LIKELY THE BEST BIKE-SHARING APP YOU WILL EVER USEVeli Velo is a universal bike-sharing app fast, simple and easy to use. It gets straight to the point: find a bike or a parking spot around you instantly. Veli Velo is available in more than a hundred cities around the world - and this is just the beginning ;)Amiens (Velam), Ann Arbor (Arbor Bike), Austin (Austin B Cycle), Avignon (Vlopop), Besancon (VloCit), Boise (Boise Green Bike), Bordeaux (vcub), Boston (Hubway), Boulder (Boulder B Cycle), Brisbane (CityCycle), Brookline (Hubway), Bruxelles-Capitale (villo), Buffalo (Reddy Bike Share), Calais (Veloway), Cambridge (Hubway), Cergy-Pontoise (Velo2), Charlotte (Charlotte B Cycle), Chattanooga (Chattanooga), Chicago (Divvy), Cincinnati (Cincy Red Bike), Clermont-Ferrand (C.vlo), Columbus (CoGo), Creteil (Cristolib), Davie (Share A Bull Bikes), Dayton (Link Dayton Bike Share), Denver (Denver B Cycle), Dublin (dublinbikes), El Paso (El Paso B Cycle), Fargo (Great Rides Bike Share), Fort Lauderdale (Broward B Cycle), Fort Worth (Fort Worth Bike Sharing), Frankston (Monash Bike Share), Goteborg (Gteborg), Hamilton (Sobi Hamilton), Houston (Houston B Cycle), Indianapolis (Indy Pacers Bikeshare), Kansas City (Kansas City B Cycle), Kazan (Velik), Ketchum (Mountain Ride Bike Share), Lille (VLille), Lillestrom (Bysykkel), Ljubljana (Bicikelj ), London (Santander Cycles, Boris Bikes, Barclays Cycle Hire), Long Beach (Sobi Long Beach), Los Angeles (Metro Bike Share), Lund (Lundahoj), Luxembourg (Veloh), Lyon (VloV), Madison (Madison B Cycle), Malm (Malm by bike), Marseille (Le vlo), Melbourne (Melbourne Bike Share), Milwaukee (Bublr Bikes), Minneapolis (Nice Ride Minnesota), Montpellier (Vlomagg), Montreal (bixi), Mulhouse (VloCit), Namur (Li bia velo), Nancy (vlOstanlib), Nantes (Bicloo), New York (Citi Bike), Nice (Veloway), Omaha (Heartland B Cycle), Ottawa (Velo Go), Paris (Velib), Pau (IDECycle), Philadelphia (Indego), Portland (Biketown), Rennes (Vlo Star), Rio de Janeiro (Bike Rio), Rouen (cyclic), Saint Paul (Ubike), Saint-tienne (VliVert), Salt Lake City (Gree Nbike), San Antonio (San Antonio B Cycle), San Francisco (Bay Area Bike Share), San Jose (Bay Area Bike Share), San Ramon (Bishop Ranch B Rite Bikes), Santa Monica (Breeze Bike Share), Santander (Tusbic), Seville (SEVICI), Shenton Park (Curtin University), Somerville (Hubway), Spartanburg (Spartanburg B Cycle), Stockholm (City Bikes), Strasbourg (Vlhop), So Paulo (Bike Sampa), Topeka (Topeka Metro Bikes), Torronto (Bike Share Toronto), Toulouse (Vl), Toyama (cyclocity), Valence (Liblo), Vannes (Veloway), Vilnius (Cyclocity), Washington (Capital Bike Share)To send us feedback or report an issue, get in touch at [email protected] or on Twitter @VeliVelo_App


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Veli Velo - Bike sharing alternatives

SFR & Moi

Grez vos comptes mobiles et fixes SFR et ceux de vos proches depuis votre smartphone et tablette en toute simplicit.- Suivez la consommation dtaille de lensemble de vos lignes mobiles et fixes SFR, y compris depuis ltranger- Consultez vos dernires factures- Grez votre offre et vos options- Pilotez directement tous vos avantages SFR FAMiLY - Suivez vos commandes mobile et box de bout en bout - Vrifiez ltat de votre box 24h/24, et trouvez la solution pour la dpanner- Suivez la rsolution de vos incidents concernant votre box- Trouvez vos rponses sur le fixe/mobile grce lassistanceTlchargement et usage gratuit en France mtropolitaine (hors cot de connexion internet mobile selon loffre SFR souscrite).Application accessible aux clients SFR disposant dune offre mobile, tablette & cl ou ADSL/THD/Fibre.

