VMO EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) allows for document management in the cockpit using an iPad. Documents and manuals can be put into either a universal company folder, a tail or aircraft registration folder, or an aircraft type folder. Please contact us for more details.


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Skylegs EFB
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Flight Document System
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FFKeyboard - An Aviation Keyboard for ForeFlight
Boeing Electronic Flight Folder
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VMO EFB alternatives

Microsoft Remote Desktop

OverviewWith the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience a rich Windows experience with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are. Add to our feature suggestion box in the app (Settings -> Recommend New Features)

  • size 28.9 MB

SDS / Chemical Management

SDS/Chemical Management Mobile ApplicationHaving immediate access to your hazardous chemical information is your key to maintaining a safe, compliant workplace. A compliant chemical inventory starts with knowing what materials are onsite, where they are used/ stored, their precise quantities, and ensuring each has an MSDS.With VelocityEHS mobile capabilities, you can manage chemical inventory and ensure a safe and compliant workplace, all from a single application. MSDSonline.com or call 1.888.362.2007.FEATURES Directly link to your MSDSonline account Search and view the products and containers in use at your company Quickly view where inventory is assigned within your company View product details, container information, and safety data sheets Helpful filters to narrow your search results Save safety data sheets and product details to your device for offline use Recognizes MSDSonline account user roles and permissions Manage chemical inventory details, such as container status and location Clone existing containers to quickly add to your inventory Scan barcodes, QR Codes, and UPC Codes Access your previous scans both online and offline Save time with search categories and filters Login via QR code instead of manually entering your Company Link Reliable synchronization of up-to-date SDS and container information Store product and container details on your mobile device for offline use Automatically downloads new versions of safety data sheets as they appear in your eBinder Share links to your safety information with employees, visitors, and first responders Provide product suggestions to VelocityEHS from the application

  • size 61.8 MB

RosterBuster Airline Crew App

RosterBuster - Designed for Airline Crews needs. Your personal assistant, in work, in life, in the moment that keeps you up-to-date with your job: airline roster, duty details, gate info, 3D airport views, share with friends and family, statistics, block hours, chats, layover meet-up, logbook export, calendar and lots more: app works offline. Feel free to write anytime on [email protected] of the 400+ supported airlines:Aegean AirlinesAer LingusAerolineas ArgentinasAeromxicoAeromxico ConnectAir ArabiaAir AsiaAir BerlinAir EuropaAir MaltaAir MauritiusAir New ZealandAir TransatAirBalticAirJapanAirTankerAll Nippon AirwaysAllegiant AirAmerican AirlinesAtlas AirAtlasGlobalAvianca - PilotsAvianca Brazil (Oceanair)Azul AirlinesBA CityFlyer bmi RegionalBraathens Regional Airlines British AirwaysCargoLuxCathay DragonCathay PacificCityJetComairCompass AirlinesCopa AirlinesCorendonCorendon Dutch AirlinesDATDelta Air LinesDHLeasyJeteasyJet SwitzerlandEmiratesEndeavor AirEtihadEuropean Air TransportFinnairFlyBeflydubaiFlynasFrontier AirlinesGoJet AirlinesGol Transportes AereosIcelandairInterjetJazz AviationJet TimeJet2JetAirWaysJetBlueJetStarKLMKLM CityhopperKorean AirLACSALANLatamLoganairLufthansaMalaysia AirlinesMalindo AirMesa AirlinesMonarchNordic Regional AirlinesNorwegianOman AirPegasus AirlinesPSA AirlinesQantasQatar AirwaysRepublic AirlinesRoyal Air MarocRyanairSA AirlinkSaudiaScandinavian AirlinesSingapore AirlinesSky AirlineSky RegionalSkyWestSmall Planet AirlinesSouth African AirwaysSpirit AirlinesSri Lankan AirlinesStobart AirSun ExpressSun Express DeutschlandSunwingSwiss InternationalTACAThomas CookThomas Cook Airlines ScandinaviaThomson AirwaysTitan AirwaysTrans States AirlinesTransaviaTravelServis/SmartWingsTui Fly NordicTurkish AirlinesUnitedUPS AirlinesVietnam AirlinesVirgin AtlanticVirgin AustraliaVolarisVoloteaVuelingWest AtlanticWestJetWestJet EncoreWizz AirWOW AirSupport roster formats: AIMS, eCrew, AirCrews, AviaBit, ASL, CAS, CrewDock, CrewConnex, KEOPS, Flica, Leon, Meridian, Netline Crewlink, Raido, Rainmaker, Sabre, Rocade, Opsman, Merlot

  • rating 3.44444
  • size 96.3 MB

RIVS Apply

The interview process has never been this easy. If the company you have submitted an application to uses RIVS for their hiring needs you can use this application to:Take Written, Voice, and Video interviews. Download the app and enter your email and password to get started

  • rating 3.50495
  • size 26.6 MB

epost from Canada Post

Get your bills and statements on the go with our free universal app epost from Canada Post is a safe, secure way to receive your bills and statements in one place, all online and best of all, its free Simplify your life with epostBank-grade security makes epost safe and secureStore your bills and statements for up to seven yearsManage your payments with email and text remindersView your bills online at epost, then pay online with your bank

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 33.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

Skylegs EFB

Skylegs Electronic Flight Bag app for aircraft operatorsThis app is made with the purpose of having a paperless cockpit. Operator, Aircraft and Flight documentation is managed from a central online application by the EFB administrator and send to different Apple devices. ImportantThis app does not function without the central online Skylegs platform and a Skylegs Concorde operator account with the Advanced Document Control module included.

