Have you ever had the need (or just the curiosity) to know what satellites are orbiting above you right now?Track Sats aims to fulfill this need allowing you to track over 5,000 satellites currently orbiting Earth. Track Sats also does all the heavy mathematical calculations on our servers preventing your phone from loosing precious battery life. Thanks for using Track Sats

Track Sats alternatives

CW with Me Free

CW with Me is an app for helping learn morse code. Getting away from impersonal, computer generated morse code, CW with Friends allows you to send and receive messages with real people, over the Internet. This free version of the application is ad-supported to offset the cost of managing the server that hosts the database of users and messages.

  • size 1.7 MB

WSPR watch

Utility for ham radio users of the WSPR beacon system. Quickly shows who can hear you and details of each spot.

  • size 5.5 MB

Ham Square

Ham Square is a free application that displays the Maidenhead Locator, or square, for your current location. This grid system is used by radio amateurs worldwide as a convenient and short way of representing and communicating a location. Details of more ham radio apps from KramStuff are at http://www.kramstuff.com

  • size 64.0 MB

Maidenhead Converter