  • size 84.4 MB

SeLoger - achat, location

Les fonctionnalits phares : Les notifications pushs et emails vous alertent en temps rel des nouvelles annonces correspondant votre recherche immobilire. Mettez en favoris vos recherches, annonces et agences coups de coeur. Suivez toute lactualit de SeLoger et du march immobilier sur : Facebook Twitter G+ Youtube Pinterest pas nous faire part de vos feedbacks [email protected]

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Vous tes la recherche dun bien immobilier ? Vous souhaitez acheter ou louer un appartement ou une maison ?AVendreALouer, acteur spcialis dans la recherche immobilire depuis 25 ans, vous propose plus de 730 000 annonces immobilires de location ou vente pour trouver votre logement idal. Lquipe AVendreALouer

  • size 99.7 MB

nPerf speed test: network performance for wifi and mobile internet connection

More than a simple speed test, nPerf brings you the best and the fullest mobile connection quality measurement tool up to 1 Gb/s speeds Full QoS test: In few seconds, test your bitrate speed, latency, browsing speed and video streaming quality on your mobile device. Comparison function: Compare your results with those of others users and for each provider with a real time barometer. Youll get a lifetime premium subscription on all platforms.

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More Information About alternatives


BCycle is a next-generation bike-sharing program. It is a zero-hassle, zero-emissions way to get around town. With this app you can:Locate BCycle stationsSee bike and dock availabilityCheckout bikesGet directions to stations and local businessesJoin now to create an accountSign in and manage your accountSee your billing activitySee your trip historyRequest a membership cardSystems supported by this app: ArborBike, Ann Arbor, MI Austin B-cycle, Austin, TX Aventura BCycle, Aventura, FL Battle Creek B-cycle, Battle Creek, MI Boulder B-cycle, Boulder, CO Broward B-cycle, Fort Lauderdale, FL Bublr Bikes, Milwaukee, WI Charlotte B-cycle, Charlotte, NC Cincy Red Bike, Cincinnati, OH Clarksville B-cycle, Clarksville, TN Columbia County B-cycle, Evans, GA columbike, Columbus, IN Dallas Fair Park, Dallas, TX Denver B-cycle, Denver, CO Des Moines B-cycle, Des Moines, IA El Paso B-cycle, El Paso, TX Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Fort Worth, TX Great Rides Bike Share, Fargo, ND GREENbike, Salt Lake City, UT Greenville B-cycle, Greenville, SC Heartland B-cycle, Omaha, NE Houston B-cycle, Houston, TX Indego, Philadelphia, PA Indy - Pacers Bikeshare , Indianapolis, IN Kansas City B-cycle, Kansas City, MO Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV Link Dayton Bike Share, Dayton, OH Madison B-cycle, Madison, WI McAllen B-cycle, McAllen, TX Metro Bike Share, Los Angeles, CA Nashville B-cycle, Nashville, TN OKC Spokies, Oklahoma City, OK Rapid City B-cycle, Rapid City, SD San Antonio B-cycle, San Antonio, TX Savannah, Savannah, GA Spartanburg BCycle, Spartanburg, SC

