Search over 1 million tracks. Our algorithm analyses songs and gives you back a full chords interactive transcription. You can also:- Transpose tonality- Create playlist- Share songs with your friends- Turn phone on playback page for an immersive experience- Print a pdf for off-line jamming- Full YouTube integration for song search and streamingAbout Yalphttps://www.yalp.io


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Learn to identify: Intervals - melodic or harmonic, ascending or descending, compound intervals (up to 15th - double octave) Chords - including 7ths, inversions, open and close harmony Scales - major, harmonic major, natural minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, neapolitan scales, pentatonics All scales including their modes (e.g. Lydian #5 or Locrian bb7) Melodies - random melodies up to 10 notes, configurable greatest step Chord Inversions - identify inversion of a known chord Chord Progressions Solfege/functional Exercises - do, re, mi as single notes or melodies in given tonal centerYou can create and parametrize your own custom exercises (one for each training type in Free version). Input answers using buttons or piano keyboard. Ear trainer for musicians who want to improve their relative pitch recognition abilities and get one step further towards perfect pitch.

  • rating 4.83333
  • size 40.5 MB

Chordify - chords for any song

Chordify is your #1 platform for chords. We help musicians of all levels to learn and play the music they love. - Stephen, userABOUT ChordifyWebsite: https://chordify.netTwitter: Policy: & Conditions:

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Capo touch

Capo touch helps you learn to play the songs in your music collection by ear. By slowing down songs without changing their pitch, detecting chords automatically, and with its many other sophisticated features, Capo touch has you learning to play more songs in less time. Our Privacy Policy can be found at, and our Terms of Use at

  • size 72.9 MB

Chordbot Lite

Chordbot is a songwriting tool / electronic backup band that lets you create and play complex chord progressions in different arrangements easily. Just add some chords, select a comping style and hit play. Please report all bugs to:[email protected]

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More Information About alternatives


With Chord , you can write a song by simply dragging and dropping chords, transpose it in any key, compute the fingerings with any tuning and generate a beautiful print-ready PDF, etc. You can also import your existing songs in text format (please note that the app does not ship with songs). Main functions of the app:- Write, transpose, fingerize, print and share songs;- Search chord fingerings (or chord charts);- Search chords from fingerings;- Search scale fingerings;- Search scales from fingerings;- Search chords from scale;- Search scales from chords.

  • size 29.8 MB
  • version 2.6.2

GuitarTapp PRO - Tabs & Chords

Throw away your song books and start jamming with GuitarTapp today Search and view 500,000+ guitar tabs, chords, power tabs, bass tabs and drum tabs. Has autoscroll feature, large chords dictionary with diagrams and variations, save, open and edit tabs on your device, transpose songs, create setlists, find YouTube videos and watch video lessons. Do NOT ask questions in a review, as we are unable to reply to you

  • size 6.3 MB
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WARNING: Due to a server side change, Google Play playback is not working at the moment. We are investigating the issue and will be releasing a fix very soon. Please drop an email in case of encountering any bugs ([email protected]) or visit the forum on our website ( full Google Music All Access support: Search & Radio- YouTube support: log in and manage your library- search for songs on All Access or YouTube, and add to Library or playlist- delete songs from Library (long pressing on song)- listen to YouTube songs without YouTube login for free- search for songs on All Access or YouTube, and add to Library or playlist- Artist, Album, and Album Artist view- scrobbling - ChromeCast support- send output to Airplay devices- Equalizer with customizable and factory presets, optional stereo widening effect- high resolution album art via gapless playback (on Google Music)- Lock Screen controls with album art- create Radios or Instant Mixes based on song, album, or artist- Im Feeling Lucky radio- long pressing on a song brings up context menu (e.g. add to playlist, create radio, etc) - filter your songs- rate your songs- Auto playlists (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down)- 2-factor Google authentication- optional single song looping *only for Google Play Music songsa subscription to Google Music All Access is requiredTwitter: @_TreasureBox_Facebook:

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Music Player - Play Unlimited Songs from YouTube!

