With the WiReboot iOS app, you can control and configure the WiReboot using your iPhone or iPad. WiReboot is a device that constantly monitors Wi-Fi connection, and will automatically reboot the modem or router if the connection is dropped. Once you have completed this process, you are able to control and configure the WiReboot.


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Nexxt Wi-Fi
ALCATEL onetouch Smart Router
LG AV Remote
Wi-Fi SweetSpots
MStats - View your device information
KikiWol Free
Router .CoCPit

WiReboot alternatives

CodeHub - A Client for GitHub

CodeHub is the best way to browse and maintain your GitHub repositories on any iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad device Keep an eye on your projects with the ability to view everything from pull requests to commenting on individual file diffs in the latest changeset. CodeHub brings GitHub to your finger tips in a sleek and efficient design. CodeHub is a third-party GitHub client.

  • rating 4.42856


It actually makes your smart things smarter and its a really cool way to integrate IoT into your daily life. Huffington PostThe award winning Stringify app connects your smart home, wearable devices, and services to create powerful automated experiences. Discover more on Twitter: www.twitter.com/StringifyIt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StringifyIt YouTube: www.youtube.com/StringifyStringify Official Page: www.stringify.com*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • rating 4.1875
  • size 243 MB


Qlone, the all-in-one tool for 3D scanning. We have made it easy and fast to scan real objects, using your phones camera, modify them in app and seamlessly export the result to many platforms, 3D file formats and 3D printers all on your iPhone or iPad. Subscriptions do not auto renew so there is no need to worry about canceling it PRIVACY POLICY:http://eyecue-tech.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=143TERMS OF USE:http://eyecue-tech.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=142

  • rating 3.95238
  • size 69.8 MB

Airmail - Your Mail With You

Airmail is a powerful mail client for Mac, now available for iPhone and iPad. Designed for the latest generation iOS, it supports 3D Touch, fast document previewing, high quality PDF creation, and native integration with other apps and services for a frictionless workflow. Thanks to all the testers on the Slack group that have been involved in the development

  • rating 3.375
  • size 187 MB

More Information About alternatives

Nexxt Wi-Fi

Note: Compatible only with our Nexxt Solutions Acrux1200-AC and Nebula1200-AC Wireless Router. The Nexxt Wi-Fi app provides the following features:1. Reboot: Allows to Reboot the router.

  • size 13.9 MB
  • version 1.0.2


You must own a DrayTek router to run with this appVigorManager is an iPhone/iPad native client released for managing and monitoring your DrayTek routers. With VigorManager, youll be able to access your DrayTek router with your iPhone/iPad-configure/modify WAN/LAN/WLANetc settings-backup/restore configuration with your mobile device-reboot device remotely-monitor online status of deviceVigorManager detailed feature list-Compliance with Vigor2830, Vigor2860, Vigor2925, Vigor2760 series-Auto discover DrayTek router in a private network-Remote control with a public IP address or host name-Configure internet connection profiles-Configrue LAN settings-Configure wireless profiles and list wireless clients-Configure bandwidth and session limit -Modify local service ports, administer password and NTP settings-Direct link to original http management user interface

  • size 3.2 MB
  • version 1.1.3

ALCATEL onetouch Smart Router

Smart Router is the official app for managing ALCATEL onetouch Home Gateway Device. With volume alert functions, you can lower the risk of high network traffic cost over the data plan. Smart Router can be used to manage SMS, Call Log, data flow, Wi-Fi setting, Samba, DLNA, FTP.Features: CONTROL connection TRACK data consumption MANAGE SMS CONFIGURE advanced network settings MANAGE call log MANAGE Wi-Fi setting ACCESS shared file via Samba CONFIGURE Samba/DLNA/FTPWork with the following products: ALCATEL onetouch H850

  • size 12.2 MB
  • version 1.25.0

LG AV Remote

This application is a universal Wi-Fi remote control launcher that allows a user to control network-connectable devices released since 2012. If both a smart phone and a LG device are connected to the same router, you can use your phone as a traditional remote control after a simple connection process. It may not operate properly if the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

  • rating 1.88889
  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 1.9.11


This application is intended to test and demonstrate communication capabilities between an iPad and a Boca Systems Thermal Ticket printer equipped with a Bluetooth, Ethernet or Wi-Fi interface. The infrastructure Wi-Fi connection can be established through a Wi-Fi capable router, using the printers hard cable Ethernet interface or via Wi-Fi interface in the printer. Other features include the ability to control the printer path (multi path printers), DPI resolution settings, orientation and stock size.