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  • version 3.3.5

Bixou Lite

The original graphic live data app for bike share users all over the world. Now supports over 32 cities & counting BIXI cities: - Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa-Gatineau BIXI (Canada)- London Barclays Cycle Hire (England)- WashingtonDC/Arlington Capital Bikeshare (USA)- Pullman WSU Green Bike (USA)- Minneapolis NiceRideMN (USA)- Boston Hubway (USA)- Bike Chattanooga (USA)- Melbourne Bike Share (Australia)B-cycle cities: - Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, Hawaii, Houston, Kansas City, Louisville, Madison, Omaha, San Antonio & Spartanburg (USA)Other cities: - Long Beach, Miami Beach & Surfside DECOBIKE (USA)- Barcelona Bicing (Spain)- Bordeaux VCub (France)- Rennes LE vlo STAR (France)- Blackpool Hire-a-Bike (England)- Dumfries Bike2Go (Scotland) Bixou allows you to instantly spot the stations nearest to your current location and see the number of available bikes & docks at each one. All trademarks used above are the sole property of their respective owners.

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  • version 2.9

OneBike (Cycle Hire)

Winner of the Digital Place award at the Dfi Numrique 2013 of Toulouse Mtropole OneBike makes your city rides using bike share services easier. Determine the best route to ride, depending on the number of bicycles and terminals you need. Features : - Location of bike share stations- Multi search : starting point, arrival point, number of bikes and terminals required- Double pins on the map : available bikes, available terminals- Clustering considering terminals proximity and zoom level to improve data readabilityOneBike is available for: - villo (Bruxelles), - Li bia velo (Namur), - Tusbic (Santander) , - SEVICI (Seville), - Valenbisi (Valence), - Velam (Amiens), - VloCit (Besanon), - Velo2 (Cergy Pontoise), - Cristolib (Crteil), - VloV (Lyon), - Le vlo (Marseille), - VloCit (Mulhouse), - vlOstanlib (Nancy), - Bicloo (Nantes), - Velib (Paris), - cyclic (Rouen), - Vl (Toulouse), - cyclocity (Toyama), - Cyclocity (Vilnius), - Veloh (Luxembourg), - Bysykkel (Lillestrom), - Velik (Kazan), - Gteborg (Goteborg), - Cyclocity (Stockholm), - Bicikelj (Ljubljana).OneBike is available for Belgium, Spain, France, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Slovenia.New countries and cities availables : - Dublin- London- Roma- Wien- Milano- Torino - Padova- Mestre- Chiavari- Madrid- Santander- Palma- Zaragoza- Brisbane- Melbourne- Hawai- Denver- San Antonio- Houston- Fort Worth- Kansas City- Des Moines- Minneapolis- Chicago - NYC New-York City- Washington- Miami

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  • version 1.1

Openbike Now - Find a bike in 1s

Stay informed in real time about bikes and available bike locations around you. Its free and its ad free. Just launch it, find bikes or empty locations around you and enjoy it Here is the list of cities covered by Openbike Now:In France : Vlib in Paris Vlov in Lyon Le Vlo in Marseille VLille in Lille Mtrovlo in Grenoble Bicloo in Nantes VloStar in Rennes Vlam in Amiens VliVert in Saint-tienne Vlhop in Strasbourg VlToulouse in Toulouse Vlo+ in Orlans Ylo in La Rochelle VloCit in Besanon VlO2 in Cergy-Pontoise CristoLib in Crteil Vlocit in Mulhouse Vlostan in Nancy Cyclic in Rouen VelIn in Calais Vlo Bleu in Nice Vloca in Vannes Rflex in Chalon-sur-Sane Vlopop in Avignon Liblo in Valence Smoove in Belfort Smoove in Clermont-Ferrand Smoove in LorientIn Europe : Cycle Hire in London Valenbisi in Valencia Bicing in Barcelona Dublinbikes in Dublin SEVici in Sevilla Veloh in Luxembourg Villo in Bruxelles TusBic in Santander Li bia velo in Namur Styr & Stll in Gteborg Bicike(LJ) in Ljubljana CitybikeCity in Wien Cyclocity in Stockholm, Vilnius, Lillestrm and Kazan PubliBike in Switzerland NextBike and Metropolradruhr in Germany BalticBike in Riga Veturilo in WarszawaWorldwide : Citi Bike in New York Capital Bike Share in Washington Divvy Bikes in Chicago Hubway in Boston BIXI in Montral, Toronto et Ottawa Bay Area Bike Share in San Francisco and around Nice Ride in Minneapolis ChattanoogaBike in Chattanooga Decobike in Miami and Long Island CoGo in Columbus CyclOcity in Toyama CityCycle in Brisbane and BikeShare in Melbourne

