Access and control your VM204 from any where in the world. Scan for your VM204 in your local network. Manage all you VM204s in 1 simple list


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VM204 alternatives

IP Cam Viewer Lite

Free version of IP Cam Viewer Pro. Has ads and limited capabilities. SistemiAbelCamABUSACESEEAcromediaACTiActive VisionADataAfreeyAgileMeshAirlinkAirLiveAirshipAlienAlinkingAllnetAmcrestAmovisionAnnkeApexApexisAposonicApproArcVisionArecontArgus SurveillancearlottoArm ElectronicsAsanteASIPAsoniAstakAvermediaAvigilonAVIOSYSAVSAVTECHAxisBaslerBensoftwareBewanBewardBlue IrisBluecherryBlueJayBluePixBoschBrickcomBVUSACanonCCTVFACTORYCCTVHotDealsCeliusCiscoClas OhlsonClinton ElectronicsCohuComproComtrendConceptronicCOPCPCAMDahuaDaliDBPOWERDedicated MicrosDefenderDefewayDericamDigicomDigimergeDigital WatchdogDigitusDigiVueDigixDiVisDLinkDoorBirdDropcamDttDVRUSADynaColorEasyNEasySEEdimaxElmoElroEminentEncoreeneoEscamEtrovisionEverfocuseVigiloEvoCamExacqVisionExelonEYEMAXEyeSpy247FalconFitivisionFlexWatchFLIRFloureonFoodTec SolutionsFoscamFUHOFulixGadspotGEGembirdGeniusGeovisionGigamediaGlobeTeckGOINGGoProGoscamGrandSecGrandstreamGrandtecGrundigGTECGVDigitalHawking TechHedenHeeTooHeiTelHesavisionHikvisionhiQviewHiSiliconHistreamHISUNGHoneywellHooTooHunt ElectronicsI-ViewICamICAMViewICanTekiCatchICRealtimeIcy BoxIDS SecurityIGuardImogenimotionInscape DataINSTARInsteonIntegraIntellinetInterlogixINVIDIPCCIPSIPUXIQinVisioniSpyiTech DigitalITXiVigiloJetviewJVCKGuardKMWKodicomLevelOneLGLinksysLoftekLogilinkLogitechLorexLTSLumeneraLupusLuxriotMaginonMammoth TechnologiesMarmitekMaxSecureMayGionMerit LILINMessoaMicroDigitalMicronetMicrosevenMilesightMilestoneMitsu VisionMobotixMonacorMonoPricemotionEyeMotorolaNadatelNeoVistaNestnetatmoNetcam StudioNetgearNetMediaNight OwlNOVUSNuSpectraNUUONuvicoOnSSIONVIFOpenEyeOpticaOpticamOptiviewOptivisionOvisLinkPanasonicPelcoPinetronPixordPlanetPlanexPlustekPolaroidPower TelecommPROCCTVProTalkProvideoPTZOpticsPY SoftwareQ-SeeQNAPQVISRapidOSRaspberryRaySharpRayvisionRemote EyesReolinkRifatronRoboxRosewillSamsungSanyoSavitmicroSecomSecubestSecurity LabsSecuritySpySensormaticSercommSeteyeSharxShixinSiemensSitecomSmart WitnessSmartEyeSmartIndustrySnooperscopeSolwiseSonySparkLanSpeco TechSpy CamerasSricamStarDotSumasSumppleSunbaSunellSunEyesSuperCircuitsSurveonSVATSwannSynologyTalonTalosTechVisionTecVozTELCATelefonicaTelesteTelViewTenvisTibetsystemTimhilloneTomTechTopicaToshibaTP-LinkTrekTRENDnetTriVisionTrue-HTVT DigitalUbiquitiUNIMOUnitekUniviewUniVisionUSAGUstreamUTCVantageVeo/VidiVideo InsightVideoIQVideoswitchVidiVigilantVilar/VipcamVisionGSVisionhitechVISIONxIPVisorTechVisualintVitekVivotekVonnicVstarcamWanscamWansviewWatchNETWavestoreWebcamXPWodseeWowWeeX10XTSY-Camy3kYawcamYoicsYoko TechZavioZiLinkZmodoZoneminderZonetZonewayZosiZyXEL

  • size 49.6 MB

Electronic Toolbox Pro

The ORIGINAL Electronic Toolbox Pro AppElectronic reference and calculation resource for Professionals, Hobbyists, HAMs and Students right at your fingertips Best of all: Continuously improved since 2009 - FOR FREE - NO IN APP PURCHASE - NO FAKE REVIEWS What users wrote about this app:Well worth the money I researched all EE apps before buying this one and I have to say that this one is the best by far. The developer is very accommodating to requests and suggestions and provides updates frequently. Best regards,MarcusRead more on :