  • size 3.0 MB
  • version 5.0

Wi-Fi SweetSpots

Observe how Wi-Fi connection speed fluctuates over time, and locate the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi spots in your room Discover the perfect spot for your wireless router, access point, or wireless gaming console by using Wi-Fi SweetSpots Available on iPhone with a simple, easy-to-use design.

  • rating 4.29348
  • size 26.6 MB
  • version 2.1.0


TASCAM SS250 CONTROL is a dedicated APP which enables the remote control operation to control the TASCAM Solid State Stereo Recorder SS-R250N/SS-CDR250N using Wi-Fi wireless connection. When the SS-R250N/SS-CDR250N and iOS devices are connected with Wi-Fi in the same network via router, the APP provides the transport control, MENU adjustments on the main unit and monitoring the level of the recording and playback. >Settings on PLAY and REPEAT modes and other settings under Menu are adjustable >Icon display to confirm the upload/download process of file transferring with serverUse APP remote control for direct adjustments on the main unit while monitoring Through Wi-Fi network or the Ethernet connection, it enables the control of the remote operationIncluded Screen Lock to prevent handling mistakesSupported model: TASCAM SS-R250N (Firmware V1.10 and later), SS-CDR250N (Firmware V1.10 and later)

  • size 31.4 MB
  • version 1.1.0

MStats - View your device information

View all necessary information about your device and its network connections (Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Cellular carrier) in a beautiful and unique animated manner and how to optimise your device use. Features include:Device information: - name - model - screen size - iOS Version - time since last reboot - cpu cores - active cpu cores - processor type - physical memoryRAM information: - total - free - used - active - inactive - wired - unused - GPU (video allocated memory)Storage information: - total - used - freeNetwork information: - ISP (Internet Service Provider) - active network traffic for Wi-Fi and Cellular Data - total network traffic for Wi-Fi and Cellular Data - connected by (Wi-Fi or Cellular Data) - external IP - gateway IP - local IP - broadcast - subnet mask - Wi-Fi SSID or Cellular Data provider - BSSID (Mac address of the Wi-Fi router) or Radio technology used to connect to the Cellular provider - location: Country, State, City - latitude - longitude - cellular data provider information: - name - radio connection technology - network code - country code - ISO country code CPU information: - name - frequency - coprocessor nameBattery information: - capacity - voltage - status - charge level

  • size 25.9 MB
  • version 1.6.1

KikiWol Free

KikiWol is a very easy to configure and use Wake on LAN application. Wake on LAN is a way to start up a computer using the network. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad now has the power to wake up your computer if its connected to the network (using a cable, it doesnt work with Wi-Fi).FEATURES:* Very easy to configure* Very easy to use: launch the application, tap the computer you want to wake up, and voila * Can wake up a computer behind a firewall* Automatically uses the Wi-Fi or data connection of your iDevice* Automatically checks if the computers are online (using ping, but only over WiFi)* Can simultaneously wake up multiple computers from a single tap

  • size 16.4 MB
  • version 2.4

Router .CoCPit

Control and monitor your UPnP capable router in real-time with Router .CoCPit - quick and easy like never before All essential performance- and status data of your router will be displayed and constantly updated. And: What you see is real data from your router, no guesses or assumptions Furthermore, Router CoCPit is a real help with configuring your router or troubleshooting your internet connection. Features:- Simple and easy to use.- Visualizes your internet connection via your UPnP router in a well-arranged manner.- Clear overview with all important data constantly updated.- Switch your routers connection with the Internet on or off in no time.- Easily open your routers configuration webinterface.- Automatically finds one or more supported routers in your network.- Detailed information, like up- and download speed, connection statistics and status, IP-addresses, and device details is instantly available.

  • size 27.1 MB
  • version 1.1.1