Choose your destiny from the claw machine and reach 100% to win the prize Stay on track as you avoid obstacles to defy the changing gravity in 48 colourful worlds. Do you have what it takes to collect all the prizes or will it drive you Up The Wall

Up the Wall alternatives

Bouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops- - 20- 5 -

  • rating 4.79129

Timber Tennis

Lets celebrate 3 years of Timberman with Timber Tennis Take part in annual Timber Tennis World Championship - beat all the rivals (including Princess, Hipster, Boxer and many more). Upgrade your skills, use super-shots, watch out for specials Unlock all characters, balls and finally compete in local multiplayer with your friends Check your skills in this fast paced arcade game where Timberman meets ping-pong. Win all the trophies Features- tasty pixel art graphics- 20+ characters including Timberman and his good friends- 30+ balls to unlock + challenges- 10+ different courts- local multiplayer (split screen)- online social competition- great animated iOS 10 stickers- awesome 8-bit soundtrack by Stalek (Timberman music composer)- multiplayer on Apple TV (use your iPhone / iPad as wifi controller).

Super Phantom Cat 2

Ma nemici super spaventosi, super poteri, alleati e segreti nascosti lo aspettano. In Super Gatto Phantom 2, potrai possedere i migliori super poteri Phantom: Rimbalza sempre pi in alto per raggiungere il cielo e le stelle. Dai creatori di Super Gatto Phantom, in evidenza su App Store tra I Best of 2016, Super Gatto Phantom 2 il gioco a piattaforme pi caldo e pi fenomenale del 2017.

  • rating 4.68

Faraway: Puzzle Escape

In Faraway youre an adventurer exploring the ruins of ancient temples full of challenges and mysterious puzzles. Youre walking in footsteps of your father. First 9 levels are available free of charge

  • rating 4.36744
  • size 321 MB

Built for Speed

Built for Speed is the best retro-racing game available for your mobile device today Beat your friends and the top players on player made tracks; rise to the top of the league to prove youre the champion. Enjoy fast, dynamic gameplay Simple two-tap steering ensures youre in control and going flat out. Fair play No forced ads, no fuel mechanics, and no premium-only cars: every rides competitive and everythings obtainableif you have the skill

  • size 124 MB