Trainalyse is your mobile training anlysis toolTrainalyse is not about recording; its about in-depth analysis Use your GPS enabled sports watch or your favorite recording app for recording your running, biking, swimming, .Afterwards, use Trainalyse to analyse your performance. Simply import the FIT/TCX/GPX file and dive into in-detail map, plot, and statistic representations of all recorded measures. This has three advantages:- First, its fast, activities show up in an instant when you select them.- Second, if you want to, you can operate independent of cloud services, keeping your data private.- Third, the independence of connectivity makes it ideal for situation where you have slow Internet or for training camps abroad Lots of featuresTrainalyse provides lots of features to analyse your sport data:- List of activities with key facts (distance, speed, heart rate, rpm, ascent, )- Activity analysis (Plot, Map, Segments, Zones)- Calendar (Weeks, Months, )- Summary-Overview (last year, month, week)- Yearly, monthly, weekly summaries for individual sports- Import files from Dropbox, ANT-FS enabled watches, Open with, iTunes- Manually add activities- Share your analysis via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Mail, - Fully configurable: zones, zone colors, plot dimensions, measures in plot, plot over time/distance, measure on map, segment length,

Trainalyse alternatives

AltiFondo for Garmin Connect

AltiFondo is a full-featured Garmin Connect client for Col Hunters which detects automatically all the mountain passes you climbed. Discover the elevation profiles of your activities in 3D.See all your activities (running, cycling, swimming,) like never before with stunning photos that match the location of your activities. DYNAMIC FONT AltiFondo will adjust to your preferred reading size, including the accessibility sizes.iPHONE 6/7/8 PLUS Landscape mode for iPhone 6/7/8 Plus

  • size 42.9 MB

rubiTrack 4

rubiTrack the most powerful way to track and improve performance for runners, cyclists, triathletes and enthusiasts in any sport. Now on the App Store with a new, future proof distribution model Extremely competitive pricing and a FREE trial paired with the best activity tracking and performance analysis software on the market today. See the terms of use here: the privacy policy here: use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 65.2 MB

RunGap - Workout Data Manager

The most well-connected Workout Data manager on the App Store with support for more than 20 of the most popular services. Get your complete training history and take control of your workout data. A rating will not get your app back to work, but the support can help - simply use the integrated Online Support function.

SpectaRun Workouts

The Workouts app makes a great addition to the Activity and Health apps and is a perfect companion to an athletes Apple Watch. Visualize running, cycling, swimming or walking workouts from your Apple Watch Export and upload workouts to your favorite online fitness community Share a nice workout summary on social mediaAnalyze your workouts For each workout, the Workouts app shows heart rate and pace over time (with average, minimum and maximum values). In addition to Apple Watch workouts, the app can also analyze running workouts from other sources that have been imported in the Health app.

  • size 0.7 MB

Swim-Bike-Run Speeds - Track and log workouts

The perfect app for the athletes wanting to know the distance, time, pace and speed quickly and log your workout details. A perfect calculator to determine your workouts distance, time, pace and speed quickly and easily. Also, log your workouts with calorie/kJ location, weather, elevation, Heart Rate, Activity, and Notes.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 36.0 MB