Taking precalculus? Then you need the Wolfram Precalculus Course Assistant. The Wolfram Precalculus Course Assistant draws on the computational power of Wolfram|Alphas supercomputers over a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection.

Wolfram Precalculus Course Assistant alternatives

Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

Formula MAX is a universal app with a collection of over 1100+ Physics, Chemistry and Maths formulas, more formulas to be added constantly through updates. Use your Formula MAX app across your iOS devices with exclusive device based UI, with just one purchase. Topics covered:Maths Algebra, Analytical geometry, Complex numbers, Differential calculus, Differential equations, Discrete mathematics, Geometry, Integral calculus, Matrices, Mensuration, Modern Algebra, Set language, Statistics, Time series, Trigonometry, Vector algebraPhysics Atomic physics, Dynamics of Rotational motion, Electricity, Electromagnetic induction and Altering current, Electronics, Gravitation & space science, Heat, Hydrostatics, Light, Magnetism, Measurement, Mechanics, Mechanics of solids and fluids (Properties of matter), Nuclear physics, Relativity, Solar planets, SoundChemistry Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, Chemistry & its division, Common names & Chemical names, Important definitions, Organic chemistry, Periodic classification, Physical chemistry, States of matter Features- Huge data base of 1100+ formulas, definitions, values - Option to email the pages- Powerful search function to locate formulas- Store formulas in favorites for quick access- Trigonometric value calculator- Logarithmic value calculator- Periodic table with details about all elements- Simple and easy user interface- All the features are available offline

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Calculus FTW - Deep Insight into Solving Calculus Problems

Does calculus have you dazed and confused? Calculus FTWhas hundreds of detailed step-by-step solutions to example problems from first year calculus Written by a college professor, Calculus FTW is an app that helps students learn calculus from a problem based approach. Search feature to help students find the problems or concepts they are looking for.

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MathStudio brings unprecedented computational power to your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. From building simple algorithms to creating interactive plots and animations, MathStudio bridges the gap between technology and your imagination. MathStudio offers much of the same functionality For more help getting starting using MathStudio visit our discussion forums.http://discuss.mathstud.io

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PocketCAS Mathematics Toolkit

PocketCAS is the most advanced mathematics application for iPhone and iPad. It can help you with any kind of math problem, from elementary school all the way up to calculus, algebra and statistics. Its a work of art

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Learn Pre-Calculus and Calculus by GoLearningBus

* * * * * GoLearningBus: A complete education journey from school, college to professional life * * * * * More than 4 million paying customers from 175 countries. Get on the GoLearningBus today and take a complete education journey from school, college to professional learning. Lifetime of free updates Please write to us at [email protected] for any query and your valuable feedback.

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