Play and learn Who Was It? is a fun game where the children can tap, touch and play and learn the tracks and droppings of some common animals. Everybody knows kids love poop and fart noises Also, knowledge about tracks and droppings is fun and raise the childrens interest in exploring nature, finding tracks and finding out who has been there Browse, point, watch and learn

Who Was It? alternatives

Hanna & Henri - The Party

Let your kid take part in this adventure where Henri goes to a birthday party, at his best friend Hanna 4/5 Stars - bestappsforkids.comA sweet storybook app with interactive illustrations and in-story activities that children of all ages will love Top Pick - funeducationalapps.comRecommended by pappasappar.seIn this interactive childrens book app your child gets to meet best friends Henri and Hanna. It is Hannas birthday and Henri needs to go to the toy store to get her a present before it is time to go to the party. EnglishSwedishHanna & Henri is created for preschool children.

  • size 207 MB

Cloud QR Generator

Create beautiful QR codes from images, video or audio on your iPhone or iPad. You can easily select an image from your image library and upload it to the cloud and create a colorful QR code from the online URL. When someone scans the code they can hear the story about the drawing Create a code with contact information and paste the QR code on each childs locker Create a treasure hunt with QR code and let children scan codes to reveal clues Create an QR Advent Calendar and link to images, audio, text or YouTube video clips- - -Icons from the Noun Project.

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 45.1 MB

Gro Memo

* 5/5 rating -* Editors Choice -* Recommended - pappasappar.seThe app is easy to play, has a simple user interface, and the characters are just adorable Overall, a great app - Famigo.comPlay for a BETTER PLANET Help the cute animals clear up their polluted homes. Pair up the beautifully animated cards showing animals in harmony with nature, and make the nasty trash disappear, bit by bit - but avoid the bad cards. GRO PLAY is a proud winner of the Swedish Living Green Award 2012.

  • size 104 MB

Gro Recycling

* Recommended - Were proud to announce that Gro Recycling is used in sustainability education by thousands of schools and preschools in the USA and Europe Have you ever tasted trash?Thought so, but for some, your old shoe box or your empty tin can, is yummie-yum Meet our groovy recycling bins and feed them everyday garbage. But who likes what?

  • rating 4.5
  • size 127 MB

Lipa Eggs

Paint your egg and it will crack openbut whatll come out? That depends Can you: Mix and match colors as well as Michelangelo? For a Better

  • size 89.8 MB