* Tnh nng:- Nhanh chng: Bng cch kt hp cng ngh GPS vo ng dng, khch hng ch cn chm nh vo mn hnh gi xe d dng v nhanh chng.- An ton: Khch hng bit trc thng tin ca ti x, bin s xe v c th truy sut thng tin khi qun .- Tit kim: Khch hng c lng c cc ph vi n gi hp l.* Hng dn s dng:- S dng nh v xc nh v tr bn ang ng.- Chn hoc nhp a im mun n ca bn.- in thng tin yu cu t xe.- Mn hnh hin th thng tin ti x gn nht v xem xe di chuyn trn bn v pha bn ch trong vi pht.- Khi kt thc chuyn i bn nn nh gi chuyn i chng ti nng cao cht lng phc v. Trong tng lai Vrada s tch hp tt c cc tnh nng tin ch lin quan n cc phng tin giao thng ti Vit Nam.

Vrada alternatives

Lich Cong Giao

ng dng Lch Cng Gio- ng dng cho php xem lch Cng Gio- Giao din d s dng- Cho php xem lch Cng Gio ti ngy hin ti v xem ngy l Cng Gio ca mt ngy bt k.- ng dng t ng tnh ton ngy l theo ng cc ngy l ghi trong lch Cng Gio ca tt c cc nm.- Tm kim on Kinh Thnh theo ni dung hoc xut x

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iVe - Ve may bay gia re,tim,dat,san ve may bay

IVE.VN ng dng tm v my bay cho ngi Vit. V my bay ang dn tr thnh nhu cu tt yu ca ngi Vit, vi mc ch gip mi ngi tip cn d dng vi v my bay, chng ti xy dng v hon thin IVE.VN vi nhiu tnh nng nh: + Cng c min ph tm kim v gi r, so snh v t v my bay trc tuyn ca nhiu hng hng khng trn thit b in thoi thng minh nh vietjet, jetstar, Vietnam Airlines. IVE.VN Cam kt mang n cho khch hng dch v: Thng minh hn - Tit kim hn - Chu o hn.

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MobiFone NEXT

Top up easily and win bonus MobiFone NEXT is the fastest and most convenient way to top up your MobiFone account with a chance to win bonus every time you top up This is the official app that supports top up by MobiFones new scratch card with QR Code. You can use MobiFone NEXT app to:- Top up instantly with camera scan feature Just scan QR Code on MobiFone scratch card, no need to enter long PIN anymore - Top up your friends and family Support online top up via Debit/Credit cards.- Win bonus with Lucky Draw every time you top up - Easily manage your data, VAS packages and transaction history.- Check your balance graphically - And receive many other exclusive bonuses This app is available for both post-paid and pre-paid. No hidden fee Website: http://next.mobifone.vn/Customer Care: 9090

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