Think you have the special skills to solve a maze? What about a Virtual Reality version?You have to solve this maze and killed zombies and go to next. Well update the app soon.

VR Horror Maze Walk :Horror Fever For VR Cardboard alternatives

VR Flight Simulator for Google Cardboard

This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Use your virtual reality headset to experience the thrill of riding a riding a roller coaster from the comfort of your own home Get ready to pilot an airplane in virtual reality Experience the real sensation and thrill of flying a plane with your mobile virtual reality headset. Some Compatible VR ( Virtual Reality ) Headsets Include:Google Cardboard VRStooksyDurovis Dive VRRefugio 3DVR View-MasterVRTX OneMerge VRANTVRVR SmartviewColorCrossVRTRIANibiru VR

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  • size 73.9 MB

Evil Zombie Graveyard Apocalypse Shooting VR Games

Zombie Graveyard VR ShootingAre you a fan of VR device ? Manzoor Ullah is here to quench your thirst for VR shooting and snipe games. You will absolutely love this Zombie Apocalypse survival Prepare yourself for the Best VR game ever OBVIOUS FEATURES YOU MIGHT NOTICE:- Experience the tension in Zombie VR, the best one in all scary VR games- Shoot your way through zombie filled mysterious graveyard.- Epic Soundtracks- Shoot tons of bullets with your Favorite personal handgun- Fight and kill horde of zombies

  • rating 3.4
  • size 129 MB

VR XRacer: virtual reality space racing vr games

A VR version game of X-Racer, which have 2 modes (hand mode and vr mode)We are in star war 3, when UFO spaceship attack our Earth. We step up on a jet, bring missiles like in battle Los Angeles, fly up, and join the right side to protect what belong to us. Enjoy the game DTA MobileLike us: us: @DTAMobile

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  • size 84.3 MB

VR Tunnel Race

The most exciting VR Racing game ever. Download now and experience tunnel vision as an astronomer Best VR RPG you can find Put on your oculus rift and try more vr games Imagine how terrifying yet exciting at the same time once you are trapped in a condensed environment like one in a black hole. Download VR Tunnel Race Now DTA MobileLike us: us: @DTAMobileTerm of use: Policy:

  • size 140 MB

Maze Walk VR - Virtual Reality Game Puzzle Apps

Think you have the skills to solve a maze? What about a Virtual Reality version?MazeWalkVR takes maze solving to a whole new level by utilizing a unique movement and selection method using the accelerometer and gyroscope on your mobile device (iPad, iPod, or iPhone). Additional MYPAD3D Virtual Reality solutions can be found at and on the App store by searching for MYPAD3D.

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  • size 268 MB