Vaultize is the leading enterprise platform for secure file sharing and sync, managed mobility, mobile content management and anywhere access to corporate repositories, with built-in data protection and data loss prevention all with centralized IT control and without requiring VPN. Vaultize also offers the flexibility to choose between private cloud, public cloud and appliance. On top of regular password based authentication (with controls over password complexity and rotation), Vaultize administrator can now configure policies to add One Time Password (OTP) or RADIUS (e.g. RSA SecurID tokens) as the second factor of authentication- Data containerization: corporate data kept encrypted and separate from personal data, and can be remotely wiped- Built-in document editor: securely edit Office and PDF documents inside the corporate container- File sharing and sync: seamless and secure collaboration both inside and outside the organization- VPN-free anywhere access: securely access files and folders on corporate file servers and NAS without VPN- Access control: control access to data based on geo-location and IP addresses- Extra protection: enforce device-specific PIN for access to the corporate container- Browse: single place to view and access data from all your devices and shared folders- Search: easily locate files and folders including shared ones- Offfline: mark any file as offline (including shared ones) for offline access- Notifications: get notified when people share folders or files with you


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Vaultize alternatives

Zoiper SIP softphone - VoIP & video calls

Intapp Time

Intapp Time improves productivity and profitability by providing law firm personnel with a mobile solution to enter and edit critical time information from any location just as they would if they were sitting at their desk. Unlike other time entry applications that only allow for scratch pad entries, Intapp Time mobile provides intuitive fields that allow the user to input fully validated data in the same way that they easily perform entries within their Intapp Time desktop application. - Ability to release entries from your device

  • size 30.5 MB

Jira Cloud

Available for Jira Cloud sites hosted by Atlassian, the Jira app lets you and your team collaborate on projects anywhere. Track kanban boards and agile projects on the go Quickly respond to project updates and important conversations Create and edit tasks, tickets, and bugs Project management at your fingertipsJira is the leading task manager and bug tracker that helps agile teams with their project management. We want to hear from you

  • rating 4.06897
  • size 226 MB

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection app enables you to securely collaborate with others. You can view protected files (Rights protected email messages, PDF files, pictures, text files, and any other file format that is protected as a .pfile) that others have shared with you. You cannot use Microsoft Account (Live, Hotmail or account to sign in.

  • size 59.4 MB

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End-to-end encrypted file sync & sharing app that lets you store, sync and share files securely and easily. Save your photos to a secure place, create memos about meetings for your team and access them in shared folders on the go and be sure that no one can read your files besides you and those who you share with. One of the Best Cloud Storage Services that Protect Your Privacy LifeHackerThere are several services that offer secure storage in the cloud, but Tresorit is definitely one of the best PC Advisor

  • size 128 MB
  • version 3.0.750.687

VMware Content Locker

VMware Content Locker enables secure mobile access to content anytime, anywhere on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. An enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, VMware Content Locker protects your sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access and collaborate on the latest documents from their iOS devices. VMware Content Locker Key Features Security Enterprise-grade security policies and data loss prevention Photo, video and audio capture in secure, containerized application Integrated solution developed on the AirWatch EMM platform Content Repositories Single access point for all content across existing repositories Flexible content storage in the cloud or existing repositories Seamless connection to internal content repositories User Experience Anytime, anywhere access across mobile, desktop and web Enhanced user interface design and experience with smart views, folders and search Available in 17 languages based on user preference Support for iWork, Office, PDF, audio, video, image, zip files and more Collaboration Intuitive internal file and folder sharing and secure external link sharing Quick document, media, folder and repository creation Simple editing and annotation of Microsoft Office documents and PDFs Comprehensive Activity Feed which tracks and displays user actions Interactive social feeds including file commenting and @tags

  • size 260 MB
  • version 4.9.1

MTF File Cloud

MTF File Cloud is a free app to connect your device to your corporate file share. MTF File Cloud makes it easy to access and share files with you colleagues or external partners. From a corporate perspective you can easily secure files by:- Control where files are located - Decide which rights each user has to the files- Easily remote wipe a device, if it is stolen or lost - Access to on-premise filesAs an user you will benefit from the following features:- Browse your files and folders- View, open and share files directly from your device- Decide how long a file will stay on your device- Decide how you will open or view a file- Get access to files from external partners in the same App- Always be in sync with the corporate file server- Always have access to the latest version of the fileTo use MTF File Cloud you will need an account.

