Veterinary Dose calculator is a drug formulary with more than 500 drugs for dogs and cats. Easy and fast to use. Download Veterinary Calculators and you will get a free sample of the guideCheck out other veterinary apps, available in the AppStore:VetApps Gold BundleVetProVetPlusVet Anesthesia GuideVet CardiologyVet Therapeutic GuideVetECGVet Medicamentos e Pacientes em portugus


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Veterinary Dose Calculator alternatives

Dog Anatomy: Canine 3D

An interactive visual reference with over 300 anatomical structures. Rotate the model, cut down through layers, or zoom in. If you want to understand canine anatomy, this app is for you.

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VetPDA Calcs

VetPDA Calcs contains 21 useful calculators for Veterinary Medicine students and professionals. All calculators have been rewritten to support different iPhone sizes (including the iPhone X).Included Calculators: A-a Gradient - The Alveolar-arterial gradient (A-a gradient), is a measure of the difference between the alveolar concentration of oxygen and the arterial concentration of oxygen. Temperature Conversion - converts F - C and C - F Transfusion - Given a current and desired PCV, determine the necessary volume of donor blood product Weight Conversion - converts between kg / g / lbs / ozOther Features: Information sheets for calculators describe how and why to use each calculator

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Small Animal DDx Lite

Small Animal DDx (the full version) provides common differential diagnosis (DDx) for more than 400 symptoms, signs and diagnostic problems. In addition, it suggests a spectrum of investigations to manage each case. This Lite version provides a small subset of cases for demonstration purposes.

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Timeless Vet Drug Index

The Timeless Vet Drug Index is a truly evidence-based veterinary drug formulary authored by Dr. Etienne Ct, Dr. Stephen Ettinger, and Dr. Wayne Schwark. Written from the ground up, Vet Drug Index contains only the most relevant drug information and is designed specifically for you, the busy practicing clinician. Its a new way of sourcing drug information but when you use it for the first time we think youll say of course

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Veterinary discussion

The main goal of this application: 1) Local veterinarians , veterinary students and veterinary technicians will be connected to form a local professional network.2) Local veterinary specialist and general practitioners collaborate to solve difficult cases.3) Educate pet owners and farmers by sharing case summaries, exciting images, videos.4) Public and pet owners can search local veterinary listing from this app. Unique features:1) Veterinarians, veterinary Technicians can choose their discussion as private discussion between veterinarians or Technicians only.2) Veterinarians have separate folders for each specialty. from your Iphone.11) Pet owners can search nearby veterinarians from this app and call them directly from this app to schedule appointment.

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VetPlus contains 5 different applications that will help veterinarians, students and people working in the area. The first application is the Vet Therapeutic Guide, a complete veterinary drug formulary (dogs and cats) for your IPhone, IPod or IPad, with over 600 drugs with the following information:Pharmacology and category of usePrecautionsDosing information and commentsOther namesFormulations availableDosageThe second application is the Veterinary Dose Calculator , a drug formulary with more than 500 drugs for dogs and cats, where you put the weight of the animal and the app gives you the dose. Search the AppStore for VetPro, the only veterinary patient manager with iCloud support in the AppStoreCheck out too Vet Blood Tests Guide, Vet Anesthesia Guide, Vet Cardiology and VetECG, available in the AppStore

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Veterinary Calculators

Veterinary Calculators is an application for IPhone, IPod touch and IPad with more than 10 different kinds of calculators used in small animal veterinary. Emergency Drugs Calculator for dogsEmergency Drugs Calculator for catsBlood Transfusion Calculator Mass Converter Volume Converter Temperature Converter Fluid therapy Calculator Body Surface Area Calculator Pre Anesthesia CalculatorAnesthesia Induction CalculatorConstant Rate Infusion (CRI) 1 and 2Constant Rate Infusion (CRI) with Syring pumpYou still get a sample of the Vet Dose Calculator App. Check out too VetPro, VetPlus, Vet Patients, Vet Therapeutic Guide, Vet Anesteshia Guide, Vet Cardiology, Vet Blood Tests Guide, Vet Dose Calculator and VetECG, available in the AppStore

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Vet Medicamentos & Pacientes

The IVet Medicamentos is a Veterinary Therapeutic Guide for yourIPhone, IPod Touch or IPad, containing information such as indication, doses and business presentations from more than 500 drugs for dogs and cats. This application is recommended for veterinary professionals and students in the area. This application is written in portuguese.

