VatMap provides an online view of the VATSIM Network on you iPhone or iPad Now even use VatMap as your Electronic Flight Bag for charts The missing feature. Now plan, see, watch and track VATSIM flights with your own smartphone or tablet VatMap is based on the build in map of your iDevice. - Check if ATC is booked - Check Departures and Arrivals - Find a controller online - Set your own preferred settings - Show yourself vs ATC or Pilots - Show routes of Pilotsand many more features are available Working on: - Airports - More Sectors for Approach and TWR positions - Adding more Charts to our database - and more Add your friends, fly together and enjoy

VatMap alternatives

Custom Control Pad

Awarded best Italian iPhone Utility APP 2013/2014 by* WARNING*need to download a server application for your PC or Mac from Week end sale The first and best touch keyboard from the future With Custom Control Pad you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a customizable keyboard / joystick / Trackpad to control you PC / Mac. Set up and save many different Layouts of buttons , labels, Trackpad, virtual joysticks, sliders, and other gui elements, and assign to each a specific input to be reproduced on the PC or Mac you are working on. -Symbols support, no more going crazy on your PC to find how to write a certain symbol Applications supported by default layouts (available with app download, all other applications are supported but you might need to create or download a Layout for it) :- Final Cut Pro- Logic Pro- Office suite- Keynote (turn your iPhone into a Power Point / Keynote remote controller)- Photoshop- Illustrator- Maya- Lightwave- xCode- Visual studio- Finale - Unity 3dAnd games : - Kerbal Space Program (with a Mod for it you can read display KSP data on your iOs device)- Arma 3- Battlefield sieries- Dota 2- Eve Online- F.I.F.A soccer game.- Flight Simulator X- X Plane 10- Total War Rome 2- Wargame Airland Battle- X3- many moreWe have many other features coming with future updates, so give a look at our website to provide suggestions and feedback, all feedback is much appreciated.

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CloudAhoy is for pilots post-flight debriefing. Data is logged during flight, and the post-flight service provides a comprehensive debriefing: VFR and IFR, with 2D or 3D flight tracks, profiles, wind, maneuver analysis, instrument approaches, video and more. Sorry, it will neither display your car ride, nor your walks with the dog.

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Kittyhawk for DJI Drones & UAS

Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower effective drone operations. Weve brought together the best pre-flight tools, in-flight functionality, and post-flight logging and intelligence into a single well-designed application. Please feel free to reach out to us ([email protected]) anytime with ideas, feedback, or if you just want to go flying with us :)

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Pilot Log

Pilot Log is a simple, easy to use, logbook meant for General Aviation Pilots. As a CFI I got tired of entering all my flights into a paper logbook and searched for a quick, easy, and safe solution to keep all my flight time in order. We also plan to update Pilot Log with more great features

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iAIMS Crew Roster Viewer

iAIMS is a tool for airline personal to download their schedule from a AIMS Server. It will store your current schedule on your device, so you can watch it offline. Airlines- Tassili Airlines- Vueling- White Airways- Wizz Air- World AirwaysIf your airline is listed above you can install iAIMS now

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