This app will quickly and easily transform the text in your clipboard. Simply copy some text and the app will output the following transformations:- UPPER CASE the text- lower case the text- Capitalize The Text- RemoveSpaces- MiXeD CaSe (mY FaVoRiTe)- Number to Words- Text to Roman Numerals- Text to Morse Code ( )- and moreClick on each button to copy the transformed text back to your clipboard. The app also provides stats on your copied text like word count and character count.


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Transform Text App alternatives

OmniFocus 2

NEW 2-week free trial OmniFocus Standard and Pro are now in-app purchases, with discounts for OmniFocus 1 and Legacy Support Edition customers. Download the app for details. SUPPORTIf you have any feedback or questions, wed love to hear from you The Omni Group offers free support: you can reach us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or on Twitter at @omnifocus.

  • size 62.3 MB

Pythonista 3

Pythonista is a complete scripting environment for Python, running directly on your iPad or iPhone. This new edition includes support for both Python 3.5 and 2.7, so you can use all the language improvements in Python 3, while still having 2.7 available for backwards compatibility. Features:>>> Scriptable code editor with syntax highlighting and code completion>>> Extended keyboard, designed specifically for Python>>> Interactive prompt with code completion, command history, and support for showing images in the console output>>> Integrated visual debugger>>> Integrated PEP 8 style checker with issues highlighted directly in the editor>>> Complete offline documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor>>> Various beautiful light and dark color themes, and a theme editor to make your own>>> UI editor for quick prototyping>>> Includes most of the Python standard library and additional modules for graphics, sound, and iOS system services (e.g. clipboard, contacts, reminders, twitter, UI)>>> Matplotlib and NumPy for scientific visualizations>>> Lots of other popular third-party modules, e.g. requests, BeautifulSoup, Flask, bottle, SymPy, and more.>>> Lots of included examples to get started>>> Universal app for iPad and iPhoneThe name Pythonista is used with kind permission of the Python Software Foundation.

  • rating 4.84426
  • size 506 MB

Airmail - Your Mail With You

Airmail is a powerful mail client for Mac, now available for iPhone and iPad. Designed for the latest generation iOS, it supports 3D Touch, fast document previewing, high quality PDF creation, and native integration with other apps and services for a frictionless workflow. Thanks to all the testers on the Slack group that have been involved in the development

  • rating 3.375
  • size 187 MB

Drafts: Quick Capture

Drafts, where text starts. Quickly capture text and send it almost anywhere New low price, Great new iOS 10 features iOS 10 ready with Messages app, Dictation and more Macworld, Eddy Award Winner, 5 Mice Lifehacker Pack for iPhone/iPad Easily one of the best iOS apps Ive ever used. For documentation and help, visit:

  • rating 4.5

Working Copy

Access Git repositories on the go. Clone, edit, commit and push while allowing other apps access to repositories. There is no venture capital, large company or ads funding development and your support through in-app purchase directly sustains development.

  • rating 4.68571
  • size 55.1 MB

More Information About alternatives

Copy Paste Character

Use Copy Paste Character to insert proper typographic characters, such as quotation marks, the interrobang , or simply use it to spice up your e-mail messages, tweets, or text messages with happy faces, snowmen or arrows .The character is copied to your clipboard immediately when touched, so you can easily launch the application, touch the character you want, exit and paste your clipboard into any application The application also reads any text in your clipboard, so if you have copied something from another application and open Copy Paste Character, it will add the text in the clipboard, making it easy to extend your text with awesome symbols. Copy Paste Character is the official application from the makers of the very popular website

  • rating 1.125
  • size 0.3 MB
  • version 1.1.1


MorseString lets you translate from text to Morse code and vice-versa. After translating, you can play the Morse code or copy the result to your clipboard. Try it out