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VetList - Vet Drug formulary

Social network+Vet Drug formulary (inc. Dog,Cat,Pocket Pet,Reptile,Avian,Ruminant,Swine)If you are veterinarian or working in the veterinary field, This is the app for you Vetlist helps veterinarians find the right dose and right drugs for their cases in 1 minute You can forget the big books of Vet drug directory, Its all here in your hand. + Great notes for each drug from veterinarian community- Vetside.netFeature* Easy to search by generic name or use special filter (animal type, therapeutic class, major indication)* Complete drug formulary more than 550 drugs. - Generic Name - Therapeutic Class - Major Indication - Indication for each animal type - Dosage , Route , Frequency , Duration , Dose precaution , Dose reference - Precaution - Adverse Effect - Overdose - Drug Interaction - Reproduction/ Nursing Safety - Drug Reference* Drug Note, you can take note for each drug and share to vet community

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VetApps Gold Bundle

Get 6 apps from VetApps and get a special discount VetPro - patients and clients manager with iCloud ( our data will automatically sync between your devices, Vet Therapeutic Guide , Dose Calculator and much more Vet Blood Tests Guide - Reference values and diferencial diagnosis for bloos tests used in the small animal veterinary. Vet Anesthesia - the most complete anesthesia guide for vets in the AppStoreVet Cardiology - More than 60 cardiac diseases and conditions in small animal veterinary. If you have any doubt or need support please contact us: [email protected]

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Vet Calculator Plus

Vet Calculator Plus is a fully referenced tool containing over 30 calculators designed for vets, nurses, technicians and studentsEasy to calculate, save and send results and highly customizable. Fluid calculators: Basic fluid rates Drop counter (tap to calculate fluid rate from drops) Fluid rate with volume deficit corrections Free water deficit Potassium infusions Serum osmolalityPharmacy calculators: Drug dosages (dose required and amount (ml, g, & tablets)) Body surface area Constant rate infusions (CRIs) (includes loading doses and 32 drugs - see website) Emergency drug calculator (16 drugs included - see website)Hematology calculators: Total blood volume Maximum blood sample volume Transfusions (transfusion volume required) Phlebotomy Erythrocyte indices (MCV, MHC, MCHC)Conversion calculators: Convert between SI & conventional units (over 70 agents) Convert Temperatures ( & including normal ranges) Convert weights (kg, g, mg, g, oz., lb.) )VetCalc+ is primarily aimed at those in small animal practice.

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DoseMeRx is a dose-individualisation tool that can be used by clinicians and healthcare practitioners to improve patient care by more accurately reaching target drug concentrations or drug exposure. DoseMeRx is designed for use with drugs that require therapeutic drug monitoring, such as aminoglycosides, warfarin and other anti-coagulants, immunosuppressants, and more. It has simply never been this easy to improve your patient outcomes.

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  • version 2.0.1

HBK Veterinary Anesthesia Small and Large Animals

Download the FREE app and view selected topics (Approximately 10% of the content is viewable in the free app and tapping on the locked topic will launch the in-app purchase screen). ABOUT: Handbook of Veterinary AnesthesiaHandbook of Veterinary Anesthesia provides mobile healthcare practitioners with the latest in trusted clinical information for more accurate, confident and informed decision-making at point-of-care. Key Features- Anesthetic protocols for common procedures in each species- Updated drug information and new pain management techniques- A new section discussing the unique anesthetic considerations in cats and their clinical applications- The latest information on local anesthesia drugs and techniques- Expanded coverage of post-anesthetic care, monitoring and analgesic considerations- New coverage of the use of constant rate infusion perioperatively- Expanded coverage of euthanasia, including the most current AVMA guidelines for euthanasia techniques- Key points and special considerations are now called out in section Box to highlight the most important and critical information for immediate access- Comprehensive yet concise quick reference offering on-the-go, indispensable advice for anesthetic situations- Dedicated chapters for cats and dogs, and the special needs and considerations of each species are expanded for more comprehensive coverage- Old and outdated drugs have been eliminated, so the focus is not on the history of veterinary anesthesia but on important, current concepts and techniques

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Veterinary Sedations

Vet Sedation App is a practical and simple calculator useful for managing sedation/analgesia on stable dogs and cats in everyday clinical situations such as radiography, orthopedic exams, minor wound cleaning, ear exams/cleaning, eye exams/minor procedures, blood draw on hard-to-handle animals, foxtail probing, etcThis calculator can be a valuable tool for veterinarians and veterinary technicians working in the very busy and stressful field of small animal general and critical care practice, or shelter settings. The App was designed to provide quick and reliable calculations for either single-drug or combination-of-drugs sedation protocol by using preprogrammed lists of generic drugs, their concentrations, recommended dosage range, and routes. Programmed and designed by George Berdovskiy and Aleksandr Berdovskiy.

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  • version 1.1

Drug Formulary - Cancer Care Ontario

The CCO Drug Formulary is an information-only resource that provides monographs for drugs and regimens used in systemic cancer treatment, and symptom management information used to care for cancer patients in Ontario. Patient information sheets are also available. Flag any document you like as a favourite to refer to it often, or share documents via e-mail.

  • size 6.4 MB
  • version 1.8