks or as Ableton Live project files Share with your friends on YouTube or SoundCloud Get your ideas out quickly, efficiently and sounding great no matter where you are STUDIO GRADE Designed to put professional quality UVI software into a lightweight and fun performance-oriented package Delivers extreme sonic fidelity rivaling desktop products Power, speed and flexibility make for ultimate ease-of-use Ensures fast, intuitive and professional quality music productionSOUNDS Including 2 factory sound packs with 2,000+ samples, 290 presets and dozens of loops Import your own sounds (support for MP3, WAV, AIF, FLAC, and M4A) Record using built-in mic, line-in or external devices Edit and tweak sounds with high-quality effects and ADSR envelopes Integrated sound expansion store (Acoustic Grand, Atlanta Urban, Funk, Brass Riffs, Asia, World Percussions, Vintage Blues Guitar, Electric Organs, Electro Pop, and much more)CONNECTIVITY Ableton Link, Inter-App Audio, Audio Unit v3 Plugin, Audiobus and AudioCopy support Transfer files via. iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox or OneDrive Paste audio directly to pads with AudioCopy External keyboard and MIDI-over-LAN support via CoreMIDI Jam with multiple devices using WIST Sync over Bluetooth Export stereo mix, stems, MIDI tracks or Ableton Live project file (file format: 44.1kHz 24-bit WAV) Share your music on SoundCloud and YouTubeFEATURES 16 track sequencer with up to 16 patterns per part Pad, keyboard and pattern performance modes High-quality pitch and time stretching Numerous scales playable in Pitch mode Step Editor mode with Note and CC Record using built-in mic, line-in or external devices Edit and tweak sounds with high-quality effects and ADSR envelopes Choke groups and One-Shot sample modes Bind parameters to MIDI CC with MIDI Learn Perform and record arrangements in realtimeSYSTEM REQUIREMENTS iOS 9+ iPad 4 or newer iPhone 5 or newer (iPhone 6 or newer recommended) 950MB of disk spacewww.beathawk.com

  • size 1.05 GB
  • version 2.1.3

n-Keyboards Pro

n-Keyboards lets you play on your mobile device two instruments at once, going from acoustic sounds like piano or violin to modern ones like synthesizers and sound effects. You can choose among the many sounds included (over 100) or you can connect two external Apps via Interapp or Midi, using n-Keyboards as a controller.n-Keyboards can also be played as an Interapp instrument within other applications, or it can send audio to Audiobus compatible applications. Main features: Audiobus support Interapp & AU3 (load external InterApp Instruments or to play the app inside an external host) Linked mode to play the same notes at the same time on the two keyboards Hold monophonic, Hold polyphonic and Sustain keyboard mode Keyboard Zoom and Scroll Pitch wheel MIDI input and output Built-in Metronome Presets savings Polyphony voices setting (into the device general settings) 10 Octaves Keyboard

  • size 70.5 MB
  • version 1.1


A sound file manager with powerful import and export abilities. If you are using music-making apps, then this tool is a must-have Organize all your soundfiles and midifiles on your device. FEATURES Organize audio and recordings in files and folders Record external input (such as microphone) directly in app Record the live output of other Audiobus-compatible apps Record Inter-App Audio node apps Plays and records in 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k and 8k sample rates Plays and records 16, 24 and 32 bit files AudioCopyPaste (General pasteboard, Retronyms ACP3) Import/Export through iOS Document Pickers like iCloud Drive AudioShare Document Picker extension allows direct access to your sound file library from within other apps Built-in Dropbox client Use Open in from other apps or to open a file in other apps WiFi Drive: transfer files from/to any computer on your local network Import songs from your on-device Music library Easy Import/Export from/to AudioShare-compatible apps Access files through iTunes File Sharing Playback of almost any kind of soundfile Add notes with the built-in text editor Trim, apply fade ins and fade outs Convert between sound file formats Normalize Share your sounds on your SoundCloud account Send your sounds by email

  • size 20.1 MB
  • version 2.7.6