[Very important]This app is only in Vietnam. .IntroductionAn integrated online education program, e-POLY has been specifically tailored to complement the POLY curriculum. Features1) Students get to master their learning through e-POLYs unique 4-stage learning road map.2) e-POLY analyzes each individual students learning to provide a tailored learning experience for students.3) e-POLY provides customized quizzes that are tailored to the students current level.4) Students are kept motivated through points and digital badge rewards based on their performance, effort, and behavior.5) The Clubhouse provides extra learning content that is fun and engaging for students.

VN e-POLY alternatives

Rocket Girl - Little Fox Storybook

Little Fox, a childrens English education company, presents its most popular story Rocket Girl as a Storybook app Join Rocket Girl on her fun adventures [Introduction Rocket Girl] Save Metro City from danger Created by Little Fox, Rocket Girl is about Roxy, an ordinary eight-year-girl who possess superpowers. She becomes Rocket Girl when protecting the people and the city from villains, but she must keep her identity a secret from her friends. Hope you are excited

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