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  • version 2.2


OpenCyclo shows the availability and status of all bike stations managed by JC Decaux in over 20 locations around the world : Paris (Vlib), Marseille (Le vlo), Lyon (VloV), Rouen(cyclic), Brussels (Villo), Seville (Sevici), or Toyoma (cyclocity) for instance. Overview :Thumb high icon : at least two empty spots and two bikes availableOrange bike : Only one bike left, but at least two empty spotsRed bike : no more bikes left, but at least one empty spotOrange P : Only one more empty spot, but at least two bikesRed P : no more empty spot, but at least one bikeWhite () over black background : no data, or neither bike or empty spotX over red background : station closedIf a station doesnt send data updates within 3 minutes, its availability icon gets grayed out. Touching the target on the bottom left area of the map centers the map on your current position and displays the five closest stations within a 2km radius,Touching the icon on the right of the search area shows the credits and the app settings -icon size, plan, default city-List of supported cities:France :Amiens (Velam), Besanon (VloCit), Cegy-pontoise (Velo2), Crteil (Cristolib), Lyon (VeloV), Marseille (Le Vlo), Mulhouse (VloCit), Nancy (vlOstanlib), Nantes (Bicloo), Paris (Vlib), Rouen (cyclic), Toulouse (Vel)Other countries:Brussels (Villo), Gteborg (Gteborg), Ljubljana (Bicikelj), Luxembourg (Veloh), Namur (Li bia velo), Santander (Tusbic), Sville (Sevici), Stockholm (CycloCity), Toyoma (cyclocity), Valence (Valenbisi)

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  • version 1.2.1

Terra Icons

All cities have landmarks or points of interest that help identify them, and that shouldnt be missed. Use this app to find these landmarks quickly. CarPool supported services: Communauto, Mobizen, VRTUCARBiking supported services: Cyclocity (Toyama, Vilnius, Stockholm), Velib (Paris), Villo (Bruxelles), LiBiaVelo (Namur: li iba velo), Tusbic (Santander), Sevici (Sevilla), Valenbisi (Valencia), Velam (Amiens), Velocite (Mulhouse), Velo2 (Cergy-Pontoise), Cristolib (Creteil), VeloV (Lyon), LeVelo (Marseille), velOstanlib (Nancy: vlOstanlib), Bicloo (Nantes), Velo (Toulouse), Veloh (Luxembourg), Bysykkel (Lillestrom), Bike Chattanooga, Bike share Toronto, Bay Area Bikeshare, Divvy (Chicago), Citibike (NY), Bixi (Montreal), Capital Bixi (Ottawa), Capital Bike Share (Washington D.C), Hubway (Boston), Nice Ride (Minnesota), CoGo (Columbus), weCycle (Aspen), EcoBici (Mexico DF), Bicing (Barcelona), Barclays (London), BiciMad (Madrid), CityCycle (Brisbane), Bizi (Zaragoza).Supported Metro/Subway/Undergound: Chicago L, London Underground, Barcelona Metro, NY subway (MTA), BART (San Francisco), WAMATA (Washington DC), Paris, Rome, New Delhi, Montreal, Transmilenio (Bogota), Panama, Caracas, Medellin, Dubai, Toronto (TTC).

