V-Converter is a powerful and full-featured Unit conversion calculator for your iPad (Retina supported) & iPhone (Compatible with iPhone5 as well). V-Converter for iPad supports 2 different views - Unit Conversion Calculator in Portrait view - Unit Conversion Calculator with History in landscape view Features for Conversion Calculator- Rotate the wheels to set the From and To values of the conversion - Scroll the display to view all the other unit conversion results - Supports Length, Volume, Area, Weight, Time, Temperature, Currency conversions - Automatically downloads the most recent Foreign Exchange rates thru Wi-Fi or Cellular- Recording the conversion in the History & Reuse the conversion from History - Long press on the display screen to Copy or to Paste the conversion values- Button sound is mutable and Volume is adjustable

V-Converter alternatives

Unit Converter HD.

The most powerful unit converter in the market. Helps you make easy conversion between more than 700+ various units of measure in 30 categories. Quickly & Easily Universer Unit Converter Free HD URL scheme is EWUnitConverterFree://

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All Converters

All in one converter at one place you can calculate, measure anything, unit conversion within fraction of second in this application Include many converter like Weigh Converter Temperature Converter Distance Converter Storage Converter Currency Converter Time Converter Area Converter Volume Converter If you have any suggestion feel free to send so we can improve our product.

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Unit Converter & Currency Converter

Featured: Converter+ greatly supports a Database with 20 available common categories and over 400 units (Include mixed unit such as ft + in, m + cm,) so Converter+ can help you solve almost every conversion problem in your Work, your Study and also your daily life. Perfect Design: Converter+ has a shape of arc combined with sci-fi style offering convenient & interesting user experience. We love your feedback, Thanks a lot Categories:Length, Area, Volume,Mass, Angle, Currency,Data, Data Transfer,Energy, Force, Power,Fuel Consumption,Pressure, Radioactivity,Resistance, Resistivity,Speed, Temperature,Time, Volume Flow Rate.

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Mila's Tools PRO - Unit Conversion Calculator

Milas Tools is an elegant, no frills, fast, easy to use, unit conversion calculator. Included converters: Area, Bits & Bytes, Capacitance, Fraction, Fuel, Length, Liquid(Volume), Numbers, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity and Weight. * FULLY CUSTOMIZABLEHide everything you dont need and show only what you need.Full list of unit converters:Area Converter- square centimeters - square meters - hectares - square kilometers - square inches - square feet - square yards - square miles - acres Bits & Bytes Converter- bits (b)- bytes (B)- kilobits (kb)- kilobytes (kB)- megabits (Mb)- megabyte (MB)- gigabits (Gb)- gigabytes (GB)- terabits (Tb)- terabytes (TB)- petabytes (PB)- exabytes (EB)- zettabytes (ZB)Blood Sugar Converter- mg/dl- mmol/l- HbAC1- mmol/molCapacitance Converter- picofarad (pF)- nanofarad (nF)- microfarad (uF)- farad (F) Fraction Converter- Fraction- Decimal- PercentFuel Converter- MPG (UK)- MPG (US)- miles/liter- Km/liter- Liters/100KmLength Converter- microns- nanometers- angstroms- millimeters- centimeters- decimeter- inches- links- hands- feet- yards- meters- fathoms- rods- chains- furlongs- kilometers- miles- nautical miles- leaguesNumbers- one- ten- hundred- thousand- 10 thousand- 100 thousand- million- billion- trillion- quadrillion- quintillion- sextillion- octillion- nonillion- decillionPower Converter - BTU/hour - BTU/second - calories/second - erg/second - foot pound/second - gigawatt (GW) - horsepower (hp) - kilocalories/second - kilojoules (kJ) - kilowatt (kW) - megawatt (MW) - milliwatt (mW) - watt (joules/sec)(W) Pressure Converter- lbs/ft^2- mbar- hPa- kPa- psi- bar- MPaTemperature Converter- celsius (c)- fahrenheit (f)- kelvin (k)- rankine- reaumur (r)Time Converter- microseconds- milliseconds- seconds- minutes- hours- days- weeks- months- years- decades- centuriesTorque Converter- dyne centimeter- gram centimeter- kilogram centimeter- kilogram meter- kilonewton meter- kilopond meter- meganewton meter- micronewton meter- millinewton meter- newton centimeter- newton meter- ounce foot- ounce inch- pound foot- poundal foot- pound inchVelocity Converter- feet per second (fps)- feet per minute (fpm)- meters per second (mps)- miles per hour (mph)- kilometers per hour (km/h)- knots per hour (knots)Volume Converter- US teaspoons (tsp)- US tablespoons (T)- US ounces (fl oz)- cups- US pints (pt)- US quarts (qt)- US gallons (gal)- US bushels (bu)- beer barrels (bl)- oil barrels (bbl)- UK teaspoons (tsp)- UK tablespoons (T)- UK ounces (fl oz)- UK pints (pt)- UK quarts (qt)- UK gallons (gal)- UK bushels (bu)- kilolitres (kL)- litres (L)- centilitres (cL)- millilitres (mL)- cubic inches- cubic feet- cubic yards- cubic miles- cubic meters- cubic centimetersWeight Converter- milligrams- grains- carats- grams- ounces- troy ounces- newtons- pounds- kilograms- decanewtons- stones- metric tons- short tons- long tons

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Best Unit Converter - For iPhone and iPad

* Best Unit Converter App Free For Limited Time Handy Converter App For 12 Categories & 140+ Units *Simple, Powerful & Best Unit Converter App designed for iOS 7 Just tap and convert any units with its clean interface and user-friendly navigation. Simple swipe actions will allows you to convert quickly and change conversion options easily for additional convenience. Download Best Unit Converter Today Be Sure To Checkout Other Popular Utilities & Games From RV AppStudios

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