Unity Intercom is a next generation network-based full-duplex intercom system that is incredibly simple to use, yet is as powerful as traditional systems costing many times more Unity Intercom system works in conjunction with Unity Intercom Server available from unityintercom.comUnity Intercom can be used for a variety of applications Multi-camera live video production (including Tally ) Fleet/delivery management Hotel staff Hospitality personnel Construction/installation crews And many, many moreWorks over any IP based network Unity Intercom works using either Wi-Fi or Cellular data. Users can be within the same network as the Unity server, or travelling around the world communicating over the internet. Great for production environments


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InstantTalk PTT
Scany - Network Scanner

Unity Intercom alternatives

M-Series Remote

M-Series Remote is your personal assistant to remotely control lighting devices straight from your iPhone or iPod touch. It is the ultimate remote tool for your Martin M-Series lighting console and Martin M-PC with a beautiful user interface and original features. Features:- Automatic discovery- Black skin for dark environment- Integrated help- Control M-Series controllers remotely- Passcode protected- Saves show data so that synchronization will be faster the next time- Control all fixtures in your show- Integrated fixture search- Create and edit presets- Pan/Tilt view with built-in accelerometer support under sensor mode- Color picker with support for Lee, Rosco and GAM filters- Easy manipulation of all DMX channels- The fast menu will appear when you shake your device so that you can clear values quickly- Start, pause and release cuelists, chases, etc- Exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch

  • size 5.0 MB

Planning Center Projector

Planning Center Projector is a church presentation app that connects to your existing Planning Center Services account to display lyrics, images, videos and slides during your services. Features include:1.) Choose 16:9 Widescreen or 4:3 Standard definition aspect ratiosNOTE: This application requires a Planning Center Services account with Projector enabled.

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  • size 22.6 MB

Q-Sys Control

Control Q-Sys audio systems from your iOS device Within Q-Sys Designer software, user control interfaces (UCIs) can be created, and nearly any element in the system can be placed in the UCIs for control and monitoring. This enables a nearly a limitless array of control capability, all from your iOS device. Things that are commonly placed in UCIs include: audio source selection buttons, lighting dimmer controls, projector on/off selector, signal meters, screen up/down, snapshot recall buttons, volume control faders, user security PIN input, etc Note that this app is designed for use with QSCs Q-Sys hardware and software only.

  • size 10.5 MB


The ARRI Photometric App gives you the ability to quickly reference the photometric characteristics of all of the ARRI light fixtures. The following information is available:- Luminous Output- Beam Diameter- Beam Angle- Flood, Middle and Spot Photometrics- Luminous Distribution Graph- Camera Exposure and Aperture Information- Light Properties including: Color Temperature, CRI, Protection Rating, Dimming, Dimensions, Weight, Power Draw, Lamp Holder Type, Mounting, Reflector Type, Lens Type, and Scrim Size- Metric and Imperial Units- Create projects and save preset fixtures- Bulb Selection- Compare Lampheads- DMX Implementation Tables- DMX Conversion Calculator- CCL Calculator- Discontinued Product Data- Electronic Ballast Information

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More Information About alternatives


The free ONUMA BIM mobile app enables ONUMA System users to load and access Building Information Models (BIM) from the ONUMA BIM Server. Building Informed Environments is easy with ONUMA BIM. Key FeaturesView, share and comment on BIM Log in with an ONUMA System ID to view, edit and share BIM Share BIM data with the cloud based ONUMA System View shared models from other ONUMA System users View and comment on floor plans of buildings View and comment on room plans with furniture Lightweight BIM for rapid access to data Connect to many other applications through the ONUMA System Add data as comments directly into the BIM Navigate through sites, buildings, floors and plans with intuitive iPad gestures Work offline and upload attachments once Internet connection becomes availableView BIM and GIS Combine BIM and GIS in the same view Select map, satellite or hybrid view View buildings on maps in the correct geospatial location View location on site plan (contingent on GPS availablity)Manage building data View data for Facility Management Get information like room list, room size, furniture list Create color coded floor plans based on project defined attributes dynamically Collect field data and enter directly into BIM Upload comments to the ONUMA System for stakeholders to view Send an email with attachments directly within the application to other team members Emails recipients are pointed back to the live project Select information to bring up reports of selected items Calculate floor area by selecting single or multiple rooms Take and attach photos Type comments related to selected objects