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  • version 2.0.0


Spotcycle is a free multi-city GPS-enabled application that maximizes your bike share experience. Track the statuses of bike stations around you and then pedal away to your next destination In addition to locating bike share stations, available bikes and docks, the latest version of Spotcycle features a clean, intuitive interface and improved directions. Asia-Pacific Abu Dhabi, UAE (Cyacle)Australia Melbourne, VIC (Melbourne Bike Share)Canada Montreal, QC (BIXI Montreal) Toronto, ON (Bike Share Toronto) Vancouver, BC (Mobi)United Kingdom London (Santander Cycles)United States Boston, MA (Hubway) Chicago, IL (Divvy Bikes) Minneapolis, MN (Nice Ride Minnesota) New York City, NY / Jersey City, NJ (Citi Bike) San Diego, CA (DecoBike San Diego) San Francisco, CA (Bay Area Bike Share) Washington DC/Arlington, VA (Capital Bikeshare) Most DecoBike bike share schemes Most BCycle bike share schemesREQUIREMENTSRequires iOS 8 or later; iPhone 4S or later; iPod 5th generation or later.

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  • version 46.0.0 finds the best routes for bike-sharing users in more than 440 cities in in 43 countries. It calculates which are the closest and best stations to pick-up and return the bike considering real-time information of how many bikes and bike stands are available. Some of the cities:ARGBuenos Aires (Ecobici)AUSBrisbane (Citycycle)MelbourneAUTWien (Nextbike, Citybike)Innsbruck (Stadtrad)WachauBELBruxelles (Villo)AntwerpenNamur (Li bia velo)BRAAracaj (Cajubike)Belo Horizonte (Bikebh)Braslia (Bikebrasilia)Fortaleza (Bicicletar)Porto Alegre (Bikepoa)Recife (Bikerecife)Rio de Janeiro (Bikerio)Salvador (Bikesalvador)Santos (Bikesantos)So Paulo (Ciclosampa, Bikesampa)BGRDobrichCANTorontoMontreal (Bixi)CHLSantiagoCHNShaoxingWenzhou (Changzhou)COLMedellin (EnCicla)HRVZagrebibenik (Bike point)CYPLimassolNicosia (Easybike)ENGLondon (Barclays)BathFRAParis (Velib)Amiens (Velam)Avignon (Velopop)Besanon (Velocite)Calais (Vel-in)Cergy (Velo2)Clermont-Ferrand (C-velo)Crteil (Cristolib)Dunkerque (Dkvelo)Lille (Vlille)Lyon (Velov)Marseille (Le-velo)Mulhouse (Velocite)Nancy (Velostanlib)Nantes (Bicloo)Nice (Velobleu)Pau (Idecycle)Rouen (Cyclic)Saint-tienne (Velivert)Toulouse (Velo)Valence (Libelo)Vannes (Velocea)GEOBatumiDEUBerlinDarmstadtDortmundDresden (Sz)DsseldorfEssenFrankfurtHamburg (Stadtrad)HammHannoverHeidelbergKarlsruhe (Facherrad)Kassel (Konrad)Kln (Kvb rad)LeipzigLneburgMainz (Mvgmeinrad)MannheimMarburgMlheimMnchen (Callabike)Nrnberg (Norisbike)Oberhausen (Metropolradruhr)PotsdamStuttgartWaiblingen (Ebikestation)WiesbadenGRCIoanninaIrakleioMarathonMaroussiNafplioRhodes (Cyclopolis)Thessaloniki (Thessbike)HUNBudapest (Bubi)IRLCorkDublin (Dublinbikes)GalwayISRTel-Aviv (Tel-o-fun)ITAArezzo (Arbike)BariBergamo (Bigi)BrindisiCagliariCant (Biciamo)CarraraComo (BiciCo)Genova (Mobike)La SpeziaLavagna (Tigulli on bike)LecceLeccoMilano (Bikemi)NapoliNovaraPadova (Goodbike)ParmaPaviaPerugiaPiacenzaPisa (Ciclopi)RiminiRoma (Roma n bike)SavonaSchio (Bicischio)SienaSiracusa (Gobike)Torino (Tobike)Trento (E-motion)TrevisoUdineUgentoUsticaVenezia (Bicincitta)JPN (Cyclocity)KAZAstana (Velobike)LVAJrmalaRga (Sixt)LTUVilniusLUXLuxembourg (Veloh)MEXMxico cityNZLAucklandCambridgeChristchurchNorthern IRLBelfastNORLillestrm (Bysykkel)POLBiaystok (Biker)Bydgoszcz (Bikeu)PoznaTrjmiastoWrocaw (Rower)Krakw (Kmk)Lublin (Lrm)OpoleSzczecin (Srm)Warszawa (Bemowo, Veturilo)RUS (Velik)SAUKing Abdullah (Ibike)SCOGlasgow, StirlingSVNLjubljana (Bicikelj)ESPBarcelona (Bicing)AlbaceteCiudad RealGirona (Girocleta)GuadalajaraLas Palmas de Gran CanariaPalma (Bicipalma)Pamplona (Nbici)Priego de CrdobaSantander (Tusbic)Sevilla (Sevici)Valencia (valenbisi)Vinars (Onroll)Zaragoza (Bizi)SWEGteborgStockholm (Cyclocity)CHELuzernSurseeTURKonyaSeferihisar (Karbis)UAEDubai (Bykystations)USAAspen (We cycle)AustinBoston (Hubway)BoulderChicago (Divvy)Columbus (Cogo)Dayton (Linkdayton)DenverFargo (Greatrides)Florida (Skybike)HoustonIndianapolisKent State University (Flashfleet)Miami BeachMilwaukee (Bublr)Minneapolis (Nice)New York (Citi)Philadelphia (Indego)Pittsburgh (Healthy)Salt Lake City (Greenbikeslc)San Antonio (BCycle)San Diego (Decobike)San FranciscoSavannah (Catbike)Seattle (Pronto)Washington (Capital)