  • size 39.4 MB
  • version 2.2.16

AeroTab DMS

AeroTab DMS is STM Corp.s document management solution for civilian and military aviation industry. AeroTab DMS provides all necessary documents available right at your fingertips in digital format. AeroTab DMS is an electronic document management system that helps pilots to reduce, or replace, paper-based reference material often found in the Pilots carry-on Flight Bag, including the Aircraft Operating Manual, Flight Crew Operating Manual, and Navigational Charts.

  • size 15.8 MB
  • version 1.3.6

Flight Document System

Paperless solution for Airlines and crew using EFB class 1, 2 (iPad). Flight Document System allows pilots to replace many paper documents to electronic. FDS Features:- admin can allow/disallow to update documents via cellular;- user can specify files to update primarily;- launch documents inside FDS;- tracking EFB locations;- admin can send messages to EFB;- add documents to favorites;- search;- supported files: PDF, JPG, GIF, MP4, MOV;- PDF-files bookmarks support;- full support for the Russian language;- several files simultaneous downloading;- night mode;- user can set up english interface for FDS;- Full-screen view for documents;- admin can allow/disallow for EFB-user to open the document in a third-party application (Send to);- admin can allow/disallow for EFB-user to send the document via e-mail;- admin can allow/disallow for EFB-user to print the document;- ability to set own start up wallpaper for each customer.

  • size 4.4 MB
  • version 3.3.20

777 EFB

The first electronic flight bag for iOS has arrived Featuring the most advanced and feature-packed air traffic map for virtual online traffic on iOS, 777 EFB delivers an ultimate experience comparable to real-world EFBs. The EFB includes other amazing features like a gorgeous world traffic map with detailed routes of online traffic, interactive normal and non-normal procedures and checklists, chart and document viewer (user-uploaded), and much more View virtual online traffic and ATC around the world using the built-in world traffic map.

  • size 136 MB
  • version 2.1.0

FFKeyboard - An Aviation Keyboard for ForeFlight

Simplify your cockpit FFKeyboard is an aviation specific keyboard that can be brought right into your ForeFlight scratchpad. It allows you to input ATC info from all phases of flight with a touch of your finger or stylus. The ultimate addition to your EFB iPad

  • size 19.2 MB
  • version 4.6

Boeing Electronic Flight Folder

This application requires a configuration file and Application Key, available separately. Contact your Boeing representative for details. Note: This application requires data packages from flight planning systems that comply with ARINC 633.EFF is used on a computing device that acts as an Electronic Flight Bag, and is categorized as a Type B application, as defined in FAA Advisory Circular 120-76B.

  • size 51.7 MB
  • version 1.9

SEAL (Secure Electronic Archive Library)

SEAL (Secure Electronic Archive Library) is an integrated archive management system especially created to eliminate current barriers between the existent hard copy information and those saved electronically in terms of access, administration, data security and the laws in effect, either national or decided at company level. Why is SEAL right for your business ? - Any type of document from your companys archive classification.- existing documents electronically converted: contracts, technical documentation, etc.- electronically generated and sent documents: bills, statements, notices, formal notices, e-mails, etc.- documents generated and sent by numerous computer systems : audit logs, databases, EDI transactions, SEPA transactions.

  • size 34.8 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Gaaiho PDF HD - Annotate PDF, Share, Manage

Let Gaaiho PDF handle your mobile PDF needs. Gaaiho PDF is a free PDF app with unique UI in terms of flat design and original layout. Move and undo are also supported.-Batch remove comments Document Management-Create folder for better document management-Move or copy multiple documents to a folder easily-Select multiple documents or folders to compress, or extract any package quickly-Rename document-Select one or multiple documents as e-mail attachment-Select and delete multiple documentsOnline Document Sharing-Get documents in and out of Dropbox-Add WebDAV servers to upload/download documents easily-Access documents in Gaaiho PDF or upload documents from web (permissions adjustable), breaking the barrier between computer and your iPad Other Features-Use open in to share PDF files with other applications-Auto-memorize the point you quitted reading last time -You may set up an open password for Gaaiho PDF app-Print document

  • size 28.9 MB
  • version 1.9.1


Convert whiteboard diagrams into PowerPoint documents in a snap. Pix2Doc allows users to snap a picture of a drawing and have it converted to an electronic document such as PowerPoint or Visio or Keynote. Native iPad version coming soon.

  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 2.0

WSI Pilotbrief Optima

On the ground or in the air, WSI Pilotbrief Optima is your co-pilot in the cockpit. Fly safely, confidently and comfortably with the latest and most accurate weather at your fingertips. WSI Pilotbrief Optima, delivers the most relevant preflight and inflight briefing experience directly to your iPad by improving: - Safety & Comfort - High definition weather layers, Radar, Satellite IR, VIL and EchoTop mosaics - Route Specific Weather and NOTAM Briefings - Proprietary forecast radar showing how the radar will move in the next 24 hours - Global Enroute Hazards - proprietary forecasts by WSI forecasters- Connections & Operations - Multi-pilot collaboration tools for streamlined operations in EFB and EFF (Electronic Flight Bag and Electronic Flight Folder, respectively) - Offline mode to conserve bandwidth and data consumption- Compliance with Corporate, Industry and Government Regulations - VFR Sections, IFR Enroute, and Approach plate charts - Real-time inFlight weather data through SiriusXM Aviation Receiver - Digital Flight Release & Navigation Log capabilities for Business & Commercial Aviation

  • size 195 MB
  • version 2.12