Will I Like this Wine? WineQuest is the best way to find the wines youll like and avoid the wines you wont. Additional details:CREATE YOUR WINE PROFILE-Answer a few simple questions about salt and coffee to start your profile -Your profile gets stronger with each wine you rate -You can create additional profiles for anyone in your iPhone Contacts directoryFIND WINES YOU LIKE (AND THAT YOUR FRIENDS LIKE ) -Get a personal prediction for any wine you are considering-Get wine predictions for whoever youre with (i.e. spouse, family member, friend)PERSONAL FAVORITES/NOTES -Rate the wines you drink to build your personal wine list-Add notes about each wine: who you drank it with, where you enjoyed it, etc.


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Raisin: The Natural Wine App
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wineAPPening - Taste Wine
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WineQuest alternatives

Wine Ring 2.3

DOWNLOAD THE NEW WINE RING APPWe recently released a completely new Wine Ring, swift-ly rewritten from the ground up. Its faster, smoother, takes advantage of the latest that iOS 10 has to offer and carries the new interface recently implemented across our mobile apps. And no fears, all of your data will follow you no matter which version of Wine Ring you use.

  • size 49.8 MB

The Wine Coach

The official App of Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach whose mission is to demystify wine one glass at a time Laurie is one of the countrys leading wine experts, radio show host and the author of the award-winning book, The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine. This App includes access to a directory of Lauries Wine Picks, Podcasts from The Sipping Point radio, wine and cooking videos, a grape guide to wine, send Laurie a photo of what you are sipping with questions and so much more

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How many times have you been in a wine store and thought to yourself: What was the name of that awesome Cabernet I had last week? with WineRater, you can keep a history of the wines you had, and what you thought of them. Take a picture of the wine label, fill in the winery, varietal and vintage, and record your thoughtsits that easy Remembering great winesor avoiding bad oneswill now be at your fingertips With WineRater, in vino veritas

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Raisin: The Natural Wine App

KEY FEATURES: Create your profile: to interact with the community Photos: post and share all the things you enjoy, because theres more than wine in life Like whether it is wine or something else, just click on the heart to like. Drank that Let the community know youve already enjoyed a wine. Raisin Team

  • size 49.1 MB
  • version 3.0


Winetastic is a wine logging app that allows you to create personal records of your favorite wines. You dont need to be a wine expert to use this app, just a wine lover To get started, simply take a photo of the wine or type the wine name. Winetastic features:- Take multiple photos of your favorite wine (e.g. front/back labels or photos to remember the occasion).- Quickly enter basic wine details (e.g. grape, country, region) using the in-built suggestion lists (the app will gradually learn what you use the most and suggest those in future).- Add your own wine ratings- Share wines via Airdrop, Email, Twitter or Facebook- Add wine tasting notes (tap from a suggested keywords list to help you describe the wine or add your own keywords).- Add wine price information - Add when/where you enjoyed the wine- Add general notes- Sort your wines by name, grape, color, country, region, rating or date.- Search your personal wine log for those favorite wines.

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  • version 1.2.1


Discover new wines. Remember old favorites. Vindora Cellar: Never lose track of the wines you like and remember those you dont - Rate wines you have tried and save them in your personal cellar- Remember wines you would like to try in the future.- Have Vindora recommend other wines for you based on your previous ratings Wine Experiences: Wine walks, passport weekends and more: Check out local wine walks, passport weekends and other awesome events with Vindoras wine event tracker.- We are working with communities that provide wine experiences to showcase the wines of their region- Interactive maps to enhance your event experience- Early access to information about what wineries are participating and the wines they are servingFeatures Include: Extensive wine database Personalization with your detailed taste preferences Online cellar with search

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  • version 1.5

Shop & Scan

Our Shop & Scan app helps you find the best wines at the LCBO, SAQ or BCLDB. Canadas most respected wine critics rate and review all of the wines in your local store. Well help you drink way more, great wine.

  • size 4.2 MB
  • version 1.3.3

wineAPPening - Taste Wine

Join the Social Network dedicated to wine tasting Have you tasted a wine that you loved but you dont remember its name or where you drank it?Would you like to know more about wine but youre concerned you dont measure up?Or, are you a sommelier, you know a lot of wine labels, youre dealing with many wines but your notes are always dispersed?Would you like to participate in initiatives and events related to wine but you dont know how to keep up?Then wineAPPening - The Social Netwine is the app for you wineAPPening is a personal free calendar all about the world of wine and its events.With wineAPPening you can:- taste wines and record your notes (also offline)- discover documents and info about wines and producers- share tastings with your friends- always keep up to date on planned events in your area- organise dinners with your friends commenting together on the wines that you taste- choose and identify the labels of your favourites wines- record wine labels that have not yet been catalogued- gain the wineemotions that allow you to level-up and become an amateur wine connoisseurDownload the free app and share now your tastings

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  • version 2.2

Press Coffee

Make notes about the coffee you drink: where it came from, who roasted it, how you brewed it, detailed notes, and add photos. Open a map to see pins spread across the world, showing everywhere youve enjoyed coffee from. Logo design by @andymerskin

  • size 6.1 MB
  • version 1.2.1

Wine4.Me-- Mobile World Congress Edition

Ready to find the right wines for YOU?This special edition of Wine4.Me, made just for IBMs Reinvent with Mobile, IoT and Cognitive at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, features the wines of Codorniu brands exclusively. Make a few selections of flavor characteristics you know you like (or dont like) in wine, and be directed to the right wines for you to enjoy at the wine bar. * Its in the DataWine4.Me uses a proprietary algorithm to compare each wines characteristics with the individuals taste profile and offer suggestions based on data, not perceived quality, ensuring a higher rate of enjoyment.

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  • version 1.1


When youre serious about wine tasting, Quini is the only App you need: Rate wines and expand your wine tasting knowledge with each review, only with Quini. Get personalized wine recommendations, with unmatched precision. Download Quini to get started.

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  • version 1.12.2

WineFan Pro

Rate your favorite wines and share your ratings with friends. + Collect wine labels, your ratings and tasting notes + Share your ratings and tasting notes via Facebook, Twitter, or email to your wine blog+ Rate wines and wineries anywhere in the world if we dont have them already, you can add them yourself + In Virginia, locate nearby wineries and get directions from the Map app

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  • version 2.1

Winc Wines

Discover superbly crafted wines from WincHow it works:Take our simple 6-question Palate Profile QuizDiscover your personalized wine recommendationsSit back and relax, well deliver the wine straight to your doorAt Winc, wine is our business and we take it very personally. Were serious about it, so you dont have to be. )Rate your winesInvite your friendsAnd much more

  • size 69.8 MB
  • version 4.1.4