YAP Tracker is the ultimate resource for young artists and emerging opera professionals. Access and track 1000s of opera auditions and competitions published each year right from your phone.


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Learn to identify: Intervals - melodic or harmonic, ascending or descending, compound intervals (up to 15th - double octave) Chords - including 7ths, inversions, open and close harmony Scales - major, harmonic major, natural minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, neapolitan scales, pentatonics All scales including their modes (e.g. Lydian #5 or Locrian bb7) Melodies - random melodies up to 10 notes, configurable greatest step Chord Inversions - identify inversion of a known chord Chord Progressions Solfege/functional Exercises - do, re, mi as single notes or melodies in given tonal centerYou can create and parametrize your own custom exercises (one for each training type in Free version). Input answers using buttons or piano keyboard. Ear trainer for musicians who want to improve their relative pitch recognition abilities and get one step further towards perfect pitch.

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Carefully handcrafted from musicians to musicians, iClassicalScores has been designed to satisfy all the needed features for the daily round instrument performers by making their life easier and more comfortable. Dont carry paper scores, pencil, rubber, metronome and other old stuff any more because you will have all this and much more with this app.iClassicalScores is the perfect musician companion. All the scores and audio performances are provided by the IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library (http://imslp.org), a fantastic source of scores and audio which are free.

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Interval Ear Training

Highly addictive piano game. A fun way to develop a better musical ear Great for experienced musicians and beginners. Download the app to find out

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NML Jazz

Weve made accessing the best collection of jazz music even easier Over 100,000 tracks of music are now available in the palm of your hand, with thousands of CDs added every month. Streamlined functionality: Weve improved how you access the best Jazz recordings by completely revamping the app design. Facebook.com/NaxosMusicLib

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Ear Trainer

Ear Trainer is an educational tool designed for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving ones musical ear. It has over 260 individual exercises that are conveniently placed into nine different areas of study. La uso sempre con i miei allievi. I love those chord progressionsI was hoping that someone would make an ear training app that did chord progression but I didnt think anyone would, then you didFor more information please see: www.dev4phone.com

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Opera MODO

This app allows you to receive live scene breakdowns during Opera MODO performances. Opera MODO is a new and exciting opera company in Detroit, Michigan, dedicated to creating opportunities for young and emerging artists. Founded in 2011 in Princeton, New Jersey, Opera MODO brings opera to the people through intriguing and modern productions of classical to contemporary operas.

  • size 64.2 MB
  • version 2.0.0

HotBreath: Smoke Shop Industry Magazine

HotBreath Magazine is The Premier Resource for the Smoke Shop Industry. Published bi-monthly, HotBreath features pertinent artists, trade show event coverage, glass art competitions, politics, business, and industry leading products. Find out more at www.presspadapp.com

Blinks Stickers

Say it with stickers Access 1000s of awesome FREE stickers created by an exclusive community of artists and brands from all around the world.Peel stickers and drop them right onto text bubbles, photos, or even other stickers The best part? Support emerging artists and brands simply by using the stickers you love. Customize your message or photo and send it to a friend theyll see it even if they dont have Blinks installed on their device Search stickers by category, popularity, artist name, and more New stickers are being added every day

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  • version 1.02

Youth Advocate Programme Ireland

Yap App is an app created by two young people in Youth Advocate Programmes (YAP) Ireland. It is a simple app for young people, families and advocates to find out more about the organisation and help them feel connected with the community. By downloading this app, you agree that YAP IRELAND can send you example push messages from time as part of the App service.

  • size 21.9 MB
  • version 1

HR Magazine SHRM

HR Magazine is the worlds leading magazine for human resource professionals. Published ten times a year, it covers business, legal and management trends relevant to HR and profiles leaders in the field. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

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Click Magazine for the Modern Photograp[her]

Fall in love with photography with Click, the award-winning magazine for the modern photograp[her]. Created by photographers for photographers, Click will deliver the best photo education, tips and inspo, along with 1000s of beautiful and unique images from todays most talented established & emerging artists. Privacy Policy - http://bit.ly/yxD8ox Terms of Use - http://bit.ly/itggSu

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Opportunity Feed

Opportunity Feed helps young professionals find career, business and professional development opportunities. Opportunity Feed is all about opportunities: scholarships, fellowships, mentorships, internships, full-time jobs, grants, funding options, competitions. The mobile app focuses on the millennial generation of young professionals, providing them with the curated opportunities from all over the world.

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Slice Literary Magazine

Slice publishes two issues annually, each one featuring fiction, essays, poetry, and interviews from all corners of the book worldfrom emerging writers and bestselling authors to industry pros. Pulitzer prize-winning author Junot Diaz praises, Beautiful, compelling, irresistible: Slice will knock you right out. Print magazines and subscriptions are available at https://slicemagazine.org/magazine/Application contains following inapp purchases:- Single issue price is $9.99- 1 year subscription price is $14.99Issues are being published half yearly (2 issues per year).Privacy Policy - https://www.joomag.com/en/privacyTerms of Service - https://www.joomag.com/en/terms

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  • version 1.1


An App for Actors and Dancers to track and organize their Auditions and Events (Networking, Workshops, Agent and Manager Meetings). Complete with a searchable Database, Data Email Export Function, Calendar View with notifications/reminders, Photo Uploading, and In App Social Media Posting, AuditionCal is for the professional actor who wants to stay organized right from the convenience of their phone.

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  • version 1.2

Artwork Tracker Lite

Artwork Tracker is an indispensable mobile app for artists, art collectors, or art dealers. Keep track of artwork and submissions on the go, with access to all your data and full-screen artwork at your fingertips. Join the Facebook page to discuss Artwork Tracker with other fans.

  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 3.1