USB Sharp can turn your iPhone, ipad, ipod into a large Capacity, Portable and Wireless storage disk, Facilitate and efficient manage of your files V1.1.1 Updates 1. Chrome and Firefox Supported upload multiple files 2. Extract files from encryption .rar V1.1.0 Updates Optimization pdf reader Support for importing videos/photos to Photo Library Support for exporting video from Photo Library V1.0.4 Updates Search file(folder) name function added Picture Viewer Improved Unzip type added V1.0.3 Updates New Features: add authentication for local login add authentication for wifi transfer Sorting by file size V1.0.2 Updates * E-book reader (.epub) * Encryption folder, protect your files * Images thumbnail * Full screen view files Supported V1.0.1 Updates * Open files in other applications specifically as follows: Facilitate and efficient manage files * Sorting by file namecreate time and file type * View, copy, move, delete, rename, email, zip Compression and unzip files/folders * Extract all files from a compressed .zip file * Glide deleting function * Select all and DeSelect all * Transferring files by wifi and itunes file sharing * Email multiple files, folder Supported * Photo import Supported * Landscape mode supported * iPad-compatible Facilitate and efficient view files * Photo View, Zoom, move * Players, support mp3m4aaac and mp4 * Document reader, .pdf .rtf .rtfd .doc .docx etc * Multi-touch Supported, Zoom files * Bookmark supported, fast file location Facilitate and efficient edit plain files * Convert plain file encoding (Unicode,UTF-8 etc) * Plain file content copy, cut, paste and replace * External file copy and paste Add plain text(default encoding UTF-8), photos(from Camera) and folders Support Simplified Chinese and English USBSharp support list of file types: e-book: .epub Plain text: .txt Document: .pdf .csv .rtf .rtfd .doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx (office 2003 or later) Image: .png .jpg .jpeg .gif .bmp .xbm .tif .tiff Audio: .mp3 .m4a .aac Video: .mp4 .mov .m4v .3gp Web: .htm .html .xhtml Compressed: .zip .rar

USB Sharp alternatives

iFolder(File organizer,viewer,Media player)

iPod/iPhone/iPadWindowsMacFinder- - (TXT, PDF,DOC,PPT,XLSOFFICE)- ()- (RMVBMKVMOVMP43GP)- iTunes- AirDrop- WiFi- - ()- - - - PC [email protected]

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Unit Converter & Currency Converter

Featured: Converter+ greatly supports a Database with 20 available common categories and over 400 units (Include mixed unit such as ft + in, m + cm,) so Converter+ can help you solve almost every conversion problem in your Work, your Study and also your daily life. Perfect Design: Converter+ has a shape of arc combined with sci-fi style offering convenient & interesting user experience. We love your feedback, Thanks a lot Categories:Length, Area, Volume,Mass, Angle, Currency,Data, Data Transfer,Energy, Force, Power,Fuel Consumption,Pressure, Radioactivity,Resistance, Resistivity,Speed, Temperature,Time, Volume Flow Rate.

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Untime is a stylish multipurpose timer. A simple tool for all your timing needs: pomodoro, yoga, meditation, cooking, presentations, anything.# Top Features- Noise free interface a pleasure to use- Fully optimized for all iOS devices, including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus- Three great alarms: one for every occasion- Alarms keep running when you close the app- Compatible with the iPad VGA-out connector (use Untime on a big screen )# Usage- Just swipe down to set the time, then tap start- To scroll faster, just use more fingers - Optionally, set your display and alarm preferences by tapping the [] button# What people are sayingThe most beautiful timer I have ever seen, Great graphics, A really neat timer, Get this now before its too late, A simple idea well executed, Soo simple and useful at the same time, ?

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