  • rating 4.86486
  • size 132 MB

Kinoni Remote Desktop - Fastest PC Remote Control Application

Kinoni Remote Desktop allows you to use your desktop computer just like you would do it sitting in front of that computer. It is fast, easy and secure. FEATURES: Fast: 60 frames per second video makes watching movies and playing games perfectly smooth Retina resolution support: Full resolution display to see every single detail crystal clear Easy setup: After simple one-time setup your computer can be accessed from anywhere Enterprise-grade security: Keeps your session and data safe with SSL encryption Universal application: Works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Auto-discovery: Use Gmail account to access your computer everywhere using 3G/4G network Usability improvements like kinetic scrolling and scroll bars make navigating computer desktop quick and easy Compatible with any application on your PC: Use Office applications, access full desktop browser with Flash and Java support Watch movies from Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, DVD and Windows Media Player Control unlimited number of PCs 400% zoom to see details and work without straining your eyes Works smoothly over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks thanks to adaptive data compression Supports international keyboard layouts and external Bluetooth keyboardKinoni Remote Desktop Pro (In-App Purchase) Audio support: CD quality stereo audio to play music, watch movies and enjoy your PC games No advertisementSUPPORTED PLATFORMS Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP For best performance a dual-core CPU is recommendedTECHNICAL SUPPORT Please see our website for answers to most common questions Support is available via [email protected]

  • rating 2.91667
  • size 8.3 MB

MyPi - Control your Raspberry Pi GPIO

Control your Raspberry Pi GPIO with any iPhone or iPad:Control 8 output pins via App or via 8 switches connected to the input pins. Ideal for small home automation projects. Download MyPi TCP server script from : & usage guide:

  • size 5.6 MB

More Information About alternatives

Simple Inventory Manager

With Simple Inventory Manager, you can manage your warehouse inventory anytime and anywhere. Now you can easily manage your inventory on any PC or Mac within the same local network. Please contact: [email protected]

  • size 3.2 MB
  • version 1.2.14

Dialoga Sword

The WebRTC line for your business with no SIP trunks or IP phonesANYWHEREWe provide you with local numbers from any country or region needed, no matter where you are. Sounds simple? Access Sword on the go, from any device.

  • size 61.5 MB
  • version 3.2.39


All scanners in 1 application Scan your documents, focus this and convert to pdf format, rotate document and send them to email adress from your library. Scan QR code. Scan barcode or scan barcode and list them

  • size 18.6 MB
  • version 1.0

LIST Engine - Organize To Do Lists by Item, Store and Tag

List Engine is a simple to use, yet powerful app that allows you to manage ALL of your lists in a simple and intuitive way. At any point you can group your items by store, list, or custom tag that way when youre shopping at the store you can simply view ALL items from every list that you need to get from that store. Were always looking to make this app better for you ~ The Never Settle Team

  • size 1.8 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Share Media DLNA Server/DLNA Client ,UPNP APP

ShareMedia allows you to make your device a DLNA server to share media on other DLNA Clients and also accessed the DLNA server from local network and work as DLNA Client. Automatic scan your Wifi to identify PC, NAS or any other device running UPNP/DLNA and media server. App is simple and speedy work.

  • size 12.8 MB
  • version 1.1.3

Grocery List+

Grocery List+ helps you organize and manage your grocery list in the cloud. Once your account has been created, you can quickly access your custom list from any device. Press and hold on an item to edit its contents.

  • size 4.4 MB
  • version 2.0


Your local weather data accessible from all over the world. With MyWeatherbox weather station from TFA and MyWeatherbox App you can measure your weather data at home and access it at any time on your smartphone - no matter where you are. Alternatively, you can access these data in any platform via

  • size 0.9 MB
  • version 1.4


Get started with LoadDocs for free and have all your freight paperwork within reach from your smartphone or computer. The app is for OTR truck drivers to scan and manage all their documents. Easily invite others to view or leave comments for your PODs, weight tags, lumper receipts, OS&D paperwork, etc * Free unlimited uploads of paperwork and images for owner-operators* Easily share paperwork with dispatch, brokers, customers and factoring companies* Quickly access previous load documentation any where and at any time* Add and view comments

  • size 35.8 MB
  • version 7.8.1


FIND THE PERFECT COLORS FOR YOUR FOOD-PRODUCTS Wherever and whenever you want RK Scan+Match now makes it easier for product developers and designers in the food, snack and beverage industry to define and select colors for their new products. This new app lets users scan in the colors of any object whatsoever to select a suitable ERKA food colorant. - The app also permits immediate access to a network of dealers with over 30 locations worldwide who are available for local support.

  • size 4.0 MB
  • version 1.0.4

Paltel NetGuard

Paltel NetGuard app allows you to set up and control any device connected on your home network; it allows you to control your network easily and manage your Wi-Fi password, see what devices are online, rename and prioritize the devices for better performance and connectivity, or disconnect the Wi-Fi for specific devices to control the Internet and devices used by your kids and guests. The Application also provides information and details about your device status, ID, connectivity, devices connected, LAN setting and other insights. What you can benefit from the application?1- Manage devices on your home network map2- Prioritize a device for faster speeds 3- Block any device from the network4- Disconnect any device from the Internet for a specific time or period 5- See what devices connected to the network and how much speed youre using6- Create a special network for your guest with different password7- Test your network speed8- Change your Wi-Fi setting 9- Manage and control the usage inside your home.

  • size 20.9 MB
  • version 1.2