- A professional image blending tool thats actually easy to use. - TECHCRUNCH- A quick and easy way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a photo manipulation tool. Union invites professionals and hobbyists alike to explore image blending and photo editing.

Union - Combine, Blend, and Edit Photos alternatives


iPad Pixelmator Mac iPad Photoshop Pixelmator iOS Pixelmator Pixelmator PSDJPEGPNGPDF Photoshop iCloud Drive iCloud iCloud Pixelmator FlickrTwitter Facebook iPad Pixelmayor iOS 8 iPad iOS 8 64 ARCGrand Central DispatchOpenGL ESCore Image Core Animation

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Slow Shutter!

Capture Long-Exposure photographs with Slow Shutter Create beautiful photos of moving objects with features usually reserved for expensive DSLRs. Version 2.0 was designed from the ground up, we used feedback from users and experts to create the highest performance Slow Shutter app ever. Tip: - To improve sharpness use a tripod.

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ACDSee Pro

ACDSee ProACDSee Pro iPhone//61100 ISO 24()HDR312()3()LCDAFAEWB1:1 ()4:3 ()3:216:962- - - EQ- - - - EQ- - - - EQ- - - - - - Web: http://mobile.acdsee.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/acdseeTwitter: https://twitter.com/acdsee* ACDSeeACD Systems International Inc. EU

  • rating 4.69231

infltr - Infinite Filters

infltr is the only App letting you to edit: Photos, Videos, Live Photos, Depth Photos & Animated GIFs. There is an infinite number of filters to choose from. We really value your feedback so please dont hesitate to drop us a line at: [email protected]

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See the World Like an ArtistPicked by Apple for inclusion in the App Store Best of 2014 You dont need to paint to create beautiful watercolor imagesWaterlogue captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color. Waterlogue transforms your photos into luminous watercolors. PatrickSaunders.com, Dec., 2013

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  • size 55.7 MB