World Conqueror 4 is the newest-released game by EASYTECH in 2017.We will continue to develop and create the best war strategy game. [Scenario] More than 100 great campaigns based on history Experience historical moments, such as the battle of Dunkirk, the battle of Stalingrad, the North Africa campaign and the battle of Midway Islands Command your army to accomplish strategic objectives within limited time according to scenario[Conquest] Experience [WW 1939] [WW 1943] [Cold War 1950] [Modern War 1960] Select any country in the world, adjust diplomatic tactics, aid allies, and declare war on other countries Adjust strategic objectives according to the battlefield, build cities, develop science and technology, and produce military units Score high marks by occupying the most territories in the least amount of time, and marks will be ranked on the Game Center with other players[Legion] Build your army in the headquarters Deploy your army on the field whether its an exercise or a legion battle The proper arrangement of troops and usage of generals is the key to victory 40 challenge operations to test the limit of your commanding skill[Domination] Choose excellent generals to fight side by side, promote their ranks and pick the suitable skills for them Wear your generals with medals you earned to improve their skills Complete specific tasks in the city and trade resources with merchants Build wonders of the world and unlock all kinds of landmarks Study new technologies and improve the combat effectiveness of all units[Features] 50 countries, 230 famous generals, 216 military units, 42 skills and 16 medals More than 100 campaigns, 120 legion battles, 40 challenge battles and so on 175 technologies, including army, navy, air force, missile, nuclear bomb, and space weapon 30 wonders of architecture and 16 landmarks 50 achievements await your challenge Turn on automatic combat and AI will command your army Seamless world map and available to zoom in/out Conquest mode supports ranking on the Game Centerhttp://www.ieasytech.comFacebook:


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World Conqueror 4 alternatives

Roman War(3D RTS)

A 3D real-time strategy game (RTS) with simple controls Create the most powerful army and emerge victorious A real-time strategy game based on events from the Gallic Wars. (Rome)Over 100 different friendly and enemy units launch a fearsome battle onscreen. *Note: For the initial release, the game balance may be subject to change as we tweak it.

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Conquest - Global Domination

Why wait for World War III ? When you can be a dictator today Create your own empire and dominate the world in this strategic and fun game. Its the perfect political simulator.

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Empires II: What Would You Risk for World Conquest?

Awaken your instincts and conquer the world Develop a war strategy, determine a countrys strengths and weaknesses, fortify your lands and dominate From the moment you select your country of origin, every decision becomes strategic. How will you spend your budget? -

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1944 Burning Bridges

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Warzone: Clash of Generals

When city states fight each other over precious resources, they need war heroes to lead their armies of tanks, mechs and robots to battle. Features: Play online PvP RTS matches with players from all around the world Conquer territories from powerful AI opponents in an exciting single player campaign Collect, upgrade and command an army of tanks, mechs, airships, artillery, drones and infantry Choose one of seven war heroes and generals, each adding a special power and a unique super unit to your war party Form or join a clan with your friends and then command armies in clan wars of conquest against others Build up your clans city with production buildings and robotic defenses Use winning combinations and strategies to surprise and overpower your opponents in PvP Three different game modes: Conquest, Siege and Domination. Privacy Policy: of Service:

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Tank War.

Build an empire, crush the battle from the strategic tanks around the world A groundbreaking strategy for MMO games that you decide to research and upgrade your vehicles, generals, equipment, etc., and then use unique tactics to guide your troops to win Dive into a tortuous deep storyline, join a league and opponents opponent, build the worlds most powerful army ever seen. Game features:Upgrade your tank, general and skill Collection of famous tanks, historical expertise and legendary generals Expand your base Control your command center and unlock new building to establish their own formation, the way to plan victory Become the most powerful user set up their own Legion The band joins others to form a global alliance Take a powerful world boss to innovate across server battles unite with allies, chase the territory, and in the unprecedented range of servers within the enemy of the enemy crush players from all over the world in a competitive battle Rebirth the real war hammer Charge from the real battle of history to the battlefield Breakthrough 3D graphics In front of the experience of ultra-realistic war Full 3D strategy tank with free roaming 360 watch mode fight

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Medals of War

Medals of War is a real-time multiplayer game where you deploy and control your Squads in a WW2 Fantasy world of Warland Fight it out in real-time multiplayer matches to compete for the top position in the world Perfect your skills and strategy in tactical WW2 Fantasy battles, where you can control the actions of each of your squads Medals of War is set in a WW2 Fantasy world of Warland, which is a over-the-top militaristic world of battling autonomous armies, lead by you and other players from around the world. The game features a wealth of different characters, equipment and environments. You can choose unique Officers to lead your armies and use their Powers to turn the tide of the battle Players are matched against each other in explosive real-time battles where every command counts Key Features: Collect and upgrade your Units Challenge your friends to Battle Select the Squad best suited for your tactics Command and control your Units in Battle Unleash devastating attacks using your Power Turn the tide of the battle by conquering No Mans Land Inspired by PC RTS games, Medals of War brings you the ultimate real-time multiplayer battle game Collect - Control - Compete Best defense is an Explosive Offense Terms of Service:

