LEAD YOUR TROOPS TO VICTORY Commander, its time to lead your troops World Warfare is a 3D strategy game where you command land, sea and air units in World War II inspired battles. Form your own band of brothers and command dozens of units in real-time PvP combat Hundreds of simultaneous players will battle for supremacy in huge strategic maps. NOTE: this game is NOT compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5,iPad mini 1st, iPad 1st Gen and iPad 2nd Gend.


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Land Air Sea Warfare
Victory At Sea
Land Air Sea Warfare HD
Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare
Totally Epic Battle Simulator: Devise War Strategy
Titanfall: Assault
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Battle Islands: Commanders

World Warfare-3D MMO Wargame alternatives


The governments of the world have fallen, leaving scattered armies, vicious warlords, and a terrified populace in their wake. Can you return order to a world torn apart by war?Take command of your City and rebuild your military might. Forge alliances and climb the leaderboards to claim your spot as the ultimate Commander of the world

  • rating 4.32
  • size 94.9 MB

S&T: Sandbox World War II

NOTE: Compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad 2 and up may not work properly on earlier devices. Sandbox is the unlimited sequel to our Strategy & Tactics: World War II. You choose how to bring the enemy to their knees - You decide how to spend the resources from the conquered territories: will you grow your army or boost R&D?- Random event system: landing operations, revolutions, changing Coalitions Keep track of HeroCraft game news and updates twitter.com/Herocraft youtube.com/herocraft facebook.com/herocraft.games

  • size 229 MB

1944 Burning Bridges

World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

Become a general in the greatest war the world has ever seen TRAIN massive armies of tanks and aircraft, go to war with thousands of REAL players, form great alliances, and develop your own strategic center of operations. Join the largest WW2 strategy MMO in the world FEATURES- Be a general among historical leaders like Eisenwhower, Patton, Rommel, Rokossovsky and Montgomery- Build historical WW2 tanks and aircraft belonging to Allied and Axis forces- Develop your base and research new military technologies- Explore the Front Map to gather resources, scout enemy generals or defeat rebellious armies- Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players- Become part of history by conquering the Atomic Facility- Call your friends to arms and forge Alliances to win the great war- Chat in real time to discuss war strategy with allied generals- Join troops with allied generals and create massive marches- Save the day by choosing the right time to attack or retreat, to wage war or make peace- Level up your Commander to turn him into a hardened WW2 veteran- Follow the call of duty in explosive daily events- Compete with enemy and allied generals for the top spot in the events- Do your duty and place your countrys flag in the world rankings- Command to your advantage: the impenetrable armor of the King Tiger panzer, the agility of the Spitfire or the explosive power of the B-17 Flying Fortres- Complete hundreds of Missions to collect massive rewards- Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster- Become a VIP player and gain explosive bonuses- Discover countless of strategic and diplomatic choices Join a world of war and test yourself against real players worldwide PLAY NOW

  • rating 4.25197
  • size 257 MB

Samurai Wars

Samurai Wars is a real-time tactical war-game for up to four players set in the Sengoku jidai period of medieval Japan. Be a samurai warlord and command your troops on the battlefield, using tactical skill to defeat the enemy army. Realistic battle simulation of thousands of individual soldiers.8 different unit types, including:- bow, arquebus, and yari ashigaru- katana, and naginata samurai- bow and yari cavalry- generals bodyguard

  • rating 4.16
  • size 22.8 MB

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Land Air Sea Warfare

Control giant mega units and dominate in battle. Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare Land Air Sea Warfare HD for iPad now available.LASW gets it just right, offering a full console-like RTS experience with brilliantly executed, easy to use touch screen controls. - Touch ArcadeFeatures:* All new touch optimized interface for quickly building units, creating groups, and commanding your war machine* Build over 100 types of units and technologies* Command six new gigantic mega units* Over 40 landscapes to wage war on* Over 250 voices for units* Supports iPod music playback* Challenge the new AI featuring several attack modes and strategies* Navigate stealth fighter aircraft and submarines* Attack with laser and electric shock weapons* Construct defensive shields, walls, & radar systems* Six victory conditions such as Team Traitors, Arms Race, The Mega Project* Command transport carriers to quickly move vehicles and ships* Play on randomized maps for unlimited game playAlso available for Desktop PCs.

  • rating 4.28169
  • size 39.5 MB
  • version 2.2


#Fantasy of Strategy and Battle #Eternal World of the Legends The best real-time strategy PvP with worldwide users,Majestia [Features] Eternal life with thrilling strategic battles- Enter Majestia for the ultimate strategic battle Battle of Legendary Heroes- From King Arthur, Napoleon, to Genghis Khan Strategic battle fantasy with legends - Various Heroes of 5 different unions: Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy, and Dark Battle in the Dynamic Battlefield- Use tactics such as United Attack, Deception, and Supply Route to claim victory - Command the legends to defeat the enemy, occupy the headquarter, and acquire points Battle with your Friends- Duke it out with real-time strategic battles - Compete against users from all over the world in the global ranking Unsupported devices: iPhone 3GS, 3rd/4th Gen iPod Touch, iPad 1This game supports English, franais, Deutsch, , and .This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. Items are available for purchase in this game. For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire

  • rating 4.57143
  • size 282 MB
  • version 1.5

Victory At Sea

WORKS ON THE FOLLOWING DEVICES iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3Engage in epic Real Time Strategy WW2 warfare across the Pacific theatre of war. It is World War II and the age of the dreadnoughts has passed and naval warfare is being dominated by Aircraft Carriers. Slow the action down or speed it up with the time slider, allowing you to command multiple ships quickly and effectively during huge battles.

