What to mine? - the question that all the crypto miners ask. What to mine (pro) is advanced iOS crypto mining profitability calculator with 13 Algorithms, more than 31 exchanges and precalculated hash rates for most famous crypto mining video cards for easy setup and advancesFeatures in pro version :- Crypto mining profitability calculator with real time data- Simple and advanced miner settings- Profitability currency conversion for more than 100 currency exchanges- Real time information for currency difficulty, market cap, net hash speed- Difficulty change information- Exchange rate information- Exchange rate change information.


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WhatToMine Pro alternatives

WakeUp - The Wake on LAN tool

WakeUp is a Wake on LAN tool that allows your iPhone/iPod/iPad to wake up a computer via a local network or internet. Features: Wake / sleep* / shutdown* computer on the local network or via internet Automatically finds computers on the local network (easy setup ) LAN broadcast/DNS/IP address support SecureOn support Add as many computers as you want Add group of computers for one-touch wake Wake your computers directly from springboard (not compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8) iCloud sync Shakenwake all devices Check if your devices are turned on (only under wifi) 6 languages: English, Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish and French(*) Linux is not supported. Sleep/Shutdown for Windows requires WakeUp Server installed on your pc. Mac OSX only support Wake on LAN and Wake over internet when sleeping.

  • size 9.9 MB


CoinDash is a cryptocurrency mining monitor and dashboard app that supports many popular mining multipools including NiceHash, Ethermine, Mining Pool Hub, Suprnova, NanoPool, DwarfPool, AntPool, F2Pool, EthPool, and Give-Me-Coins. Thats 10 mining monitor apps in one It supports many cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash and a host of other altcoins. Please contact them and politely request full 24 hour hash rate data in their stats API if you want to see it fully supported in CoinDash.

  • rating 4.45455
  • size 25.3 MB


HashNest Cloud Mining Bitcoin

  • size 59.3 MB


Simple application for Ethereum mining monitoring on Nanopool. Shows Ethereum statistics of your ETH address.

  • size 2.4 MB

Ethereum Mining Monitor

Ethereum Mining Monitor allows you to remotely monitor multiple ethereum mining rigs, view and update supported mining pool accounts, and view current and historical market data of crypto currencies from your iOS device. Features:- Supports ethOS, a large-scale deployment 64-bit linux distro that mines ETH, ETC, EXP and other Dagger Hashimoto coins out-of-the-box.- Supports MonitorRig, a Windows monitoring tool that can list the GPU and hardware informations when running Ethminer.- Supports Ethpool.org, a predictable solo mining pool with servers located in Europe, Asia and North America.- Supports Ethermine.org, a high performance ethereum mining pool which is a direct successor of ethpool.org.- You can add and manage multiple ethOS accounts - You can add and manage multiple MonitoRig accounts - You can add and manage multiple Ethpool.org accounts - You can add and manage multiple Ethermine.org accounts - You can add and manage multiple Nanopool accounts (ETH, ETC, PASC, SIA, XMR, ZEC)- You can add and manage multiple zcash.flypool.org Zcash accounts (ZEC)- You can add and manage multiple NomNom-Technology Musicoin accounts (MUSIC)- You can add and manage multiple MiningClub.info Musicoin accounts (MUSIC)- You can add and manage multiple TrustFarm.io Musicoin accounts (MUSIC)- You can add and manage multiple ExpansePool Expanse accounts (EXP)- You can add and manage multiple Kicker4gamers.org Ethereum Classic accounts (ETC)- You can add and manage multiple Litecoinpool.org Litecoin accounts (LTC)- You can add and manage multiple Siamining.com Siacoin accounts (SIA)- You can view the total hashrate for all GPUs of all rigs, also hashrate per Rig and hashrate per GPU- You can monitor the temperature of each GPU (celsius), status of the rig, mining time, and more- You can view unpaid balances, payouts and update mining pool settings- You can monitor any available cryptocurrency for price variation.- Receive notifications when an ethOS mining rig is inactive- Receive notification when a cryptocurrency being monitored reaches the set price criteria.- You can view real time and historical market data of more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies.website: http://robegamesios.wixsite.com/ethminingmonitor

  • rating 4.66667
  • size 71.2 MB

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What to mine? - the question that all the crypto miners ask. Features in free version :- Crypto mining profitability calculator with data from the last hour- Simple miner settings- Profitability currency conversion for USD, EUR, GBP.

  • rating 4.78049
  • size 37.5 MB
  • version 1.3.1

WhatToMine ASIC Edition

Limited sale until the end of September - 0.99 USD.What To Mine ASIC is mobile version of WhatToMine and it is targeted to ASIC mining machines like Antminer. The app provides real time information about the profitability of ASIC mining hardware so it is easy to check how much you would earn at the moment from a specific hardware. Features:- Real time profitability calculator for ASIC machines- Profitability currency conversion for more than 100 currencies- Switchable difficulty for revenue- Advanced coin information like Block time, difficulty, difficulty change, estimated rewards, etc.- Profit based on electricity cost

  • rating 4.88889
  • size 37.6 MB
  • version 1.3.1

Claymore Monitor

Claymore Mining Monitor allows you to easily monitor the status of your Ethereum mining rig in real-time from your iOS device over your WiFi network. Features:- Supports Claymore Dual Miner up to version 10- Add any number of miners- View total hash rate, shares, per-GPU hash rate, temp, fan speed, and more per mining rig- Auto-update miner statsNote: GPU Temps and Fan speeds are no longer always returned from the Claymore API, and therefore cannot always be displayed.

