Get the health information you need from the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System to your phone or tablet. Quickly access the Find-a-Doctor (FAD) directory, log into My UI Health, find maps of clinic locations and Urgent Care, Emergency Department, important phone numbers, and more. Features Find of our providers by specialty, last name, or the languages they speak Quick link to My UI Health, our patient portal Primary & Specialty Care Page Appointment Request Referring Doctors Emergency Room Information List of important phone numbers and contact information Information about our Emergency Department How to contact Urgent Care and make an appointment Update Maps and Directions to our clinic locations in and around the Chicago area Health Insurance Information Patients and Visitors Urgent Care Hours Classes & Events Feedback Form And much more

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Medscape CME & Education

The FREE Medscape CME & Education app helps healthcare professionals stay knowledgeable about the latest medical information while fulfilling continuing education (CME/CE, ABIM MOC) requirements right from their iPhone or iPad. Medscape Education is the leading source for online continuing medical education (CME, ABIM MOC), issuing millions of certificates, across 30+ specialties. Download Medscape CME & Education and enjoy it on your iPhone and iPad today.

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