Phn mm Ting Vit lp 2 c thc hin theo sch gio khoa Ting Vit lp 2 ca B Gio dc v o to. Phn mm hon ton min ph gip h tr hc tp cho hc sinh lp 2, gip b nghe trc v hiu thm cc bi c trong sch. Phn mm ch h tr hc tp v khng th thay th hon ton sch gio khoa.

Tieng Viet 2 alternatives

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Be hoc chu cai ABC tieng Viet & Anh - Game tre em

Vit Kids l ng dng cung cp b flashcard hnh nh ting Anh & ting Vit y nht, cng nhiu tr chi gio dc, c thit k c bit cho cc b t 2 n 6 tui. Vi hnh nh v m thanh rt sng ng, Vit Kids gip b m c th yn tm & t tin v kh nng khm ph th gii xung quanh ca cc b. Va hc va chi, tht cun ht & d dng cho b yu ca bn Chc nng chnh: Gip b hc t mi, tp pht m ting Vit & ting Anh gm 18 ch a dng: Ch ci, S m, Mu sc, Hoa qu, Rau qu. Endless fun and lets giggle with joy together

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