  • size 29.7 MB
  • version 1.3.83

InstantTalk PTT

InstantTalk PTT application for iOS is the Professional PTT client from Mobile Tornado. It allows individuals or a large group of users to communicate together via Push To Talk, send short messages (Instant Message) and more over worldwide Cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Providing one-to-one and one-to-many instant communication for enterprise, mobile workforce and first responders with: Instant Talk Push to Talk over 2G/3G/4G(LTE)/Wi-Fi networks for voice-based group collaboration Instant Locate Location tracking of your workforce in real-time Instant Alert Emergency alerts to support lone-workers, man-down alarms Instant Message Text messaging to groups or individuals alongside the voice communicationInstantTalk also:+ Utilizes your Apple device for all communication needs with lower cost of ownership+ Increases your Personal Safety by using the PTT instant communications with the push of a button to all your colleagues and team members while you are outside and need assistance in case of an emergency or hazardous environments complemented with the Push To Alert (SOS) and Push to Locate functionalities to inform the group or a dedicated dispatch console that you require an assistance with the exact GPS based location of yours+ Interoperable with other device such as Android, BB10 or Windows thanks to the special application developed by Mobile Tornado to suite all of these devices+ Synchronized with the phone address book+ Shows Online statuses (real-time presence) of the contacts in the address book+ In a combination with Mobile Tornados Enhanced Dispatcher that allows managing group sessions, based on location, geo-fencing alarms, presence updates, comprises an ultimate Work Force Management tool+ Provides you the crystal clear voice with the MOS of more than 4, the human voice is transmitted to all the contacts in the group as well to a single person with clarity and preciseness so you always know who exactly is talking to you, even when you are thousands of kilometers away+ Global coverage and roaming support+ Sends Request To Talk+ Sends Instant Messages to individuals or group of contacts+ Supports localization+ Ads FREE++ Requires provisioning to one of the Mobile Tornados cloud based servers through the channels (please contact your sales representative)++ Low costs you can talk for hours during the monthly billing cycle, the Mobile Tornado PTT solutions consumes only several dozens of Mega Bytes in a month so you never exceed your Data package from the Cellular provider.++ Network data charges may apply

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  • version 1.38

Scany - Network Scanner

Scany is the Swiss army knife of apps for home, office, corporate LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot owners, network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues and easily do everyday network tasks. Scany finds computers and devices connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi shows their names, addresses and manufacturers, and includes a wide set of network analysis tools, specially crafted to transcend existing analogs, including ping, trace, WHOIS, DNS lookup, port scanner and many more. WI-FI LAN & INTERNET SCANNER Wi-Fi/LAN and custom/Internet network ranges scanning detection of all network devices + hidden IP addresses, vendor names, IP countries info and more Bonjour, mDNS, Mac OS X and iOS network names NetBIOS, Samba, LLNMR and Windows PC network names UPnP and SSDP/DLNA device network names Unicode and international network names support device models detection (on OS X and iOS) shared printers detection (on OS X) online, firewalled and other host states detection superfast smart algorithms optimized for huge networksINSTANT LAN/WI-FI BROWSER/LOOKUP instant detection of all network names on LAN/Wi-Fi no need for a full deep network scan for a quick LAN overview instant IP lookup by a LAN hostname (or vice versa) type in (non-DNS) LAN hostname in almost all built-in tools works with all supported Mac, PC and device namesPING & TRACEROUTE real-time network path traceroute monitor and ping network path bottlenecks and packet loss visualization IPs, hostnames and info for each hop reverse hostnames, AS numbers and countries info multi-node and multi-path hops detectionPORT SCANNER superfast detection of predefined and custom ports open, filtered/firewalled and closed TCP/UDP ports detection detection of extra services/ports with protocol level probesDEEP WHOIS LOOKUP AND TRACE WHOIS of any IP, domain or AS number IPv4 and IPv6 WHOIS support all top level domains (TLD) support support for all internationalized domain names (IDN) support for WHOIS trace across a chain of WHOIS servers custom servers usage (type -h host in query) custom ports usage (type -p port in query)DNS DIG, LOOKUP AND TRACE support for A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, SOA, SRV records support for -t type option or just add record type into query support for +trace and +all options typed in query/hostname field support for custom DNS server and port via -h host and -p port options support for DNS queries to local multicast IP addresses (automatically)WAKE ON LAN, WI-FI OR OVER INTERNET wake on LAN/Wi-Fi or cellular/Internet detection of router external IP for pre-saved/pre-scanned hostsNETWORK INFORMATION Wi-Fi IP address and network mask info, SSID, BSSID cellular and VPN IP addresses and network masks external router IP address detection default gateway/router IP address detection DNS servers detectionEXTENSIVE EXPORT, IMPORT AND HISTORY copy and email all data and history export and import separate hosts, entire or all groups export separate lists of Bonjour, PC, UPnP/SSDP or a list of all hostnames export a list of free IP addresses export a list of busy IP addresses export text and .SCANY files via email as attachments open .SCANY files from email in Scany or Net Status export as text, .TXT and/or .CSV files via email choose data fields to exportMORE regular updates and careful support universal binary for all devices demo videos on our site: http://j.mp/scany_vids

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  • size 24.8 MB
  • version 1.10.1