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Workboard for iPhone

Workboard is the app leaders and teams use to align goals, execution and feedback in real time. Use it on Web and mobile to:BE A GOAL-DRIVEN TEAMSet short range, galvanizing goals and OKRs that are on peoples radar every day. Have regular 1on1s with goals, actions and growth topics and visualize perception gaps instantly.

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UpKeep Work Order Maintenance

UpKeep allows users to snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment and create a work order for your facility maintenance team. Sign Up Today For A Free Account UpKeep is perfect for facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing managers looking to improve communication by enabling real-time status updates for your team. Terms of Service: Policy: today and discover why no other project management app can keep up with UpKeepFor questions and/or support you can email us at:[email protected] Up Today For A Free Trial

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Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule mobile application is an employee remote access solution that will help you stay connected to your companys scheduling information. NOTE: To use this application, your employer must have Snap Schedule Premium software installed and configured for employee remote access. This application lets you review your work schedule and timecard information, submit time off requests, punch in and out, view and take available open shifts, set your availability, and view employee contact information while on the go.

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Kyber for Slack | Project Management, Todo & Task

Make things happen with the people you care about For teams, families, couples, friends. And for Slack: by Apple as Best New App, Kyber is a fantastic new app that integrates messaging with your calendars, reminders, to-dos, maps to get more done together and make your life so much easier. bread, milk, eggs and Add it to recipient to-do list so it can be tracked (and get done) Have an alert going off at 5 PM to remind the recipient Add a checklist that can be edited by both and then checked off while shopping Message while going through the list Automatically get notified when the task is done Or easily follow up if not done yet

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Teamup Calendar

Teamup is an online calendar application for organizing groups, resources, events, jobs, projects, and any categories of things. Its easy and free to create new calendars on the web version, use color-coded sub-calendars and access links with customized access permissions on mobile apps. If you need to access multiple group calendars, the dashboard makes it easy to switch between the groups and access each calendar independently, and to separate your business from your personal calendars.

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