The Visitor Kiosk app is a great companion for your employee directory. Set up an iPad in your lobby or reception area and visitors can sign in, print a name badge, and ping the person they are meeting right from the app. You can even include a custom non-disclosure agreement for their signature.


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LobbyPad Visitor Management Virtual Reception - Office Building Directory
VPass 2
In & Out - Simple Visitor Sign In
GuestBook by Incipio
Griffin Kiosk
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Visitor Kiosk alternatives

Cirrus Insight

The sales productivity features loved by over 100,000 Cirrus Insight users are available in iOS.Gain customer intelligence at the conversation level with Salesforce and email merged, unlimited email tracking and more. I get to interact with critical Salesforce data and make the updates my manager/me need from where I livemy email inbox (where my customers and prospects talk with me). If you do not have a Salesforce license, enjoy the full inbox and sales productivity features. Cirrus Insight works with Gmail, Outlook, Lotus, Yahoo, as well as any other Exchange ActiveSync or IMAP inbox.

  • size 77.0 MB

Greenhouse Recruiting

The updated Greenhouse mobile app is the perfect recruiting companion for on-the-go access to key features. With the latest version you can: Easily approve new job openings and offers Review candidate applications Access Interview Kits and provide interview feedback Search for and view candidate profiles View a task dashboard of upcoming interviews, scorecards due, applications to review and pending approvals More about GreenhouseGreenhouse Software designs tools that help companies hire and onboard the right talent. Greenhouse is based in New York City and San Francisco.

  • size 29.2 MB

Robin - Meeting Room Booking

The official iPhone app for offices powered by Robin. Robins mobile app is the easiest way to schedule your workday from wherever you are. It requires an account on Robin.

  • size 38.9 MB

More Information About alternatives


iPad friendly version of WhosOnLocation Kiosk - for managing your visitors, contractors and employee movements.- Print visitor badge passes to AirPlay compatible label printers or directly to an IP Address - Sign your visitors in and out using Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners or using the built in iPad camera- Capture your visitors photo during guest sign inA WhosOnLocation account is required.

  • size 2.2 MB
  • version 1.98

LobbyPad Visitor Management Virtual Reception - Office Building Directory

LobbyPad Visitor Management Virtual Reception is a touchscreen kiosk system that provides a professional first line of contact with visitors to your business or organization, saving you the need for a dedicated receptionist. Our interactive building directory provides visitors with an attractive and intuitive interface to quickly search for companies, employees, view updates/announcements as well as other services built to your specifications. Get in touch with us to get started [email protected]

  • size 8.1 MB
  • version 2.2

VPass 2

Looking to move on from paper sign-in books? Then VPass is the solution. With VPass, visitors only see their own information Using the iPads built-in camera, VPass gives you the option of taking a photo of each of your visitors Using your finger, VPass can capture your visitors signature electronically Your access-to-premises agreement can be displayed and accepted by your visitors signature to gain access Use your own pre-numbered badges or we can supply custom designed badges and lanyards for your organisation Reports can give you details of your visitor, what time they visited, how long they were on site, who they were visiting and a photo Setup additional users to administrate and select specific restrictions that they can and cannot see or do Pre register visitors and implement QR codes to create an even faster process for signing in and out Perfect for education, corporate and government or anyone who requires a visitor management system

  • size 9.7 MB
  • version 1.5.2

In & Out - Simple Visitor Sign In

In & Out lets you use your iPad to sign visitors in and out. Its simple interface will modernize the way you keep track of visitors. FEATURES:- Capture names, email addresses, and phone numbers, or use custom fields to capture any other information- View visitor reports within In & Out, or export them as a spreadsheet via email- Customize the welcome screen with your business name and logo- Use a company policy and capture visitor signatures- Further customize by choosing background and font color, or use a custom background image- Create a passcode to prevent visitors from accessing your settings- In & Out automatically keeps track of the date and time of each visit and calculates the total duration for youDitch your paper sign in sheets and impress your visitors with something modern and easy to use.

  • size 12.6 MB
  • version 2.0.6

GuestBook by Incipio

The new GuestBook App from Incipio provides your business with a professional, convenient, and modern means of keeping track of your visitors. Invite your guests to sign in through a simple and short step-by-step process, seamlessly capturing the visitors name, picture thumbnail, signature, the time they arrived, and who they are here to see. Real-Time Guest Sign-In Eliminates the Paperwork Utilizing the iPads large and user-friendly touchscreen interface avoids illegible writing Capture the visitors thumbnail snapshot with the iPad 2 or new iPads front-facing camera to preview your guest before you meet them Receive instant email notification alerting you that your visitor has arrivedCustomizable Settings for Your Company Add, edit, and maintain your own company address book complete with employee name, email address, and a picture preview Upload your company logo to create branded email notifications notifying your employees when they have a visitorNote: The GuestBook App requires the use of the iPad 2 and new iPads front-facing camera.

