Now you can export all your iTunes Playlist to Deezer If your songs are well named and they are available in Deezer, we will find them and add them for you. In a few minutes and in a very simple way, you will have all your playlists in Deezer. We do the best search and its works with all Deezer accounts


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My Records Basic
App Fiesta
Free Music - Unlimited Music & Songs Cloud
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TunDeez alternatives

Cloud Music App

- +5- 4/52000- 17- 24 Cloud MusicStreaming- Dropbox- Box- Google Drive- OneDrive- ownCloud- Yandex. DiskCloud Music - SanDisk iXpand- PowerDrive iPhoneiPadFanburstiPhone/iPod/iPad&Classical, Rock, Jazz, Dance, Country, Folk, Hip Hop, Alternative, Ambient, Disco, Electronic, House, Indie, Latin, Metal, Pop, Reggae, Trance MP3FLACM4A M4BTop25iPhone 6s iPhone 7 FanburstTwitter: @CloudMusicAppFacebook:* iTunes Store drm


Are you dissatisfied with your current music streaming provider? Do you want to move to another streaming service and keep your already meticulously created playlists? Ill be happy to assist in every way I can.

  • rating 4.2
  • size 23.3 MB

Equalizer+ Bass booster

Equalizer+ is an all-in-one music player - equalizer - bass booster that offers brilliant sound quality, automatically optimized depending on the headphones used. Access your entire music library: iTunes, Google Drive, and Dropbox with offline mode - no wifi needed Quality-focused, Equalizer+ makes it possible for you to mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal music listening experience. Contact our team : [email protected]

  • rating 4.44444
  • size 77.2 MB

More Information About alternatives


Now you can export all your iTunes Playlist to Spotify If your songs are well named and they are available in Spotify, we will find them and add them for you. In a few minutes and in a very simple way, you will have all your playlists in Spotify. We do the best search and its works with all Spotify accounts

  • size 36.8 MB
  • version 1.02


SoundShare is an app that connects many music services together into just one social network. A place where you can see and play what your friends are listening to, start a party (so your friends can play songs through your device), create collaborative playlists with them (no matter which music service they use), like their songs, send them a message and a lot more.SoundShare does for music what Instagram already does for photos. SoundShare to Deezer users:- All social features (send songs to your friends, mention, share, collaborative playlists and more) are a available to all Deezer users.- Access and play every song on Deezer.- See all your Deezer playlists.

  • size 35.0 MB
  • version 3.0.1

My Records Basic

With My Records your are able to play songs directly from your music library without any complex dialogs or table structures. It is also easy to create playlists. Managing this playlist is very easy, convenient and comfortable.- INTERNET RECORDS: play music stream as easily as playing song form your music library- Export/Import of playlists: share playlists with your friends (AirDrop) or apps- GOLDLIST: direct access to your favorite songs, sort them easy & fast- EASY ADDING SONG: add current playing song easily to an existing playlist- NOT WANTED SONG: mark easily songs that you dont want to hear- FOLLOW THE SONG: screen scrolls to current playing song in your one screen GUI- AIRDROP & AIRPLAY: technologies are fully supportedEasy to use: - touch cover, touch song and the player starts playing your chosen song (3D Touch supported)- best overview of your music by using covers- cover rules as you know from your records or CDs - add songs to your playlist during playing songs- not wanted songs: touch long on a song item that you dont want to hear (remove the mark in the same way)Manage your playlists easily - keep it simple: a clear overview of your songs in the playlist - export to iTunes (iPod) in few and easy steps via e-mail - GOLDLIST: mark songs for hotlist for very easy access - ALWAYS ON: screen will still be shown and device never sleeps (if you want) and with optional screensaver Album overview (essential information about an album on one page):- name of the album - artist / composers - year / genre - titles of the record, CD Please try the free basic version and then decide whether you need the special features of the gold edition and will support the new features or not (via InApp purchase)For further information please visit:; find videos, examples & tips

  • size 26.4 MB
  • version 1.59.02


Lets get the party started Let music be the center piece of your life events and make your friends socialize through interactive playlists BRIGHT FEATURESWith Jamyx your playlists come alive, now your guests can control whats next: - Everyone can add songs: Guests can search for songs and add them to the playlist. - Check what is next: Now you can see what is going to play next. - Host a playlist: Be a host with full control of the playlist.