  • size 37.9 MB
  • version 4.3.3


The Globalscape Mobile Transfer Client (MTC) app is designed to work exclusively with Globalscapes award-winning managed file transfer solution known as Enhanced File Transfer (EFT). By deploying MTC with EFT, organizations can provide employees, partners, and customers with access to corporate data from their mobile devices, while keeping the data safe and secure within the organizational boundaries. The Mobile Transfer Client app lets end-users:- Securely browse, upload, send, and share files and folders on the go- Access enterprise content storage securely without VPN- View certain file types inside the internal viewer without those files leaving the app- Use mobile contacts for sending files and sharing folders through links in email- Edit files in other apps and then upload modified versions to the server EFT allows configuration of security access controls for enterprise content, including the ability to:- Create login credentials for MTC users- Enable users to communicate and transfer securely over HTTPS- Onboard new users with a single click or tap- Allow users to save their profile password- Allow users to save files to the MTC vault- Allow users to share files as email attachments- Allow users to open files in third-party applications- Log usage/activity and provide audit trails and logs- Manage policies in one location If you do not have an EFT solution, please visit for more information.

  • size 85.4 MB
  • version 1.2.2

LANSOL Datafant

LANSOL - Datafant stores your files, photos, documents and videos secure and always up to date Hosted by LANSOL in Germany. You can access your data with all major terminals. From a corporate perspective you can easily secure files by:- Control where files are located - Decide which rights each user has to the files As an user you will benefit from the following features:- Browse your files and folders- View and open files directly from your device- Get access to files from external partners in the same App- Always be in sync with the corporate file server- Always have access to the latest version of the file

  • size 37.7 MB
  • version 4.3.2

ArkEase Pro

ArkEase Pro provides enterprise-class private cloud storage solution, so that users can access or shared files or folders anytime anywhere. Product features: Sync: Automatically syncs files or folders anytime. Security: Uses encryption keys and encrypted data transmission to avoid data leakage.

  • size 34.5 MB
  • version 2.4.0

FilesAnywhere Mobile

Your data, at your fingertips, wherever you are. FilesAnywhere is the original cloud storage pioneer. Mobile App Features: Secure Cloud File Storage Automatic Login Upload files from your iPhone or iPad Simple, Fast file sharing View Folders and Files directly on your iPhone or iPad No Downloads Required - Work Directly from the Cloud Works with any connection speed: 2G, 3G, LTE or WiFi Zoom-In / Zoom-Out of Photos Built-in Graphics / Photo / Document Viewer Scroll and Pan Documents Add Comments to Any File Share any folder to a Group of Users Instantly access your folders + shared folders from other users Collaborate by sharing files or folders to any email address or contact Access photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets, and more Download files from your FilesAnywhere account directly to your iPhone storage Manage your FilesAnywhere account folders and file structure from your iPhone/iPad Drag-and-drop ease Customizable File Share / File Receive Links (create inbound or outbound guest file sharing links) Disable local caching PIN security option Enable app notifications for cloud change events, including group folder changes Open-In: save files directly to your FilesAnywhere account Contact our friendly support team for more info FilesAnywhere is a Mark Cuban Company, hosted entirely within our data centers in the United States of America.

  • size 18.7 MB
  • version 1.6.4

TMVMI Client

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure is a solution that allows IT managers to host corporate apps and data within a secure mobile operating system on centralized servers. This client application is used to provide users with secure access to a separate securely managed environment on their mobile device. Trend Micro Virtual Mobile Infrastructure app features:- Simple and familiar user experience for accessing your corporate workspace provided to you by your company.- Take advantage of apps provided by your company, without needing to install and manage them.- Back up and sync your files across your mobile devices and computers, and use the built in tools to securely share files.- Sign in to the app, and you can access your corporate emails and all your files, without needing to configure or install apps.- Your data is secure so if you lose your mobile device, your corporate data would still be under protection and available from the Virtual Mobile Infrastructure server.

  • size 46.1 MB
  • version 5.5.1156


What is TransBox?In a complicated digital world, with so many data shared daily, data leakages and privacy info thefts are frequent. Protect yourself and your company with TransBox revolutionary secure file sharing that guaranteed amazing control data options. Online file sharing like it should be done with data privacy and privacy protection.

  • size 38.0 MB
  • version 0.1.8

Air Disk Free - Wireless HTTP File Sharing

HTTP File Sharing, USB Drive, Upload & Download Features: Support ALL Major File formats and Folder HTTP Wireless File Sharing Web Authentication Wireless Sharing your Photos from system Photos Album Wireless Sharing videos (Playing with URL files) Web Upload & Download File Support File Manager (Delete & View) Support All Office formats and others: .txt .pdf .html .mp3 .mov, etc iTunes File Sync App Lock Password HTTP Sharing Password Access

  • size 4.2 MB
  • version 3.0