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  • version 1.0.1


See where the bikes and docking points are available at station in your city when the system is powered by PBSC Urban Solutions. You can use CycleFinder to: Find nearby stations manually or using your devices GPS Find available bike or free docking point List view of available bikes and docks Capability to favorite stations Find a route to your destination and have the distance & elevation Track your rides with GPS Get key stats like Time, distance, average speed, elevation, calories, saved CO2 Collect those data in a personal history log Set goals to reach for specific achievement within your own given period Set a timer or countdown to better manage the length of your tripCycleFinder is the official app for PBSC Urban Solutions bike share systems in: - Divvy in Chicago, Illinois - Bay Area Bike Share in San Francisco & the Bay Area, California - WE-cycle in Aspen, Colorado - Bike Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee - CoGo Bike Share in Columbus, Ohio - MIBICI in Guadalajara, Mexico - HUIZI in Toluca, MexicoVisit to access the full solution PBSC offers to your city. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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  • size 29.2 MB
  • version 3.0.3

Limo Now

The Limo Now App is a transportation service app that offers you the choice of booking a vehicle now or later. This car service app allows you to request a private driver in a VIP Sedan, Hybrid, Stretch Limousine, SUV and other licensed livery vehicles from your smart phone at anytime of the day. SERVICE AREA:The Instant Car Service is now available in the San Francisco Bay Area including (SFO, OAK, SJC).The Schedule Car Service for Later is available in popular cities such as:Albuquerque, Anaheim, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, fort Worth, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Maui, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Tucson, Tulsa, Virginia Beach and Washington D.C.The Schedule Car Service for Later is also available in U.S. cities such as:Akron, Albany, Allentown, Anchorage, Aspen, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Boca Raton, Boise, Buffalo, Charleston, Chattanooga, Columbia SC, Dayton Ohio, Daytona Beach, Des Moines, Fayetteville NC, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Fort Wayne, Green Bay, Greensboro NC, Greenville, Harrisburg, Hartford, Jackson, Kansas City, Knoxville, Lexington KY, Little Rock, Madison, Mobile, Myrtle Beach, Norfolk, Omaha, Palm Springs, Pensacola, Reno, Richmond, Roanoke, Rochester, Salt Lake City, Sarasota, Savannah, Shreveport, St Petersburg, Syracuse, Tallahassee, Toledo, West Palm Beach and White PlainsSchedule Car Service for Later option is available in international cities such as:Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cannes, Florence, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, Nice, Paris, Rome, San Juan PR, Stockholm, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich

  • size 20.4 MB
  • version 1.3.10