  • rating 4.16667
  • size 563 MB
  • version 1.0

Land Air Sea Warfare HD

Chosen by Apple as iPad GAME OF THE WEEK. Control giant mega units and dominate in battle Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare LASW is, hands down, the best RTS game available on any iOS device. I hope you enjoy it Thank you for your support with my mission to make the best RTS on iOS * All new touch optimized interface for building units, creating groups, and commanding your war machine* Command six new gigantic mega units* Challenge the new AI featuring several attack modes and strategies* Six victory conditions such as Team Traitors, Arms Race, The Mega ProjectAlso available for Desktop PCs.

  • rating 4.14736
  • size 69.9 MB
  • version 2.2

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Step into the next generation of MMO strategy in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. Train your troops, build your base and command an army against your enemies. Game Features:- FREE TO PLAY- Incredible graphics with motion-captured hero characters and stunning 3D maps.- Compete online in realtime massive multiplayer clan warfare.- Train and upgrade your troops and combat systems to create an unstoppable army.- Develop and deploy the next generation of military weapons across an ever-evolving battlefield.- Attack or Defend - reposition your base and customize your outposts to back up your strategy.- Participate in intense, tactical PvP against players all around the world.- Single-player PvE missions, tournaments, rewards, and achievements.- Forge an alliance, cooperate with teammates and devise strategies to defeat your rivals.- Live operations with hundreds of different events and leaderboards to play across single player and PvP.

  • rating 4.51281
  • size 172 MB
  • version 1.20.1

Totally Epic Battle Simulator: Devise War Strategy

Kill them all & Leave no one behindStep into the battlefield as an army troop commander and witness one of the most epic battles ever seen in the history; Because in Totally Epic Battle Simulator game you will devise a strategy, hand pick your warriors and lead them in to the warzone. The world is on fire and you have to command an entire toon hero force consisting of infantry, mines, war tanks, turrets and mercenary against your enemy military troops. Cmon commander an exciting journey of dynamic and exciting real battles are awaits you in this epic war simulator game.

  • rating 2.23077
  • size 101 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Titanfall: Assault

Standby for Titanfall Experience freedom on the Frontier battlefield in a new mobile RTS that redefines the genre with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles. Get your exclusive Apple Ion Titan today Put your combat skills to the test by unleashing a powerful arsenal of Titans and Pilots, including units from Titanfall 2 plus brand new specialized units only for the mobile game. Features: Deploy your Pilots and Titans in fast-paced, fluid battles Fight head-to-head in dynamic Real-Time Strategy warfare Conquer the enemy with a powerful deck of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards Deploy your forces on multiple maps that extend the Titanfall universe Create or join Guilds to play with friends Earn Victory caches for your battlefield dominance

  • rating 3.85714
  • size 128 MB
  • version 2.0.3

War Heroes: Multiplayer Battle

Battle players from all around the world in this free, multiplayer action game Discover, collect and upgrade 25+ cards with different troops and weapons, from the destructive fighter aircraft to the treacherous landmines that will explode your enemies Define your strategy and choose the 8 cards that you will use in the combat. Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat in this clash Game Features:- Real time strategy: no more boring turn by turn battles- 25+ different cards: fearsome troops, weapons and gun turrets- Upgrade your troops to make them more effective in combat- Clash against your opponents and climb to the top of the rankings- Pick the best general to lead your troops to victory in this war- Have the best army: soldiers, snipers, tanks- Player vs Player combats online (pvp)- Play in 5+ fun arenas: each with its unique layout- Ideal for all types of players - kids and adults, girls and boysStart shooting your gun to fight and kill your enemies Are your ready for the battle and adventure?Get your army ready and start the action Play now for free this multiplayer card game And may the best general win the war

  • rating 4.55905
  • size 112 MB
  • version 1.18.3

Gates of War

Crush your enemies in real-time multiplayer battles and epic story campaigns Gates of War is a groundbreaking Sci-Fi RTS title that delivers uncompromising real-time combat on a grand scale. It is your story of brutal conquest and hard-fought liberation, and the role of one Commander as the savior of the galaxy Lead explosive campaigns, build your base and annihilate your enemies Loot other players bases and defend your own in tactical PVP battles where strategic planning is key, or jump into a quick match in the Battle Arena, where two players fight to destroy each other in real time Responsive and accurate touch controls allow you to command your massive armies in real-time. Privacy Policy: http://plarium.com/#/doc/policy/Terms of Use: http://plarium.com/#/doc/terms/Audio engine : FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 628 MB
  • version 1.1.315

Battle Islands: Commanders

Dominate the battlefield From the creators of the popular WWII strategy game, Battle Islands, comes an explosive head to head combat game Take part in major WWII battles in Battle Islands: Commanders, from the sandy dunes of North Africa to the bitter cold of the Eastern Front Master the art of war against real opponents from around the world and reap the spoils of war. Build your army and launch an offensive now Lead troops into real-time combat against players from around the world Build the ultimate Battalion and destroy the enemys defense Earn Supply Crates and unlock new Units to open up new tactics and strategies Battle across vast deserts and frozen landscapes. Unlock new Theaters of War as you conquer enemies Form an Alliance to exchange Units and spar with your friends ITS TIME FOR BATTLE, COMMANDER

  • rating 3.41667
  • size 615 MB
  • version v1.5.1