  • size 42.5 MB
  • version 1.0.16

App Fiesta

With Fiesta App everyone is the Dj. People from all over the world can choose music from all their accounts like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and local music to listen together. If you dont have speakers just sync all the phones in the party to amplify the sound or even better, stream the sound if you have many speakers just connect all phones and throw an epic party - Search your favorite artists and songs in your music subscriptions.- Enjoy your playlists without ads- Create or import your playlists from your accounts like Spotify.- Play your music in order or in random mode.- Listen to your local music offline.- Fiesta allows you to invite friends by social media, text or email.- Mix your playlists, easily connect several Bluetooth devices and enjoy your music.- Suggested playlist recommended by guests.- You can create a playlist of an event through party and upload it to global partiesto make it available to users.

  • size 47.5 MB
  • version 1.7.3


TeamBeat lets you and your friends listen to your favorite songs from Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer or your MP3s.- Create playlists with your friends - Add your favorite songs - Vote for the upcoming music - Wage music-voting war against your frie enemies :)- Enjoy- Add music from SPOTIFY- Browse from DEEZER- Select tracks from SOUNDCLOUD- and even your mp3s

  • size 8.5 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Free Music - Unlimited Music & Songs Cloud

This app allows you to search and listen to millions of songs online Free Music provides users 30+ genres music including classical, country, electronic, popular etc. Search for any song, artist, track, album, mixtapeEnjoy music while using other apps or with your screen off. Discover new music every day in genres, channels and user playlists Add songs to your playlist and enjoy listening to the songs anytime, anywhere Features:- Seamless listening to millions of songs for free.- Add songs to playlists very quickly, you could create your own favorite folder.- Background playback control & track info - use it with headphones and speakers - Music is displayed and can be controlled on the lock screen.- Full featured in app media player: repeat one/all, shuffle- Create & Manage Playlists - Easy to Add/Remove any song, Unlimited Playlist

  • size 7.8 MB
  • version 1.0

Fit Tunes

- Use all your iTunes Music playlists- Add class instructions to each song on your playlist - Fit Tunes shares playlist settings from iTunes/Music app, such as shuffle and repeatForget your stacks of index cards, Fit Tunes will organize all of your class notes and sync them within your playlist Fit Tunes automatically imports your iTunes playlists and you save your workout and interval cues by song. Then, every time the song appears in a playlist, your class notes will be there Fit Tunes saves you time and reduces clutter, and youll have one less thing to worry about Playlists are not imported, the app uses your existing iTunes Music App playlists, and youre album cover art will be utilized as well

  • size 17.0 MB
  • version 1.1

iChart Player Free for iTunes

You can listen to the charts of 100 iTunes Music Check iTunes Chart Top 100 of Songs,Album,New Release Search the songs of iTunes Play Song playlists non-stop You Can Play Music Continuously You Can Play Music in the background You Can Repeat the Playlist, and Shuffle play You Can Play Music even though the Screen to Sleep You Can Select Song Add to Favourites Caution Can Not Offline Play.

  • size 31.2 MB
  • version 3.0.1


Beauty, simplicity, and power combined into the music app weve all been hoping for. Listen to all your favorite songs UpBeat integrates Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes into the ultimate music experience. DJs:- Play songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes- Create playlists with all your favorite tracks- Share your party with the crowdGuests:- Join nearby parties- Vote on your favorite tracks - Add songs from Spotify or SoundCloud to the playlist- Sync up with the DJ and play music in unison

  • size 14.8 MB
  • version 3.8