Search and listen to millions of tracks with Music Player Pro for YouTube Enjoy new music every day - discover new hits in YouTube channels, genres and user playlists Search for any artist, track or album Enjoy HD YouTube music videos absolutely for free Full Featured In-App Media Player:- Listen to millions of free songs- Enjoy Full HD videos- Use Music Player Pro for YouTube with headphones or speakers- AirPlay wireless streaming support- Make different playlists for any mood or occasion- Listen to your favorite tracks in background with full playback control and track info Easy Navigation:- Top 100 charts - listen to worldwide and local hits- Find any song with a quick search- Find fresh tunes in trending songs list- Browse different genres of music- Add songs to favorites in one tap- Access your song history- Enjoy full 3D Touch support Discover the world of online music videos with Music Player Pro for YouTube Search for videos with lyrics, cool remixes and brand new music tracks. Play your favorite YouTube music with full featured media player or stream it to your TV. Millions of top music tracks are waiting for you - download the app and join YouTube music lovers community

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  • size 12.2 MB
  • version 1.1

Fusic Audio

Fusic App is the best YouTube app, which provide the ability to have audio stream only for your YouTube playlists or any song search. Fusic app take your public YouTube information and provide missing features from YouTube.- Get your YouTube playlists- Play your YouTube playlist without the video - audio only- Play audio in the background and remote control- Lock screen song information- Simple & User-friendly interface- Search & find songs- Recent searches- Smooth playback songsYoure going to enjoy your music with Fusic

  • size 27.8 MB
  • version 1.2.4

Musical Cloud - Offline Music & Songs Album

Best Offline Music App EverKeep millions of songs in your pocket and enjoy them endlessly on the go. Offline listening for your tracks from Cloud Drives (Dropbox, Google Drive,, OneDrive)Many playlist presets are made for you, manage your songs with powerful playlist manager. Import songs from your iPod Library or Apple Music LibraryNOW PLAYING LIST: Move, remove tracks & songs Recently playing tracks Save now playing tracks as new playlist Clean up your playing listSUPPORTED FEATURES Support shuffle and repeat mode Support background playback Support full lock screen controls Auto-save and manage what you have played Support both iPhone and iPad Orientation Portrait & Portrait Upside down Optimized for iOS9+ with minimum requirement is iOS 9.0 Support iPhone 7 and 7 PlusCheck out Musical Facebook Page at

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  • version 1.0

Poly Music Pro -Playlist Manager for S.Cloud

Player & stream Free music from SoundCloud Browse, Search and Listen unlimited free music on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Millions of free songs. iOS9 and iPhone 6s/6s Plus Ready Millions of tracks available Single tap music streaming Search for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover Podcasts, AudioBooks, Shows and various thematic Audio Music player: Full featured media player Sleep timer Lock screen playback controls Fine scrubbing Background music playbackFeatures: Browse dynamic top 100 list iPod-Like music playlists Browse familiar music categories Add songs to favorites - always have favorites tracks by your hand Playlists support - make dance, workout, travel/car, party playlists PlayList Create, edit, remove playlist

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MyTube Pro- Streamer & Free Music Player, Playlist

THE BEST FREE MUSIC STREAMER & PLAYER EVER Browse, search and listen unlimited free music from Youtube. Millions of free songs, albums, DJ sets, remixes and live concerts. Features: Play entire Top-Charts songs continuously & automatically Single tap music streaming Background music playback Lock screen playback controls Search for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover Playlists manager Full featured media player Album covers Full iPhone 6/6S/7 and 6/6S/7 Plus Support

  • rating 3.46154
  • size 14.7 MB
  • version 1.81

Muxic - Unlimited Free Latin Music

FREE Music player for SoundCloudSearch and Enjoy Unlimited Free music from SoundCloudEnjoy your favorite songs, listen unlimited mp3 and play music for FREE Key Features: Excellent and easy to use user interface. Compatible with all iPhone devices, including iPhone 6 and Plus, and iPad & iPad Pro Multitasking support on iOS 9+ Single tap to play music streaming Listen and make playlist of your favorite songs Search for artist, DJ, song, remix or cover Advanced Music Player Full-featured playlist manager Album covers Lock screen playback controls Background music playback AirPlay support. Note: To comply with the SoundCloud API Terms of Use and the App Store Review Guidelines, we do not provide caching and downloading any tracks.

  • size 19.5 MB
  • version 1.0.3

Free Music - Unlimited Music Streamer, Cloud Songs Player & Playlist Manager for Youtube

Search & listen to your favorite music for FREE Key Features: Discover new trending music with different categories Stream any song and organize your music Create and manage your streaming playlists Sort by name, type, size, date Full featured media player Repeat and shuffle songs Background playback Lock screen playback controls Share music with friends Add your local library music into your own playlist

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