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WineFan Pro alternatives

Hello Vino: Wine Assistant

Hello Vino is your virtual wine assistant. Buying wine is fun and easy with Hello Vinos recommendations for food and wine pairings, special occasions and personalized wine picks based on your taste preferences. HOW IT WORKS Similar to getting help from a wine expert, simply tap through Hello Vinos question-and-answer interface to find the perfect bottle for thousands of meals, special occasions, and flavor profiles. Weve got you covered. SUPPORT Please send feedback and support issues to [email protected] for a quick response.

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How many times have you been in a wine store and thought to yourself: What was the name of that awesome Cabernet I had last week? with WineRater, you can keep a history of the wines you had, and what you thought of them. Take a picture of the wine label, fill in the winery, varietal and vintage, and record your thoughtsits that easy Remembering great winesor avoiding bad oneswill now be at your fingertips With WineRater, in vino veritas

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Wine Cellar Database

Wine Cellar Database allows you to customize your wine cellar with total flexibility. Choose from a selection of hundreds of thousands of wines online or load it from your own spreadsheet files or Cellar Tracker. Then go to the support section and email us.or you can email us via strikespark.herokuapp.com/contact

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Cellar Star

Cellar Star keeps track of your wines so that you can enjoy them at their best. If youve taken the time to put together a respectable cellar, its easy to lose track of what you have. View reports to see how your wines will mature over time.

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Wine Notes - Rate, Track and Share Your Wine

The perfect template to record your wine of choice, your experience and what exactly you taste that tickles your fancy. - Mashable The iPhone app to rate, track and share your wine as a true wine enthusiast. If you have any support-related inquiries or need assistance, please contact [email protected].