It is almost impossible these days to enjoy a good movie, check outa good play or even relax in a public setting without beinginterrupted by the bothersome sound of a cell phone ring. Vpasana is a revolutionary, social app that automatically switchessmartphones to toggle silent mode in designated silent zones basedon user behavior and location information. Friendly GUI

Vpasana alternatives

Home Dial

Have an elderly family member or a young child that has trouble using a phone? Are you tired of searching through your contacts or recent calls to find someone you want to message, call, or Facetime? You can import contacts from within Home Dial itself or even add them right from the Contacts or Phone app on your phone.

  • size 24.3 MB


command-V is the keyboard extension that display list of copy historyNOTICE-1:command-V requires Allow Full Access enabled in keyboard settings. NOTICE-2:This app will collecting a copied text automatically. And you can delete text from list.

  • size 2.1 MB

Super Geo

The simplest tool to use to measure and save distances and areas on a map. How big is your lot ?Super Geo is the tool for you: simple and easy to use/Instructions:1) Tap and hold to add a marker on the map;2) Or Tap and hold a marker to move it;3) Simple tap on the marker to remove it;You can can also save measurements for future reference and export your measurements as images. Disclaimer: App Icon by Madebyoliver (Flaticon)

  • rating 4.2
  • size 18.2 MB

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