Make QR codes for sharing links, contact info, home WiFi networks and much more. Create a QR code using Visual Codes for others to scan. So much more.

Visual Codes alternatives

Magic Sudoku

Solve Sudoku puzzles using the magic of Augmented Reality Align an empty sudoku puzzle using your phones camera A finished solution appears, like magic More Magical Features: Solve Sudoku puzzles in real time, instantly Scan multiple puzzles in a row Remove a scanned puzzle by simply tapping the puzzle on your screen Solve as many puzzles as you likeMagic Sudoku, the AR Sudoku solver, has been featured across the web on sites like imgur, reddit, Product Hunt, The Next Web, and The Verge. Try the ARKit sensation everyone has been talking about

  • rating 3.55
  • size 20.5 MB


Youre already reading web pages on a pretty small screen. Dont let floating social media sharing toolbars and the like get in your way. But you can use the Unobstruct Page action to remove it.

  • rating 4.87179
  • size 7.5 MB

Browsecurely - Secure browsing from any app

Browsecurely is an Action Extension that allows you to view a web page securely. With Browsecurely, you can: Prevent the application from tracking your browsing habits. Remove the need to log into a site if youre already logged into it in Safari.

  • size 0.7 MB

WiFi Profile

A simple tool to create WiFi profiles on iOS and share them with friends. Combine many WiFis into one profile Set a customizable expire date or interval Install profiles on your own device or share them with others Show and share QR Codes of your WiFis iCloud Sync Import .mobileconfig files from apps like Dropbox or Google DriveNotice:WiFi Profile uses a format proposed by ZXing to share WiFis via QR-code. Both formats contain basic information such as SSID, security protocol and passphrase in plain text.

  • size 26.5 MB