This is the most addictive action packed zombie shooter game with full suspense. Are you ready for this dynamic bloody zombie scary and dangerous dead battle? If you dont respond quickly zombies may be kill you.

VR FPS Zombie Frontire : shooting game alternatives

Zombie Warfare VR

Bluetooth gamepad is required Bring off a battle to the troops of dead Clean up the city from the infuriate zombies and save the mankind from the extinction, powerlevel cool guns and win with its help. Requires VR glasses (headset)

  • rating 3.6
  • size 431 MB

Evil Zombie Graveyard Apocalypse Shooting VR Games

Zombie Graveyard VR ShootingAre you a fan of VR device ? Manzoor Ullah is here to quench your thirst for VR shooting and snipe games. You will absolutely love this Zombie Apocalypse survival Prepare yourself for the Best VR game ever OBVIOUS FEATURES YOU MIGHT NOTICE:- Experience the tension in Zombie VR, the best one in all scary VR games- Shoot your way through zombie filled mysterious graveyard.- Epic Soundtracks- Shoot tons of bullets with your Favorite personal handgun- Fight and kill horde of zombies

  • rating 3.4
  • size 129 MB

Space Stalker VR

Space Stalker VR is mobile virtual reality sci-fi shooter-adventure game with cutting-edge visuals and immersive gameplay. Navigate your ship, avoid and destroy various traps and enemies, hunt out mysterious artefacts, survive deadly chases using different weapons and tactics, grab your rewards and upgrade ship to get ready for next challenges - plenty of exciting gameplay mechanics creating ultimate VR-experience. Travel through beautiful atmospheric locations and complete exciting space stalker story NOTICE: Gaming experience will be improved on later generation phones.

  • size 772 MB

Dungeon Cave VR - VR Game

Comimg dungeon and mystery world of Game : Dungeon Cave VRYou need one vr glass to play game or view VR Movie. Join us on dungeon adventure in virtual reality and explore the immersive world of DiscoveryVR. Learn more about Cardboard today Best eye game 2016.Some VR Cardboard can play VR Game like : Cardboard, 3D VR Box, VR Plus,VR Fold , Uit VR , VR Shinecon , Super VR and Oculus riftWorks with any mobile stereoscopic headset with a built in accelerometer.

  • rating 3.2
  • size 224 MB

VR GAMES FREE - For Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard

VR GAMES is the only VR games bundle where you dont need a game controller all you need is your mouth. The graphics are stunning, the weapons are super cool and it feels like Im really there saving the world. Terms and Privacy:

  • rating 3.25
  • size 215 MB