Take control of your Twitter experience with powerful Tweetlogix filtering and customization. Silence Twitter noise by muting users, keywords, phrases, retweets, and clients. Powerful Filtering Mute users, keywords or phrases Mute clients Mute retweets Filters apply instantly to your timeline Review filtered-out tweetsCustomizable Themes Design your own color themes Tweet or email themes Import themes Built-in light and dark themesRich Timelines Wi-Fi streaming refresh 3D Touch support Inline image previews Inline display of quoted tweets View Twitter videos Auto expansion of long tweets Gap detection and expansion Tap-and-hold link actions Swipe any tweet for toolbar actions Translate tweets Twitter list and financial symbol links supported Customizable font styleConversations and Replies Search for multi-part threads from any tweet Tap any tweet to view conversation Reply and quoted tweets searchCompose Tweets Auto completion of usernames and hashtags Alphabetized and indexed contacts Add images and videos Tweet music titles Send long tweets with TwitLonger Background task completion for sending tweets Choose from recent hashtags Geotag tweets Save and manage drafts Shorten URLs with bit.ly or TinyURL Custom URL shortener and bit.ly settingsTwitter Lists Create and edit lists Use a list as your main TimelineUnread Counters and Synchronization Unread count for timelines, lists, and messages Tweets marked read as you scroll Tweet Marker synchronizationBookmarks and Web Browsing Save links to Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard Options for embedded or external Safari browserPowerful Search Search is integrated throughout the app Search for people or tweets Browse Twitter suggested users Nearby search with map and list views Use a Saved Search as your main timelineMultiple Accounts Easily import iOS Twitter accounts Support for multiple Twitter accounts Multi-account auto refresh Convenient accounts summary viewTwitter Profiles View recent images and videos for Twitter users Search for quotes of a user Edit your profile Upload profile avatar and header images View header images in user profilesTrends Current and local trendsCustomize the App Use a list or saved search as your main timeline Rearrange your tabs In-app SettingsOther Features Multitasking on iPad lets you seamlessly transition between Slide Over, Split View, and Full Screen modes Landscape support everywhere Share links with iOS Sharing Sheet

Tweetlogix for Twitter alternatives

NC - Twitter Widget for Notification Center

TheWorld for Twitter

TheWorld for Twitter Twitter TheWorld Twitter TheWorld TheWorld Twitter TheWorld TheWorld Home iOSTwitter TheWorld Twitter TheWorld TheWorld @[email protected]_Akihir0

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Tweet Cleaner - Delete Tweets

Tweet Cleaner is the Ultimate Tweet Deleting Tool Do you have embarrassing Tweets that you need to quickly find and delete?Ever wanted to start over on Twitter without having to delete EVERYTHING?Do you just need a quick way to search through your Tweet history?Tweet Cleaner allows you to quickly search your Tweets by keyword or date to delete your unwanted Tweets. Twitter only allows you to see your last 3,200 Tweets. After that they will then be stored forever http://1.usa.gov/yGw3DO Use Tweet Cleaner before the 24 week mark to prevent your Tweets from being archived If youre ready to cleanup your Twitter account, its time to try Tweet Cleaner

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Gifitize - Old Twitter GIF Downloader

The Ultimate Twitter GIF downloader is finally here Gifitize is the simplest and most effective way to save multiple GIFs from the Official Twitter App. Gifitize allows GIF saving without leaving the Twitter, Reddit, or Imgur app. Email us at [email protected] for suggestions, questions and feedback.

Twilst - List centric Twitter

Twitter Lists and Searches at a single tap. Tag and save important Tweets. Including yourself in your own list Tweet and User filtering Full landscape orientation support Swipe to navigate back and forward between views Long press back button to pop to Home

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