Vatanator SX is a unique drum machine with advanced MIDI functionality. It features 140 built-in presets emulating every classic vintage hardware. Vatanator SX features: Record patterns in real-time with quantization, MIDI assignable 16/32 steps sequencer with advanced MIDI options Fast loading of presets on the fly Full MIDI implementation, Bluetooth MIDI Background audio Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support Ability to import samples via AudioShare, AudioCopy, Dropbox or iTunes Share Real-time effects with XY pad, tempo synchronization, MIDI assignable and automation Song arranger, ability to store a sequence of patterns and play them in order 8 channel mixer with volume control and mute/solo for any individual instrument

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SunVox is the most powerful music creation tool for iOS. It is a small and fast cross-platform modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker). Just write me directly: [email protected] answer comes immediately Official SunVox homepage + video tutorials: status of the new

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