Siu Nim Tau Form is the first and most important form of Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Literally, Siu Nim Tau is often translated as Little Idea. - Each movement is numbered for easy reference- Picture, video, and training notes are included in each move- Cantonese names of each movement are provided with Chinese writing and romanization- Easy & navigitaion to each movement- Great tool for first time learners- The notes are also valuable reminders for intermediate and advanced practitioners

Wing Chun Siu Nim Tau Notes alternatives

American Survival Guide

Bonsai Album Lite

Note: This is the free Lite version of Bonsai Album. The Lite version is almost identical to the full version, but only allows you to store up to 3 bonsai, 3 pots, and 3 log entries with 3 photos each. Join the Facebook page to discuss Bonsai Album with other fans.

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The Art of War - Free

This new rendition of The Art of War brings the clear, sure voice of Brian Browne Walker long celebrated for his translations of the I Ching, Tao te Ching, and Hua hu Ching to the worlds most time-honored teachings on leadership, strategy, and conflict. The polished and refined new app puts this wisdom right at your fingertips. Additional content and emailing feature is available through an In App Purchase.

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Tai Chi Fundamentals - Full body exercise for strength, fitness, stamina, resistance and stress relief

Tai Chi - The natural way to strength and health Whatever your level of fitness, Tai Chi Step-by-Step offers a simple but effective program of exercise and stress reduction, based on the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi. The aim of the carefully structured sequence of movements is to build up the bodys internal strength, suppleness, and stamina. Features:-Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions and illustration for each movement-Instructions that are authentic, accurate, and perfectly safe.-Audio instruction for each movement -Autoplay mode and optional practice time interval settings-Specially selected exercises to help you build up your strength, flexibility, and stamina in the muscles and joints of your upper and lower body-Simple routines that you can perform in half an hour or less-No previous experience, special clothing, or equipment required-Exercise your body and relax your mind at the same time

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Secret Diary FREE Private Lock

THE BEST PERSONAL DIARY IN YOUR POCKETSecret Diary protect your private note, write and attach photo together. Keep your favorite part of your life with full protectionCrash out issue is gone on iOS11. TALK TO USFacebook: Diary made with love for the peace of your mind.

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