  • rating 3.4
  • size 1.8 MB
  • version 1.0

Griffin Kiosk

NOTE: This app is designed to work in conjunction with a Griffin Kiosk. The Griffin Kiosk provides a secure public installation that turns an iPad into an interactive information center. Just as your physical Kiosk lets you control visitors access to the camera and Home button, the Griffin Kiosk app helps you focus the kiosk toward its intended use, and gives you the tools you need for control over multiple-kiosk installations.- Identify each kiosk on your network by number or by name.- Display a customized home screen.- Set idle time limits to automatically return to the home screen, so that new visitors dont have to start where the previous user left off.- Control public use by creating a list of web domains that your kiosks will be allowed to visit.- Create a custom Navigation Bar visible on every screen, with easy shortcut buttons for links you set up.- Receive email notifications from each of your kiosks if the device is unplugged, low battery, or subject to physical abuse.

  • size 1.4 MB
  • version 1.1.1

GSK SiteMap

The Site Map is an application designed for employees and visitors to global GlaxoSmithKline sites; allowing users to navigate to the sites and provides a wealth of useful facilities information. GSK employees also have access to internal maps allowing them to find 1000s of desk locations, meeting rooms and points of interest. GSK employees can also access step by step navigation to:- Desks- Meeting Rooms (Name and Location)- Coffee shops- Reception- Employee Health- Conferencing Desk- Toilets- Shops- Cash Points and Cash Loaders (Cashless Vending)- Shuttle Bus Locations- Fitness Centre- Bike shelters- Changing roomsand much more

  • size 18.2 MB
  • version 1.6.6

Event Guest List Easy Check-in

Easy Check-In +Mobile Event App (Works offline)Registration, Guest List & Easy Check-in Management, Multi-Session Entry Manager, On-Site Name Badge Printing, Selfie Badges, Collect Signatures, Collect Custom Guest Information, Edit Guest Information, Collect Guest Pictures, Timeline of your Guests for Check-ins and Check-outs, Accept Walk-ins. Boomset can import your guests from: - .CSV - Eventbrite - RegOnline by Lanyon - universe - etouches Event organizers, marketing professionals, and more, love that they can:- Coordinate the notification of attendee arrivals,- Add walk-ins with ease,- Collect and receive donations,- Scan tickets & invitations,- Communicate with event staff members via comments,- Make sure the right people attend the right sessions,- Plus learn event numbers via real-time and post-event data reporting. (Works Offline )Enjoy the same benefits of the Boomset Mobile Event Guest List and Easy Check-In Manager App with a smooth iPad Self Check-in Kiosk experience Allow your guests to self check-in, edit session schedules, take selfies, sign agreements, and print name badges.

  • rating 5
  • size 106 MB
  • version 3.16.7

Trippus Exhibitor

Trippus Exhibitor app for iPhone / iPad can be used to scan and record the visitors in a stand, the exhibitors surface area or the like. Scanning is made easy with the built-in camera and the exhibitor is given the ability to easily collect visitors contact information and categorize them into relevant areas of interest for effective follow-up of leads. With Trippus Exhibitor app for iPhone / iPad, you can:- Scan your visitors name tags / badges or tickets- Attach visitors to specific areas of interest- Enter free text notes on specific visitor- See the history of scanned visitors directly in the app- Supports one or more units in the same booth / exhibitor surface- Get a compiled list of all visitors complete contact information

  • size 57.7 MB
  • version 2.4

Sharjah Expo Exhibitor

Sharjah Expo Centre Exhibitor Mobile Application enables Exhibitors to generate leads, maximize their return on investment (ROI) and contribute towards a sustainable environment. The mobile application is packed with powerful features and benefits One app to view ALL Organizer Events so no need to download separate event mobile apps.- Offline Line Mode - The app works 100 percent in offline mode so exhibitors do not have to worry about connectivity issues once they have logged in.- Exhibitors can create personalized product catalog, upload brochures, images and share this information with visitors.- Business Match-making Exhibitors can respond to meeting requests from visitors and setup appointments much before the event.- Lead Capture using QR code Custom form with powerful tools like visitor QR code scanning, audio recording enable Exhibitors to generate credible leads.- Passive Lead Generation The Exhibitor QR code enables Exhibitor to get information of a visitors interest even if he does not visit the stall.- Real time data analytics Exhibitors can view visitor analytics from their boardrooms assess visitor geography, product preference and business engagement preference. The Mobile Application is powered by Xporience.

  • size 10.9 MB
  • version 1.7