  • size 24.8 MB
  • version 1.5

Convert Currency NI

Convert Currency provides exchange rate information for more than 100 currencies and countries. Its total different way to see exchange rate than usual apps. Calculate conversion amount using a custom keypad.

  • size 3.6 MB
  • version 1.1

Today's Exchange Rate

Todays rates can be real-time query exchange rate information, and support the global more than 160 kinds of currency conversion to each other.

  • size 28.1 MB
  • version 2.3

Currency-Currency exchange rate

Currency converter - the best currency exchange rate abstract Is a currency converter according to currency conversion and development of artifact, in real time exchange rate; When you have a currency conversion needs can be operated open conversion, quickly download experience. characteristics 1, real-time conversion: enter a national currency, in real time currency conversion; 2, the multinational conversion: enter a monetary value, can be simultaneously multinational conversion; 3, experience and fluent; Optimization for many times, product function experience very smooth; How functional experience, above to comment on the App at any time, it can be more convenient for developers to fix the problem and add or optimize some function oh

  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 1.0.2

Cloud Hash

Are you into Bitcoins and have an account at CEX.IO then this application is just what you need. Cloud Hash helps you to keep track of your balance and open orders for the various crypto currencies supported by CEX.IO.Additionally it offers insight into Bitcoin exchange rates, some Bitcoin Network Statistic and a Revenue calculator to easily estimate the revenue of your mining hardware. It is not an official application and is in no way affiliated to CEX.IO.

  • size 2.9 MB
  • version 1.2.0

Currency Rate Converter - Free Currencies Exchange Calculator

Exchange rate converter is the worlds first full support for iOS 9 and iPhone 6s Plus exchange rate calculation software, offers more than 160 kinds of common-currency support, and provide the best operating experience simple human nature. Essential travel abroad App, the exchange rate conversion in his pocket at any time. Tips:- Click any currency can be set to convert currency- Hold press on any currency is freely sort- Gently sweep left in the list, you can view the historical exchange rates- Hold press the keyboard support: Press the Backspace key to clear the input, press and multiply (divide) key number is automatically added in parentheses operatorSpecial feature:- Simple, simple: minimalist design, just enough powerful- Hold press the Home key currency, exchange custom sorting easier- Historical Exchange Rates: Left slide view, called Yan play the role of the exchange rate value of the chart, there is Yanyou Fan children- Today Widget- Spotlight Search- Data updated in real time: the most professional exchange real-time data synchronization Yahoo Finance- Support for gold, silver and other precious metals conversion- Built-in calculator, you can directly Math- Support for more than 160 countries and regions, currencies

  • size 33.6 MB
  • version 2.1

Currency CalC - World Currency Converter

World Currency Converter is a personal currency converter tool with real time currency exchange rate and show historical charts for the basic currencies. FEATURES Live currency exchange rates for 168 world currencies and 4 precious metals Real time exchange rate Intuitive user interface Easy pick the currencies you need for conversion Quick search functionality to search the currency by currency name and code Show beautiful flags for every currency Support Offline mode and download exchange rate for offline usage Provide option to auto refresh the currency rate Live rates & graphs (powered by Yahoo.com) Free to UseHISTORICAL CHARTS: Show currency graph with conversion between two base currencies Easily change the order of currency by tap, hold, drag and change the sequence of currency Show Historical Charts for 1 day, 5 days, 1 year, 2 years and 5 yearsSETTINGS: Turn ON or OFF the offline mode Switch Automatic updates ON or OFF Easy option to provide automatic updates in the background and show live currency rates Provide facility to update the currency rate when only Wifi Connection Option to set the number of decimal places from 0 to 5 for more precisionUSAGES: Currency Calculator Live Currency Exchange Rate Tool Currency Comparison Chart Global Currency ConverterNOTIFICATION CENTER WIDGET: Show the Currency list with the accurate live currency rate Intuitive user interface with the currency listAPPLE WATCH SUPPORT: Provide cool user interface for Apple Watch Show live currency rates with the list of currencies Easy option to add the currency value for conversion from base currencyFAQ:(1) How do I add a currency?- Easy option to tap on the + sign and you can select the currency from the list of the currencies in one tap. (4) How to I see the currency chart?- Tap on the Graph tab and you can simply see the comparison between 2 currencies.

  • size 24.9 MB
  • version 1.0

M-Stocks: Stocks, Portfolio & Currency Exchange

Follow the Stock Market in an uncomplicated and objective way With M-Stocks, you follow, in real time*, the progress of the major Stock Exchanges of the world, companies that you are interested in investing (or already invested), Foreign Exchange market and the state of your investments through the more complete Portfolio Management tool on the App Store. Main Functionalities:- Listing of the worlds major Stock Exchanges.- Create your own lists of companies to follow.- Quotes with several detailed information.- Complete Portfolio Manager with several reports.- Listing with the exchange rate of major currencies.- Calculator for currency conversion. For other markets, there is a 5-15 minutes delay between updates.

  • size 11.8 MB
  • version 3.5.9