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World War II: TCG

World War II: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game based on the events of World War II. Create your own Army Decks with Tanks, Infantry or Aircrafts and increase your firepower with powerful weapons and strategic orders -= FEATURES =- - Single player fictional campaign (more than 100 missions) - Online / Offline PvP Mode - Deck builder - 5 Factions and over 700 cards - Strategic and dynamic gameplay - Become the ultimate General World War II: TCG has a single player mode consists of 170 WW2 missions starting as a soldier and progressing through different battlefields and distributed in 10 campaigns based on historical military events from World War II.There are three major types of cards in World War II TCG Units, Items and Orders. Download this free to play card wargame and enjoy playing against other generals Keys:-Fight on Hundreds of Unique Missions -Play on an exclusive battlefield through different campaigns -Build your own army decks from World War II-As a soldier play online against other enemies -The historical strategic card wargame Languages Supported: * English * Franais * Deutsch * Espaol (Europa)

  • rating 4.14286
  • size 281 MB
  • version 2.0.4

World Conqueror 2

In World Conqueror II you will be a general to accomplish a lot of important campaigns during World War II and Cold War. You can fight with or against those famous generals including Guderian, Rommel, Patton, Zhukov, Nimitz, MacArthur, Yamamoto, Montgomery and de Gaulle. In addition to single player mode, we also provide online PvP mode so you can cooperate with or fight against other players from all over the world in campaigns.Features- Dozens of scenarios among 4 military groups[World War II]The Axis (1939.9)The Allies (1941.1)[Cold War]WTO (1947.5)NATO (1951.8) - Top 20 greatest generals join the campaigns - 57 military units available - 28 tactical instructions - 34 historical campaigns - 37 countries and over 2000 regions involved in the war - Game Center and Wi-Fi multiplayer mode support - Map zooming - Auto-save - Up to 16 rank levels and 18 Medals of HonorIf you found your games language is wrong, please set your device to English, and set it back to your language.

  • rating 3.78261
  • size 232 MB
  • version 1.5.0

King of Rebirth: Undead Age

Rise from the ashes of battle, necrophage, and lead your army to reclaim, what is rightfully yours. In your previous life, your empire was crushed. Command your undead legion to infernal victory in this epic multiplayer strategy war game Follow King of Rebirth on Facebook:

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Age Of War 2

Battle your way through the ages in this insanely addicting action/strategy game. One of the most popular flash games from the web brought to life for the best possible mobile experience WAR ACROSS THE AGES Train a massive army from cavemen riding dinosaurs to World War tanks All the way to hugely devastating robot warriors from the future age There are so many different units to train across 7 completely unique ages of war. GENERALS MODE Play against 10 unique generals, each with their own individual strategies and tactics Test your skills against Brom The Basher with his giant club, or Hades in his Underworld domain

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Open Panzer

Tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army general. You command battalion level units with the objectives to engage the enemy forces to occupy key locations or supply points. Full featured unit upgrade/purchase Equipment window with sorting and filtering Ad Free.

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  • version 2.9.0

Immortal Legion

Hear the call to battle and lead an Immortal Legion in a battle to control the Roman Empire Immortal Legion is an exciting and strategic tactical game where you are a Roman commander developing your army. But with Caesar dead, theres no more playing games: Youll need to join a powerful Legion or forge your own to defeat your enemies and reign supreme. Vae victis Finally, a real war strategy game comes to iOS FIGHT EPIC BATTLES Find, unlock and upgrade 27 different unit types, each with a specific role Take on a challenging solo campaign to master the art of war games Challenge friends all around the world with your exceptional skill

  • size 84.1 MB
  • version 1.0.31

Fighter Defense - War Tower

They may be toy soldiers, but this no place for toying around World war is in full play and only your army can win this epic battle. Its up to you build an unstoppable army, take on unforgettably awesome td battles, work out the best strategy, conquer your enemies and seize victory Features: Three game modes: PvE missions, tournaments and real-time PvP battles on Arena 290 action-packed tower defense missions Famous World War II campaigns like the Battle of Iwo Jima and Operation Overlord Vehicles from Great Britain, the U.S.A., the USSR, and Germany Tournaments with rating system Stunning graphics

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  • version 1.0