Units is a really useful app that lets you easily convert from various units into lots of others. NEW: Units now supports doing quick conversions on Apple Watch. Also available: Units Premium disables adverts and allows you to reorder both units and unit categories to suit your needs.

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Noteworthy - AppleHot - AppleBest - MakeUseOf http://bit.ly/poDLN9Meet the new GlobeConvert As simple as it is possible GlobeConvert easily converts 160+ currencies and 350+ physical units. In GlobeConvert you can quick create your favorites list of conversion types and units, and then use it on-the-go. FEATURES Real-time conversion Support 350+ physical units and 160+ currencies Favorites list of conversion types Automatic currency exchange rate refresh Geo-Based currency SUPORTS Volume Area Speed Temperature Weight Energy Currency Pressure Time Length Power Data Frequency Density Illuminance Acceleration Radiation Dose Plain Angle Network Speed Metric System Fuel Consumption Electric Current Radioactivity CookingMade with love by Fancy Apps AD-FREE VERSION IS AVAILABLE (check out info section inside the app)

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Convert Units for Free is the #1 Unit Conversion App on the App Store since 2009 with over 24 million users to date. Download the most Intuitive, Powerful and Essential Conversion App you will ever own. If you havent gotten a chance to try out our other top free apps, check them out and spread the word Thanks :D freetheapps.com facebook.com/freetheapps twitter.com/freetheapps

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Unit Converter HD.

The most powerful unit converter in the market. Helps you make easy conversion between more than 700+ various units of measure in 30 categories. Quickly & Easily Universer Unit Converter Free HD URL scheme is EWUnitConverterFree://

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MPG Oz lb, kg, g mg stCF KRmiydftin,km,cmmmmlpt - flOzgalhldll clml km3 m3dm3 cm3- mm3/ - m/s/ - km/s/ - km/h/ - ft/s/ - mi/s/ - mi/h ktsKBMBGBTB - kWh - kJ - EVQuadBTU- kcal/ - l/km - L/10kmL/100km// MPG- ampmA/($ USD), ( EUR), ( GBP), (CAD), (CHF), (AUD), (JPY), (INR), (CNY), (SGD), , [email protected]

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Major update for 2017 Over 3 million downloads The FASTEST way possible to convert units. Just type in a unit without first selecting the category. Acceleration Angle Area Blood Cholesterol Blood Glucose Capacitance Currency Data Data Rate Density Dynamic Viscosity Electric Charge Electric Current Electric Potential Electrical Conductance Electrical Resistance Energy Force Frequency Fuel Economy Illuminance Inductance Kinematic Viscosity Length Luminance Magnetic Field Intensity Magnetic Flux Magnetic Flux Density Mass Mass Flow Mass Fraction Mass Moment of Inertia Mole Fraction Pace (Speed) Power Pressure Radiation - Absorbed Dose Radiation - Equivalent Dose Radioactivity Sound Speed Temperature Time Torque Volume Volume Flow Water Hardness Weight (Mass)

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