  • size 15.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Morse Transmitter

Want to encode and decode Morse code? This app is PERFECT for you Morse Transmitter allows you to encode or decode Morse code, it can also decode Morse code audio in real time The audio decoder has built-in audio frequency filter, and automatic WPM detector Features: Encode text to Morse code Output Morse code using screen, speaker and flash Decode Morse code to text Decode Morse code audio in real time Customizable WPM and audio frequency for encoder/decoder Support decoding common Morse code prosigns Dictionary for learning Morse code Multiple color theme, in case you get bored with the interface Have fun If you enjoy this app, please rate us on App Store, that will help us a lot. Thank you for using Morse Transmitter, we will keep improving our software to bring you better experience

  • size 19.7 MB
  • version 1.1.0

Flashlight+ Morse Code - Transmitter and encoder

Convenient iPhone and iPad Flashlight with instant ON at startup before whole app starts It includes Morse Code encoder and transmitter using flashlight and this can be used for learning purposes as well as in emergency or just for fun transmitting information between skilled morse code readers. IMPORTANT: In emergency please transmit international and worldwide recognized sign: SOS* Convenient Flashlight for iPhone and iPad on the go with big ON/OFF button switch, iPhone auto-lock is disabled so it stays on* Really fast Flashlight instant ON even before whole application starts* Encode any text to Morse code with live preview, great for learning purposes* On iPhone 4, iPad 3 and newer models equipped with flashlight you can also transmit your Morse Code using LED flashlight* Universal app that works both on iPhone and iPad (however flashlight works only on models equipped with LED flashlight) so you pay only once and use on all your devices* Compatible with iOS 4.3+ up to iOS 7* Copy encoded Morse code to clipboard for later sharing using Text messages, E-Mail or make fun of your friends and update your Facebook / Twitter status with morse code* iPhone auto-lock is disabled when in transmission or when in flashlight mode so you no need to worry about your screen auto-lock when in emergency. The International Morse Code encodes the Roman alphabet, the Arabic numerals and a small set of punctuation and procedural signals as standardized sequences of short and long signals called dots and dashes respectively, or dits and dahs.More information with Morse code translation table can be found here:

  • rating 3
  • size 4.2 MB
  • version 1.5

MorseKey Keyboard

A fun and interactive way to learn and get used to morse code.- Type in morse to morse using dits (.) and das (-)- Type in text to morse (i.e. A -> .-)- Experience the Nostalgic beeps of Morse Code for every dit and da character- Translate morse to text using the MorseKey app- Letters are separated using a space, words using two spaces

  • size 9.6 MB
  • version 1.0


Copy&Mail allows you to quickly send contents that you copied onto the clipboard via email. All you have to do is just launch the app and tap the send button. Clipboards can contain text and images.

  • size 0.9 MB
  • version 1.0.1


A little iMessage app for your to translate between text and morse code.1. This app will scan your last info in the pasteboard, so copy the text or the morse code you want to translate before you open this app is highly recommended.2. Only takes letters from A to Z, and numbers for 0 to 9, and symbols below:,./?-:$@ &=+

MathTech Free

Want to create mathematical equations on your device? MathTech Free provides a text and equation editor with complete upper- and lower-case Latin and Greek character sets coupled with most mathematical operators, all selectable on the fly from single key touches. Documents can be worked on collaboratively and shared on the popular social media outlets.

  • size 20.5 MB
  • version 4.0


Want to create mathematical equations on your device? MathTech provides a text and equation editor with complete upper- and lower-case Latin and Greek character sets coupled with most mathematical operators, all selectable on the fly from single key touches. Documents can be worked on collaboratively and shared on the popular social media outlets.

  • size 14.8 MB
  • version 4.0

Best QR scanner & generator

The quickest and most efficient QR Code reader and creator. Nowadays, QR code is popular more and more, you can see it everywhere. For example, text, web address, telephone, number etc and mixed content.5.Share scanned or created QR code with friends by email, or copy to clipboard to share with microblog.6.No ads.

  • size 6.2 MB
  • version 3.1