Learn countries, states, capitals and landmarks with this geography learning game. With over 6 million downloads, its one of top learning apps for iPhone & iPad. Multiuser All locations available in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Portugese, Russian) Read on Wikipedia for every locationCATEGORIES COUNTRIES Countries of the World Largest Countries of the World Countries in Europe Countries in North America Countries in South America Countries in Asia Countries in Oceania Countries in Africa Countries in North Africa Countries in the Middle East CAPITALS Capitals of the World Largest Capital Cities Capitals of Europe Capitals of North America Capitals of South America Capitals of Africa Capitals of Asia Capitals of Oceania FEDERAL STATES US States Cantons of Switzerland States of Austria States of Germany French Departments Federal subjects of Russia Provinces and territories of Canada Provinces of Spain States and territories of Australia Provinces of the Netherlands CITIES US State Capitals Cities in Austria Cities in France Cities in Germany Cities in Italy Cities in Japan Cities in Russia Cities in Spain Cities in Switzerland Cities in United Kingdom CULTURE Airlines Corporate Headquarters Highest Skyscrapers Largest Airports of the World Most Visited Places World WondersScreenshots created with storeshots.net

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Funky Bots - Create Your Own Robot Dances

#1 Best New Kids App in the US, Canada, China, Australia and Mexico Explore the cool Funky Bots universe and play with dancing robots who know how to groove. Create your own dance moves for Kamky, Tekzilla, Uncle G and other members of the Funky Bots crew and set them to swipes and taps. FEATURES- cool, funky robots dancing in outer space- a dance editor that lets you create your own dances for all the Funky Bots and set them to swipes and taps- 8 original soundtracks featuring cool funk style music, beatbox, flute and sax- perfect for kids of all ages: toddlers can play with dancing robots and older kids can create new dances, endless possibilities- no third party ads or in-app purchases

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English grammar for beginners - EnglishTrackerKids

Universal Zoom: All About Sizes and Distances

DISCOVER THE UNIVERSEUniversal Zoom offers you to enjoy a wonderful journey through the Universe while discovering the most interesting objects to scale from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest-known structures of the cosmos. Each of more than 200 objects was carefully prepared using real high-resolution photos and original artwork. Facebook: www.facebook.com/gamifyitappsTwitter: @gamifyitappsSite: www.gamifyitapps.com

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Who Was? Adventure

THE WILDLY POPULAR TRIVIA GAME IS NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIMEHow well do you know historical figures and pop icons? Download today and put your knowledge to the test FEATURES 5,500+ questions to put your knowledge to the test 100 levels of Adventure mode: complete tasks and collect rewards as you play Endless play in Arcade mode: try to beat your family and friends high scores Power-ups to improve your score and help you beat levels Learn before you play: timelines and facts at the start of each level Fun and beautiful design, music, and sound effectsLEARN AND HAVE FUNEnjoy gameplay inspired by classic arcade favorites as you learn about some of the most famous and important figures in history.100% CHILD-SAFE PRODUCTWho Was? Visit WhoHQ.com to learn more about the best-selling book series and get other exciting updates Please note that this app requires iOS 7 or higher.

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Matching - Two Player Card Game

Note from Erik: New version coming soon Train your memory with this beautiful concentration style card game with playful sounds, fun graphics and smooth animations. Two Player Split Screen (iPad) is a great way to play Matching with your kids Race against each other with specific settings for each player You can play 20 cards while your child matches 8 Best memory game on the App Store- MavrikThis has to be the best memory game Ive seen. Please send it to [email protected] out Ellies other games:- Vet Island- Math Duel- Alphabet Dots- Counting Dots- Dot Collector- Rain Dots- Color Squares- Dot Connector- Toddler Training Tool

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